A Royal Pain

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  1. Rowan Asher. Heir to the Throne of Dellmere. However, Rowan wasn't too keen on taking the Throne. In fact, he was growing tired of the dull country of Dellmere. He wanted more than to be stuck here running this boring little country. Rowan quietly snuck out of his room in the dead of night, expertly dodging the guard. He had this all planned out. He knew right where they were going to be stationed. He had observed this every night that he was ushered to his room. He quickly reached the gap in the fence he had witnessed while going up to his room one night. Quietly and quickly slipping through, he started running toward the nearest town. The only thing he had with him was a pair of his clothes that was the least flashy clothes he had, a small ration of food and a small amout of money in order to pay for food for the next couple days. If he carried too much cash with him, people would try to turn him in order to get a ransom. He soon reached a small town and he soon found a barn in the back of someone's house that looked like it hadn't been used recently. He ran into the barn and quickly started to change. If he got caught, then he would be in big trouble...He hoped against all hope that no one would come check the barn before he was done changing.
  2. Ari, a local at the town, was busy with her chores. She was mere peasant of sorts. She lived with her a father, Michael, a hardworking farmer. Their small farm had been in the family for generations, Ari did the best she could to help keep it a tip-top shape. She gad lromised her father, she would get an extra bale hay set for tomorrow. Puttiong on her boots, she swiftly and expertly made her way through the darkness to the barn. Despite being so poor, Ari tried her best to fix things. The countrybof Dellmere was beautifully breath-taking to her and she wanted to preserve it's natural state. She loved this place to pieces. With a sigh, she reached to open the barn door but froze out of alertness, the door was slightly open. Slowly, she backed away and retrieved a large shovel. She pushed open the doir and prepared to swing at the monster in her barn, "Show yourself!" She called, "I can hear you movin'!"
  3. Rowan froze. He heard a loud female voice calling out in the darkness. Oh no. She had spotted him. Luckily he was about done changing and stuffed every ounce of his flashy clothes into the pack he had. Quickly throwing it onto his back, he quickly came out of the darkness to where this girl could see him. He had his hands up.

    "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you or anything. I am not dangerous. I was just trying to find a place to sleep for the night and happened upon this barn. But if it isn't ok that I'm here, I can gladly leave..." he spoke up hesitantly. Looking at the girl, he could tell that she wasn't of any noble bloodline whatsoever. In fact, she looked like a rugged country girl about ready to beat him to death with a shovel. But he couldn't help but notice her beautiful figure as well. Even though she looked rugged, her form, the air about her drew him to her. He approached her slowly stopping about 10 feet away from her. He stretched out his hand. He knew he couldn't use his real name. He had to make up a name so he wouldn't be caught.

    "I'm Robert...Rob for short. May I ask your name?"
  4. Ari's hazel hues focused on the figure as it came into the dim lighting, she didn't have the best eye sight but she could see him almost perfectly. Narrowing her eyes, she watched their movements closely, shovel ready. Her slender fingers wrapped around the wooden base better grip.

    His voice had taken her by surprise, she had expected a full grown man to be the invader of her father's faded red barn. His voice was soothing, she shook her head to snap her thoughts clean. The more more he spoke, the less she worried. As he spoke, she made her way across the creaky boards and lit a lantern. "Rob, eh?"

    Her charcoal toned hair was falling from it's sloppy braid and in front of her eyes. Raising a hand, Ari brushed it from view and stuck her hand out towards his direction, "Name's Aristasia, but please fer the love of God Almighty, call me Ari." She smiled, the light showing of her few freckles. "You don' sound like you're from 'round here. Where'd you come from?"
  5. Rowan had to remember that he had a more proper way of speaking than most people. It was ok, he just had to be careful with his choice of words...
    Rowan walked forward and shook the girl's hand. She had a powerful grip, most likely from her days as a farmer. The freckles that dotted her face only accentuated her figure, giving her a rugged beauty that he couldn't take his eyes off of. He tried not to stare however as he was afraid that she actually might take the shovel that was now on the ground and kill him with it.

    "I like your name. It's beautiful. To answer your question, I don't like telling people where i'm from cause I ran from my hometown to go out and explore the countryside. It's not the prettiest thing to look at, but Dellmere is my home...I mainly wanted to get out of my small village and meet new people. But since my traveling, you have been the first person I've met...Are you a farmer here in this village?"

    He tried not to stare, not wanting to incur the wrath of the beautiful and charming little cow-girl. Before she could respond, however, there was a commotion out in the street. Rowan ran to the street only to come face to face with the royal guard. Oh no! They had found out already? This was bad. He ran back inside, placing his hands on her strong shoulders.

    "There are some guys in nice suits shouting something through town. I couldn't quite make it out...But they were saying something about a missing prince and a mad queen....Do you know anything about this missing prince?"
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