A Search Full of Sorcery (MxF and FxF)

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  1. About Me:

    -I've been roleplaying for a long time now, and I'm a bit of a loremaster. You can easily rely on me for initial worldbuilding and lore throughout, which means I trust on my partners to continue building the world with me and establishing posting momentum.
    -I'm fairly agressive in driving the plot, though I'll easily pass over the reigns if my partners want to take on or share the responsibility.
    -I'll roleplay MxF or FxF
    -I mainly post adept and advanced, but I'm adaptable.

    Plot Concepts:

    The Will of the Revolution

    After topping an oppressive autocracy, a former nation is in a state of chaos. As the nation begins to organize and rebuild from the ground-up, a blacksmith's family finds the body of the autocrat's eldest child. Even though this individual condemned the autocrat publicly, the family must struggle to decide whether or not to turn them in for execution.

    Paying the Proper Tribute

    In a poor town, a farmer has failed to pay tribute to the ruling noble numerous time. As he can no longer avoid to pay his taxes, the farmer gives away his eldest daughter to the service of noble, serving in whatever means is needed.

    A Servant for the Master

    Almost two centuries ago, the Prince of Vampires, Alucard von Tepes, rebelled against his father- the infamous Dracula- and failed. As a result, Alucard was put into a comatose state and confined to his sarcophagus, constantly looked after by his trusted servants and an anpyr- a nurse and source of blood. In the modern day, when a young medical student is unknowingly recruited as Alucard's new anpyr, but is subject to more then she imaged as Alucard awakens once again.

    The Pharaoh and the Princess

    In ancient Egypt, mankind took their first major offensive against the vampires, with the pharaoh leading the way. In the modern day, the tradition continues through a group of vampires known as "Wdjat." Led by the descendants of the ancient pharaohs, the modern pharaoh is a student of archaeology at Cambridge. However, they soon find themselves falling in love with the current heir to the vampiric throne; and neither knows the true identity of the other.


    English Knight x French Nun
    Crusader x Muslim
    Master x Servant
    Mistress x Servant
    Slave x Owner
    American Patriot x Loyalist
    Human x Monster
    Monster x Monster (different species)
    Half-breed x human
    Elf x Orc
    Elf x Human
    Human x Orc
    Leper x Healer/Nun
    Enemy Soldiers
    Spanish Inquisitor x Non-Christian
    God/Goddess x Priest/Priestess
    Pirate x Victim
    Raider x Trophy
    Single Mother x Anyone
    Knight x Servant
    Arranged Marriage
    Samurai x Oni
    Noble x Noble
    Noble x Servant/Slave
    Royal x Noble
    Royal x Royal
    Warlord x Slave
    Warlord x Conquered Royal/Noble
    Mage x Inquisitor (Magic-Hunter)
    Prisoner x Servant/Slave
    Prisoner x Knight
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  2. I'd be interested in hearing more about The Will of the Revolution, A Servant for the Master or some of your pairings, if the first two are taken!
  3. Please PM me when you can and we can start discussing.
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