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  1. The planet spun in the light of a blue star and was painted with the brilliant ultramarine of its massive ocean. Unbroken, this single ocean covered the world with clusters of islands thrown across its surface. Near the world, in an area of space which swallowed the light behind it, a ship began to materialize. The vessel appeared to will itself into existence as it pushed forward and grew from seemingly empty space. It completed itself and drew to a halt. Inside the craft sensors came alive and a combination of oxygen and nitrogen was pumped into the corridors. As the artificial air filled the halls a gentle hum could be heard. Underneath the skin of the ship wires appeared to gain weight as the gravity generator too came online. Finally, light within the craft flickered on. Sound dampeners flickered to life and muted the growing hum and cameras projected outside space along the hallways, acting as windows to what lay beyond. After a few moments to allow all living functions to power up and a chorus of alarms to silence, a handful of cryo-tubes emerged from the floor and within them the passengers on board stirred to life.

    So the idea is a small group of people awaken from cryosleep to an empty ship. They find themselves in an uncharted and foreign galaxy with no recollection of their lives prior to the sleep.There will be planets to explore, life to encounter, and questions to ask.

    Anyone interested? I'm looking for 3-5 people.
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  2. Sounds interesting. Do you have a plan as to why only 3-5 of the crew remain? I can't imagine a ship capable of hyperspace travel would only be piloted by only 5 people.
  3. The remaining crew has yet to wake up due to a programming error in the onboard virtual intelligence.
  4. I see. And I assume this virtual intelligence can't be repaired and the manual controls are broken? It's probably a minor plot issue but it's bugging me a bit.
  5. If that's what the players choose to do.

    A character with technical skills would be able to fix it. I also want to implement some kind of trait system.
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  6. Color me interested. What tech level did you envision for this? Closer to Alien/Aliens or higher?
  7. Higher. More akin to Eve Online if you're familiar with it, or maybe Star Trek.
  8. I'll keep my eye on this. Not sure yet about committing but once you've got more details down I'll check back in. Reminds me a little bit of JULIA Among the Stars.
  9. Okay. Just in case it will turn any of you away, there will be alien civilizations in this RP. The survival aspect comes from the fact that there are only some 50ish humans left in the entire galaxy (those aboard the ship). More specifics on the ship, why you were in cryosleep, and what happened before the sleep will be explained in the IC. I could answer those questions now too if anyone is curious, but that should be done via PM in case players want some mystery to it.
  10. Eve online was awesome, until I ran out of money with which to pay the subscription.
  11. Cool. I'd be a more of a defense type. Not very technical at all.
  12. I'm interested in this!
  13. Id be interested in this as well.
  14. Awesome. I'll try to get the OOC up soon.
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