A Search of Desperate Proportions - one x one, anyone?

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  1. Hello everyone~ Thank you for taking a peek at my search thread! You can call me Liath or Lia and I reside in the midwest of the USA! That means I'd prefer someone in a similar time zone so we can get ample RPing time in. I'm usually only on in the evenings and all day on the weekends due to classes so I'd prefer someone with similar availability. Send me a PM if you're interested and I hope to hear from you soon~


    I have some plots so feel free to ask me or share your own.

    What I would like to play.
    This is a big craving and I may have a plot for it.

    Original Pairings

    I would like to do an RP based off of this image here: Here~ I don't know what we could do with this but I'm thinking something to do with a demon x human pairing. Any ideas are welcomed!

    Vampire x Human
    Human girl x God of Death
    Deaf Man x Hearing Girl (HUGE CRAVING)
    Dream Demon (think Boogie Man-Esque) x Human
    Jack Frost x Human
    Ghost x Human Girl
    Celebrity x Normal Girl

    ANYTHING Inhuman x Human or involving fantasy & romance - However, this doesn't include anthro/furry as I don't do those kinds of RPs.

    Fandom Pairings

    Cinderella inspired: Prince x Cinderella OC
    Phantom of the Opera: Phantom (as a vampire - trust me!) x Christine's Daughter
    V for Vendetta (contains pregnancy in plot): V x Evey/OC

    Fruits Basket Inspired: The Cat x Human Girl
    Beauty and the Beast
    Marvel Inspired: Loki x My OC

    More Pairings:

    I have many more ideas for RPs so if you're interested let me know and I can give you a complete list of what I enjoy! It's pretty long, so that's why I don't want to post it onto here.

    If you have some ideas to share, let me know! Just make sure they fit with my guidelines: Fantasy, romance, drama, and happy endings~ No sci-fi and slice of life (in most cases). Thank you!


    I prefer to play female against a male character and would rather not double. Take a look at my RoleplayResume to find out more~
    Please be fast and frequent with replies. More than a few posts a day is what I need as I can't keep up with anything less than that. I LOVE a good back and forth without having to wait a really long time between posts. School is starting soon but I still post quite a bit! If this changes, I'll let you know.
    I would prefer that roleplays take place over PMs or Skype (if I'm allowed to advertise for this). I also try to keep my posts to 2- 4 paragraphs but I don't mind if we go over. In fact, I love just writing whatever we feel fits the RP at that time so I prefer not to put a limit on it. Quality > Quantity.
    Communication is very important to me. If you're not going to be around, let me know or if we've been posting a lot back and forth please tell me if you're going to head off for the night. I'll do the same for you! (:
    I am a HUGE sap for romance and I also have a tendency to like the cliche. I also like it showing up a bit faster than normal. It is always in my RPs but never the sole focus (however, it's definitely a main part of the RP). I also don't really do slice of life roleplays.

    Send me a message with what you're interested in doing (but don't post it here. I'll just ask us to move it to the PMs anyways!) and we'll see what we can figure out! Thanks~
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  2. I am still looking for quite a few partners. (: I have a lot of time to kill this weekend so if anyone is interested, let me know~
  3. Im intrested so talk to me
  4. I have quite a few openings left. (: Still looking for partners who want to play male!
  5. I'd be interested in doing any Inhuman x Human pairing and I'm more than happy to play the male part!
  6. Wonderful. (: Would you mind sending me a message so we can discuss this further?
  7. Still searching for RP's! I edited the first message to add a tiny bit more information about some of the pairings. (: Looking for more partners who play male. Let me know!
  8. I just updated the top with a new pairing I'm looking for. I forgot about it until I stumbled across an old picture of mine. Haha. Still searching for partners, and especially looking to do the new pairing - Merman x Human!
  9. I added a new pairing again. The werewolf x human pairing as I have a plot for it based on a book I read a long time ago. You don't need to have read the book, though~ I don't even remember what it's called or what it was really about. Let me know if you're interested!
  10. I will happily RP with you ^_^
  11. Cool! Would you mind sending me a message so we can talk over that?
  12. Funny you have a Merman x Human one, I have been recently reading a book on merman lore. I would be interested in this one if it is still open.
  13. It is! Send me a message so we can talk more about it~ (: Thanks!
  14. I still have a lot of spots open, so let me know! (: Looking for anyone willing to play male in any of the pairings above, and to hear other ideas too.
  15. I've added quite a few new things and moved a lot around! Finally after taking a break I'm starting to know what I really want to do RP-Wise. Haha. Let me know if you're interested as I'm still looking for quite a few people! (:
  16. Fruits Basket pairing and werewolf human look cool to me!
  17. I'd love to discuss the Fruist Basket pairing if you'll send me a PM? (: We can talk more there!
  18. Still very much in search of RPs! Looking for someone to play a male in the pairings listed above or to hear your own ideas. (: Never know what I might like!
  19. Hi! I'm lookin' for some good rp. Mind shooting me the particulars of the werewolf x human rp you have in mind in a PM?
  20. Would you mind PMing me? I am out and about but will forget to send you a message about it otherwise. Haha. Thank you! (:
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