A school for mutants

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  1. Amy watched the clock. Why did she even have to know math? As long as she knew how to do plus, minus, division and multiplication then she would have everything she needed. But that wasn't enough for the schools, not even a school like the one she attended to. Even though the most of the classes was made so that they would learn how to use their powers they still had to do all the other classes normal schools had. It was such a waste of time. When would they even need to use that stuff?

    Finally it was two o clock and the lesson ended, math was one of the most useless things in the world. Not because she couldn't do it, she was good enough at math. At least she got a C on her tests. But it was so boring. She would rather be out training to get better on her ability.

    Amy was sometimes called copy cat since her power was to copy other peoples powers. They never became exactly as strong as the original persons power and she only had them a short time after touching the person. But it didn't matter how strong the power was as long as she could use them well. Sometimes she even realized things she could do with other peoples powers that they didn't know themselves that they could do. She tried to not touch too many people though, since too many powers at the same time made them go out of control. At the moment she could handle max three powers but it was still a bit hard to keep them under control. So one power at a time was enough for her.

    She walked out from the classroom with one of her friends Lucy, she could create ice. They tried not to touch each others skin too often so that Amy wouldn't have to get her power all the time but sometimes now and then they just happened to touch since they were so close to each other all the time.

  2. [​IMG]Aiden was busy looking at the clock and far to busy wishing he was anywhere else than in the classroom to listen. He knew he could teloport anywhere at any given time but the teacher kept a close eye on him at all times just incase he did leave. To him he didn't like school, and he barley liked to train as well but he knew that he needed to learn how to control his powers especally since he had more than one. Most students at the academy had one and mabey two but jugling three was rare and only a handful of students had the ability.

    Having three mutant powers didn't make you special it just ment you had to train harder to mantain the abilites so they'd stay under control. The clock seemed to tick by so slowly and he groaned and leaned his head on the desk. Most people saw him one of two ways. Either a badass that didn't care about school or certain people or a nice guy that was misunderstood. He didn't mind either and he knew he had problems with his anger and got into fights with students.

    The teacher tapped his shoulder waking him up to ask him a question which he gor right. He pased all his classes with A's and was a top student, the teachers didn't seem to understand why he acted like he didn't care, but he didn't. The only reason why he knew the stuff was either because he had a lucky quess or it was already in his brain. When the bell ran he walked out of class relived and then bumped Amy. He turnned and smirked. " Oh my bad didn't see you there".
  3. Amy tried to always have a cold head but she had a hard time doing so when people pissed her off. She had a very short temper even though she tried to not show it. For the most she was able to just scream in her head until she got to her room and could shout in a pillow, but it was one student that always made her rage for the smallest of things. He was so immature and never cared about anything, still he got good grades. It was just irritating how he always acted like he owned everything and no one else was worth as much as him. His name was Aiden.

    When someone bumped into her she realized before even looking that it was him, it was always him after all. She happened to bump into Lucy and her hand accidentally touched Lucy's shoulder. Amy could feel how the powers was thrown into her body, if it was an unfamiliar power then she often accidentally used it once she got it but luckily she was familiar with Lucy's so she didn't have to loose control.

    She turned just in time to see Aiden's smirk and hear his apology. "'Didn't see you' my ass, you did that on purpose as you always do." Amy accused Aiden. "I'll seriously beat you to death if you comes close to me again." She threatened him, something she had done many times before when she had gotten mad but actually never done. Of course she wouldn't kill anyone but it felt really good thinking about his death now and then. It always made her grin when she was alone and bored, watching him getting killed in different ways in her mind. But she wouldn't even want her worst enemy dead, it was just a good thought now and then.
  4. Aiden laughed when he saw how mad Amy was. He knew that she hated him as much as he hated her. They fought constantly and the teachers learned the hard way when they paired them up a few weeks ago, it turned into complete chaos and the teachers had to forcefully remove them from eachother. People said it was like putting fire and ice together or a match to a gas tank just waiting to explode and he had to agree with them.

    They always fought over stupid things weither it was because someone said soomething stupid or the person just urked one another it wasn't hard to tick eachother off and Aiden knew exactly what made Amy tick. It was quite fun to him, to watch her get mad and threaten to kill him though it never happened. He sometimes wondered what would it take to actually make her attempt to kill him. Playing jokes on her and making her day a living hell was like paradise to him.

    " Yeah i did see your ass..quite nice by the way, but why do you have to act like such a bitch it was just a slight bump". He chuckled at her and then walked over so they were no more than inches apart and he tapped her shoulder. " Mabey if you lighten up i wont bother you..instead of acting like your miss perfect all the time its annoying". Looking over his shoulders he could see two teachers watching them incase things got out of hand which he knew would.
  5. Amy glared at him as he came closer, she really didn't like him being so close to her. It wasn't easy to control herself when getting one power from someone else but getting three at once was a living hell. But she wouldn't let herself step even one foot back when he got closer since that would indicate weakness. She wouldn't let him see her as weak, not a chance in the world. Luckily her shirt were covering her shoulders so when he tapped her on the shoulder she didn't get his powers.

    "I can lighten up as fast as you disappear from my sight." She growled. Aiden was always so annoying, he only did those small things because he knew she would get angry at him. "Or better, why don't you just die so no one has to see your ugly face." She suggested with a grin and fast made ice cover her arm and made sure it was sharp. Even though she knew he could use teleportation she still could at least try to attack him. She swung her ice covered arm towards Aiden, if it hit the sharpness would definitely do a lot of damage. Though she tried to avoid aiming for places on the body that would kill him.

    The teachers immediately started to move even though they wouldn't be able to get there before she already had attacked. And if Aiden would be able to dodge the attack then the teachers would have to fight those two while they were fighting. It had happened before and it always ended a bit bad. Lucy fast backed off since she knew it wouldn't be good to be near those two when they were fighting. A lot of people probably thought that they should just leave Aiden and Amy in a room alone and let them beat each other up until they were satisfied. After all, so far they hadn't killed each other and they probably wouldn't either. But of course the people working at the school couldn't let their students do something so dangerous.
  6. Amy's anger only made Aiden happier. He knew she was going to explode and it was going to be a fight in the hallways once again. They had gotten into three fights in the hallway, four in class and another four in the deans's office. It was hard not to get into a fight with her. And it was his day to day activity to make amy suffer. When she touched his arm and made the cold chill of ice touch his arm he laughed.

    The ice didn't bother him that much because it was a form of water which was another once of his abilitys. Ice and water were two diffrent things yet they were similar. Aiden could stay underwater for hours and felt sick if he was away from water long as oppose to ice where they would drown under water if they couldn't hold their breath that long but they didn't crave water.

    He glared at her feeling the slight pain in his arm and when he saw her arm go to connect with his he immeditally shifted his body backwards and then he charged her tacking amy to the floor. " Why dont you die first! i bet your a pain in everyone's ass". His free hand pinned her down and he slammed his other arm into the wall making the ice crack and he didn it a few times until it broke and then his arm was bleeding. The rage was building up and he punched the ground instead of her face on porpose.

    The teachers came and grappled them and held them on the oppisite wall from eachother telling him that they would have to go to the office and talk to the dean. He sighed because he knew the dean was getting sick and tired of the fights. Aiden didn't mind going to the dean's since he was there most of the time anyway. Looking over at amy he glarred at her. " Your going to pay for my arm.
  7. "Shit" She exclaimed as she remembered that one of his powers were water control, which meant ice wouldn't do him much. If she would have had touched another person that day with another power then she probably would have been able to launch a more effective attack at him but now it was too late. He already had her pinned to the floor and as the ice broke under his fist some of the sharp ice pieces cut her arm.

    Amy hadn't been able to do anything before the teacher came and separated the two of them. She sighted loudly as they mentioned the dean, Amy had never done anything bad except fighting with Aiden. In the beginning when Aiden and Amy had started to fight all the teachers had been very disappointed at her since she had always been such a good student even if she didn't get the best grades. After some time they just got used to their constant fighting.

    She grinned at Aiden's comment. "It's your own fault, you should have dodged better." She told him and the teacher must have noticed that she prepared for another attack because he suddenly pulled her arm so hard she had to start walking with him. Another day, another fight. They would probably sight at the office as fast as they heard the footsteps.

    "Why are you two always fighting? What's the point? You're going to seriously hurt each other one day. Just stop this awful behavior." One of the teachers said as he and some other teachers lead them to the office and trying to prevent them from further fighting. Amy just snorted and gave Aiden a quick glare. She was almost about to say something childish like 'he started it' but she forced herself to shut up even though it was true. He always started it.
  8. Aiden felt his breathing increase as he looked at Amy, his anger was going to get the best of him. Bruce, the history teacher had him pinned and he was overly strong but Aiden knew he could easily get out of his grip. Looking over at Amy he struggled to make the teacher let go of him but he kept a tight grip of him. His arm stung slightly and he realized that the blood was still oozing out from his arm making him have all the more reason to be mad.

    When the teachers escorted them to the dean's office they sighed and bruce told him to stop fighting with her although he knew he wouldn't. To him he didn't seem to understand why the teachers put effort in breaking up theri fights for the simple face that they'd do it all over again. Some teachers were acustomed to the fighting while others sill felt like the need to break it up and keep the peace so they could keep control of the school.

    There were two diffrent types of teachers. It wasn't necessarily good vs evil teacher but some were more leanient than the others. When he got into certain fights around ceartin teachers, some let the fight continue until the other got hurt. They thought it be good to let the anger out then keep it all balled up and fight again. The dean shook his head and looked at both of them. " If you get into another fight ill will punish you but for now Aiden i want you to pack your bags becaue your going to room with Amy".

    Aiden pratcially chocked and he stood up quickly in protest. " No sir i cant live with her thats hell i'll do anything else than stay ina room with her. The dean shook his head. " Im afraid not, im tired of the fights,living with once another will make you like eachother and stop the unecessary fighting". Aiden sighed and walked out the office to his room.
  9. Amy walked angrily to the office, every time was the same. The dean sighted, told them not to fight anymore, sometimes they got detention and that was it. If that was all they would do to stop them from fighting then they failed pretty hard as teachers. Amy sighted as they once again were in the office and she sat in the same chair she always used when they got there. It was just like going to a boring lesson, you went there, didn't listen and went straight out when the lesson was over.

    She sighted as the dean started to talk, punishment? What would they do? Burn them? She would love to see a school that dared to do such a thing. But suddenly he released the bomb. "What? Live with him?" She exclaimed. "I can't stand him, he's an idiot. And he's a guy, why would I live with a guy?" The dean just sighted at her and the teacher beside her tried to calm her down.

    "This will be good for both of you." The teacher beside her said, a woman in her thirties. She always thought that everyone could get along with time and wanted to stop fights and such stuff. She should just realize that not everyone were compatible together. Especially not Aiden and Amy. They were like ice and fire, black and white, lion and lamb. There was no way that they would ever get along in this century, the next century or even a thousand centuries after that. They were each others opposites and opposites didn't attract at all.

    "Go back to your room Amy, and don't get into more fights." The dean told her and she stumbled out angrily. If they didn't get along then maybe they would be stuck with each other forever, or at least until they finished school. Either they had to fight so much so the teachers realized they wouldn't be able to be in the same room or they had to fake that they had repented and not get into any fights before they were allowed to move away from each other. She actually preferred the first idea best, the second one seemed to be way too much effort. Or maybe she could show her disagreement by sleeping outside and never go back to her room again, they couldn't force her to stay in her room. Okay they probably could.

    She slammed shut her room door and sat down on the bed, why the heck must she share room with that idiot? This was all insane. She rather take any punishment even if it would be death.
  10. AIden leaned against the wall of his room and the looked around not wanting to go and hating the dean with every second to come. He had finally got his stinky roommate Bently to swich rooms so he'd sleep in peace all by himself just to have to bunk with Amy, it was complete bullshit and he couldn't do a thing about it. Opening his two bags he started with taking the clothes out of his drawer and putting in his duffle bag makeing sure they all fit.

    He started on taking his clothes out his closet and putting it in his suitcase until it was ful and couldn't fit anymore clothes. He squeezed his labtop and electronic gear in a small bag before laying on his empty bed and looking up at the cealing, Out of all things the teacher was going to give him the worst punishment by placing them together in the same room, it was stupid as hell. He knew they'd fight and being close to one another for too long made it worse.

    Taking his bags he walked out the room and down the hall. Finally making his way to Amy's room..well now their room he opned the door and then placed his bags on his side of the room. " Look i dont want to fight so you do you and i'll do me okay?". He started to unoack his bags and then place then in his drawer and then he hung on his clothes on his side of the closet. Once getting situated he plugged in his labtop and thenlayed on the bed and roamed through it finding his essay he was typing for class.
  11. Amy had started to file her nails just when Aiden slammed in to the room. The first thing he said maid her to almost drop her jaw and she got some sort of pose that women in Hollywood movies got when they got surprised while doing their nails. First she stared at him without a word while he walked around and took up his clothes. She was so surprised by his comment she couldn't even blink.

    "What?" She were able to get out after a minute or two. "Are you sick or something? A fever? Bloodloss? Maybe you're possessed by a ghost." First she had been serious with thinking he were sick, after all, when had Aiden tried to not get into a fight with her? Then for every question it became more of a joke. "I never thought I would hear those word from you. What happened? Did they hit you so hard in the head so your brain cells woke to life?" All of a sudden it was like they had changed personalities. For the most it was him who tried to tease her until she started to fight with him, now she was the one trying to start something.

    (Sorry it's short, couldn't come up with more at the moment >_<)
  12. As he scanned the computer checking his files he looked up when Amy spoke, cracking jokes about him bring sick or having a fever, and even bloodloss. Aiden chuckled slightly, he wanted to say something rude back, to curse her out, to even get revenge on making his arm bleed but instead he looked back down at his computer. He didn't know how long they were going t have to live together and he didn't want a fight everyday although he wanted to.

    Looking at his scedule he sighed and then sat up from the bed looking out the window. The sun was setting and people were outside chatting, practicing their powers or just hanging out with friends. He had planned on hitting the pool since it had been a few days since he swam around and he was staring to miss being in the water. " Look i know its going to be hard but ill try my best not to mess with you..so please dont be bitchy for no reason".

    Pulling off his shirt he placed his shirt on top of his suitcase and then opened his bag and pulled out his swimming trunks. H etook off his pants and then pulled up his swimming trunks and grabbed his towel out his bag. " Im heading out for a swim so uh.dont miss me to much while im gone". He walked out the door and headed downstairs and outside where the pool was. There was an indoor pool and outdoor. PLacing his towel on the bench and he dove in.

    The water felt great against his skin almost as if he was ment to live in water. He could breath underwater and nevr needed goggles. His hands didn't wrinkle if he stayed in the water to long and his eyes didn't get red from looking under the water with his eyes open. Swimming around he did fifteen speed laps and twenty backstrokes. Relaxing his body he let himself sink to the bottom of the pool where he slowly closed his eyes enjoying the water.
  13. It wasn't possible, even though she knew that was the only way to get rid of each other it still felt so unreal. They were so close and they didn't fight. How was that even possible? Something must be wrong with his brain Amy thought .

    "Have fun bathing, don't forget to drown." She said grumpy as he walked out. Somehow she really wanted to fight just because they were so close to each other. Especially since they hadn't even been able to start the fight properly when they were at each other before. If they just had fought that one out then she would probably be calmer now. Amy really hated to leave unfinished things unfinished. It just were against her nature.

    But it was easier to calm down once he were out of the room. She opened her laptop and started to do some homework. Since she wasn't a genius she actually had to study a lot to get a grade. She had to admit it, she was a bit jealous on Aiden's grades, he didn't even have to put an effort into it. It was so unfair. She had to really struggle to get a grade while he just took it easy. Maybe that was why she hated him so much, since he always were mister perfect. Since he were so good at studies she simply had to be good at something he wasn't, behavior. Except for the fights she had with Aiden she had perfect behavior. And everyone knew that it often was him who triggered her.

    She sighted as she tried to concentrate on math. But knowing that Aiden would live in her room made it impossible. She looked at the numbers that came up on the screen and she wrote them down on a paper, she tried to do the right formula. But in the end everything she tried failed horribly. Amy couldn't stop thinking about how that idiot actually would live in her room. "Great, I will never be able to do any homeworks before he is out of here." She sighted to herself.
  14. After and hour underwater Aiden opened his eyes and looked up to see a firgure hovering over the water looking down at him. He slowly sat up underwater and then pushed himself up, swimming to the surface to see it was the dean. " What do you want". He spat as he glared at the dean, he wanted to drown him in the water right were he stand but he knew he'd be killed for that, or exiled. The dean just laughed. " I thought you were deada, but anyway hows the room with Amy, soothing i hope".

    AIden looked at the dean and then cmiled out the pool shaking his head and then grabbing his towel and drying off. " No it's hell, how am i suppose to concentrate with her in the room?". the dean chuckled. " Sounds to me you like the girl more than you let yourself belive". Aiden put his hands up in defense. " No n- thats not what i meant". The dean walked away and called out. " Sure but will see how long you'll belive your own lies". At that moment he remembered the dean was a telopath and he mentally kicked himself in the head.

    Once his body was dry he made his way back inside and sat at the lounge and chatted with his friends. The only problem was he couldn't get what the dean said out of his head. Believe his own lies?. He knew he hated her, there were times when he noticed her in another way other then wanting to fight with her but he ignored it because he knew she hated him and he hated her but still...

    He made his way back to the dorm and stood outside for a moment pondering wether he wanted to go in or not. Opening the door he saw Amy was studying and doing her homework whic remimded him of the math he had to do but he didn't feel like doing it because it was annoying to do homework and he'd just cram it before class. " Doing the devil's work i see. Putting on some shorts and a tank top he walked over to Amy's side and snatched the paper out her hand and looked at it. " With this shit on your paper your going to get an F". After fixing her paper he handed it back to her. " There now thats an A".
  15. Amy tried her best but it was still impossible to do the math problems. For the most she wasn't that bad at math, she was descent and could do it at a C level. But now she weren't able to do even a single problem right and she sat for so long trying. It was all that idiots fault. If he hadn't been so weird then she wouldn't have gotten worried about his mental health. Worried? Why was she worried over him? Of course she wasn't worried, but he had acted weird and she simply thought it was weird so of course it would make it hard to think when she wondered what was wrong with him. But wasn't that worrying?

    "Stop it brain, I'm not worried about him."
    She thought as she hit herself with a book in the head. "I have to concentrate" She said out loud and tried some formulas again. Just some minutes later Aiden came into the room again. She tried not to care about him as he put on clothes and then walked towards her. It was first when he took her paper that she got irritated. But she were going to try not to get angry since another fight would be pretty bad. She thought that if she just let him feel happy about her getting an F for a moment then he would give it back so he let her have the paper and didn't even notice that he wrote on it before giving it back.

    When he told her that it was an A and she noticed that he had fixed her faults she got really pissed. "What do you think you're doing? This is cheating. I rather deserve an F than cheat my way to an A. It's just a homework anyway, they barely care about those grades. The important things is the test." She rambled angrily and then started to erase the things he had written on the paper. "Some of us actually wants to work hard and deserve our grades." She mumbled which almost made her sound like a little pouting child.
  16. Aiden looked down at Amy's paper looking through the mistakes, he immeditally fixed the ones he knew but he had to think of a few of the problems. The math was easy to him even though he hated the subject, passing wasn't a matter of worry for him like some of his friends who stress out over the smallest grade. He just felt like what happens happens and if you pass or fail doesent really matter. The only reason he kept the good grades was so he could relax more.

    When Amy took the paper back and started to erase all the work he didn because it was supposebly " cheating", he looked at her baffled on what to say. He was pissed because he was tring to be nice for a change and all he got was yeled at and lectured for no appearant reason. " Look i didn't have to help you, and its not cheating its called helping out, but if you want the low grade its fine by me im tired of being nice". He sighed.

    It was difficutl even being stuck in the same room as her and now she was complanning when he was trying to be nice. He walked over to his side of the room and layed on the bed and looked up at the cealing before putting headphones in his ears and began listening to music to calm his anger. Eventually he began to get tired and he looked over at Amy for a moment. " Night". Turnning onto his sides he closed his eyes falling asleep.
  17. She rolled her eyes. "It's cheating when you're doing someone else's homework, it's helping if you sit with them and explain what is wrong and why you should do it like that instead." She corrected him. He really were annoying, how would they be able to get along and live with each other? She would get grey hair if he weren't out of her room anytime soon.

    Aiden started to listen to music and didn't care about her anymore. Well, that was some kind of privacy she supposed. Amy didn't like to have a roommate to begin with and now she had to share it with the devil himself. How could the school even allow a guy and a girl to sleep in the same room? No other school would let such things happen. In most schools it was against the rules for a guy and a girl to share rooms. She almost felt like just quitting and start in another school even though there were non that could help her with her powers. But she knew that before she could control her powers better it wasn't so good to just leave.

    Amy sighted a bit and started with her homework again. After some time Aiden fell asleep but Amy was awake for some more hours. First she did math for around one hour then she started to surf on the net. She weren't the type that went to bed early, she were the type that went to bed when it just was a couple of hours left before she were going to get up. She often slept so she could get five hours of sleep, sometimes more sometimes less. She liked the night better than the day, sometimes she wished that she could get her lessons during the night instead. First at two in the morning she decided to go to bed.
  18. Aiden grunted as he slowly opened his eyes to the morning light. It shined throught the window slightly but it was just enought to wake him up. He was deffinitally not a morning person and anything that had to do with waking up early for he hated. Streaching his muscles he yawned and rubbed his eyes blinking a few times before looking over to see Amy sleep. He looked down at himself before slowly cmilbing out of bed and grabbing a towel to head into the showers.

    Taking a shower to him was one of the two things that helped him find peace in the most horrible situations, his prediciment wasn't that bad but it was still annoying. When he tried to help Amy she hates him and when he gets on her nerves she hates him. He sighed as he lathered up his body and closed his eyes letting the warm water hit his body. After awhile he turnned the water off and grabbed his towel drying off his body and wrapping the towel around his waist.

    Walking out he opened his bag and then lookined through his items of clothes and then sneakers. The weather was warm yet it still had its cold days and inbetween. He went into his drawer and then pulled out his underwaer throuwing it on the bed before walking over to his phone and replying to the messages. The time was 10: 50 and class started at 11:53. He walked over and shook Amy awake. " Hey get up!".
  19. Amy weren't the best of sleepers, she always were able to get into the worst positions. This morning though wasn't that bad. Her right leg was hanging outside the bed and her arm had of some reason decided to sleep on the side of the writing desk. But it could be worse, she had sometimes woken up with her legs on the bed, one arm on the desk and the rest of herself on the floor. She had no idea how she were able to sleep in such positions but she still were able to do it.

    As she heard someone talking to her and shaking her she automatically tried to hit whatever it was away with her hand. At that moment she was still in a bit of a dream and didn't know that she maybe had hit Aiden. But it wasn't like she would mind if she actually had been able to hit him. Right after she had hit around with her arm she woke up from her sleep but still not completely awake.

    "Leave me alone, I'm sleeping." She mumbled and gave the clock a look. "It's over an hour until class starts, what's the hurry?" If she didn't have anything to do before class in the morning then she often didn't wake up before fifteen minutes before it started. It didn't matter if it were eight in the morning or two in the afternoon, she still kept sleeping as long as she could. Which was a problem during days when they didn't have classes at all, the only thing that could make her go up then was if she needed to go on the toilet or felt really hungry. If she hadn't those needs then she would probably sleep over the whole day.
  20. When Amy grumbled and complained about him waking her up because she had and hour and some time to sleep he sighed. He hated people who waited till the last minute to do things, mabey that another reason they didn't get along. He walked back over to his side and threw on his boxers and his shirt and cargo shorts before transfering his data from his computer onto his harddrive and thrn placing it in his bag. He shook his head and looked over at Amy.

    They were deffinitally two complete diffrent people. He was and early bird who did what he was suppose to do and she was a last minute person. He was still trying to figure out why you would wake up a couple minutes before class. How would you take a shower and get dressed and things like that. " Well fine then sleep until the last minute". He grumbled before slinging the backpack over his shoulders and heading out the room.

    Shaking his head he walked down the hallway avoiding the people late for their early classed. Aiden turnned the corner and then walked into his math class. The teacher was preparing the class and he handed in the homework which she gradually accepted. Heading to the back of th class he put his headphones in and then layed his head on the desk closing his eyes waiting for class to start.