A Screenplay RP? ... (Does that even exist?)

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  1. Bonjour, Iwaku, je m'apelle April!
    That's about all the French I know, please don't speak to me in French. 0_0

    Silliness aside, I was wondering if there is any interest at all for a screenplay-format role play. I know, when you cut away the introspection, the detailed descriptions, all that narrative, then you're left with... dialogue. Which, when stripped back in such a way can, indeed, sound eerily like I'm proposing some fancy, schmancy version of a one-liner RP.

    Not the case, mes amis. Not the case.

    And not that there's anything wrong with one-liners! But, they're not my cup of tea. What I am getting at is working on the showing aspect of story-telling, and not the, well, telling. When you write a script (for a play, TV show, movie, etc.), you let the characters' actions and words speak for themselves, because you have a limited time frame to get the point across.

    So, what I'd like to try is an RP formatted like a screenplay. It'll be fun, guys! Something light (atmospherically and mentally), but creatively challenging.

    If none-a-ya'll are keen to actually try the RP, no worries. I'd love to open a discussion thread elsewhere to discuss the merits (and drawbacks) of unconventional role plays such as this one. Cuz I'm a dork. XD

    If, mercifully, someone is game, here are some topics I'd be interested in pursuing for this Very Special Role Play:

    Slice-of-Life (with dashes of romance, well-timed humor, poorly-timed words, and spiced with drama)
    • Roommates (twenty-somethings or college, perhaps)
    • Co-workers (allies, frenemies, rivals)
    • Coffee Shop/Book Shop Frequenters
    Fantasy (this may be more challenging)
    • Something fairy tale-inspired?
    • Dragon
    • Domesticated magic
    Sci-Fi (not big into portraying alien races, but love the idea of space and other physical worlds)
    • Life in orbit (a different take on a workplace environment, but with exciting possibilities)
    • Galactic explorers (you guys seen Interstellar? A-mazing.)

    So, thoughts? Takers?

    Please don't throw rocks at me.
  2. Do you mean like, script-style? Sort of:

    Character: [here is an action] And here is dialogue?

    If so, I'm in! I used to do that sort of thing on skype all the time. I'm up for any of your slice of life topics.
  3. Well, hi!

    Yes, script-style is exactly what I mean. Though I'd format the text more like an actual script, for example:


    A young woman, April, sits at a modern, beech wood desk. Upon its surface are a collection of odd knickknacks and books - The Writer's Little Helper, The Writer's Digest Character Naming Sourcebook, and Emma are a few titles in view. She's texting someone when a box pops up on her laptop screen.


    A small grayed-out box in the lower left corner of the screen reads:

    You have one new alert.


    Someone actually responded to my post? Awesome!

    But, you know, with a much cooler subject and better writing. But this is how I plan to format. Please do what feels most comfortable for you.

    And I'd love to try roommates or neighbors (living across the hall type of deal). Which of those two appeals to you most?

  4. That sounds awesome!

    I'd love to do neighbors in an apartment building. I'm a sucker for settings like that. Should we discuss further through PM?
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  5. I am a screenplay writer by trade, I think this could potentially be interesting. I'm more of a fantasy kind of person than a slice-of-life one though.
  6. Hi Olissa,

    That's awesome! Screenwriting is just a casual interest for me, but I'm slowly familiarizing myself with the medium. :)

    Unfortunately, I'm a bit full up on role plays at the moment, but I'll keep you in mind when I feel ready to add another one. I'm a fan of fantasy myself, so if we do end up role playing in future, I'd be happy to discuss ideas within that genre!

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