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  1. Charlotte Elizabeth Van Woodesen (open)

    Charlotte Elizabeth Van Woodsen.

    Charlie or Lottie




    Charlie has long brunette hair that falls down her back in loose waves. She has hazel eyes and can look almost like they glow in certain lights. Her skin completion is lighter then her sisters. She stands at about 5'5 and 108 pounds.


    Postion in Monarchy
    Princess of Astoria


    Charlie is a sweet girl. She has been raised as a proper young lady all her life but, as any teenager does, she enjoys defying her parents wishes. She's very rebellious, believing you should marry for love and always hold your people's best interests at heart. She love dressing as a servant and going into the towns and villages in her kingdom. She's outgoing, adventurous and carefree. Though you would never know it she's extremely sensitive. She's a hopeless romantic and can also be a book worm at times, just never her studies.

    Charlotte was born in the spring time to her royal parents, As the first born, Charlotte was immediately schooled in the royal duties of Queen-ship. She was often raised with nannys and always had many more studies then her younger sister, resulting in a very jealous Charlie. Though her younger years Charlotte began leaning towards more boyish activities such as horse back riding, fencing, and sword play. The young girl also began her attraction to females and adapted the nickname "Charlie". Though after a long and hard talk with her parents she gave up her boyish ways and became a new and reborn young princess who enjoyed her dresses, tea, and giving speeches to her people. Though she plays the perfect daughter act she's never given up her rebellious ways. The one person she could always rely on was her younger sister. The girls would often find themselves in mountains of trouble, giggling together. Lottie would do anything for her sister and their bond is almost unbreakable. Charlie's best friend is the son of security, Maxwell. Though after an incident she was banned from speaking to the boy for a year.

    Kind-hearted, loyal, protective, creative

    Stubborn, Jealous, Blunt, Flirtatious

    Charlie, being as stubborn as she is, refuses to marry a man (or women) she does not love. She was having a fling with one of her kitchen servants.


    1 Year Ago

    Charlotte sat at her glass vanity rushing though her brown curly hair. Humming softly as she pulled the brush though her heaps of hair ever so lightly. Freeing the curls from the massive tangles they had woven in her hair. The girl's pale reflection looked even more ghostly white with the dim lighting in the bedroom. Once Charlie had successfully combed out all the retched knots from her brown locks she set down her brush and shook her head so her hair would cascade down her back in their elegant curls. She ran her fingers though her hair as she stood up and glanced towards the open window. It was Thursday night after all. Thursdays were the nights that Charlie's best friend Max would sneak up into her room and the two would watch movies, fight, or anything else that was interesting to them. Max really wasn't suppose to be around Charlie as much anymore, her parents feared he would rub off on there precious queen to be. Obviously a queen had to be defenseless and only enjoy frilly dresses and tea right?

    Charlotte loved her parents but sometimes she thought they had there heads shoved so far up each others asses that the forgot they were running an entire kingdom. Her parents, at least her mother, were more interested in making sure they were the top in society. By any means nessacary. It seemed to Charlie that when it came down to the royal duties aspect of Queenship, her mother was a little more than lacking in that department. Deep in her thoughts Lottie hardly heard the slight knocking on her window. She looked up to see Maxwell crouched on her window's ledge with a bag of popcorn tucked under his arm. The goofy smile plastered onto his face. Charlotte rushed over to the window and unlocked it, allowing the massive window to swing inwards towards her. "Max! You're late!" She said with a smile as she closed the window again. Maxwell looked at her and replied "The correct term is fashionably late Charlie, But I did bring snacks" Charlie pretended to think it over before nodding "Ok, I forgive you. But only cause your brought food" She said as she grabbed the bag and bounced onto her large king sized mattress.

    After a few movies and an entire bag of popcorn the two friends were finding enjoyment in wrestling each other on Charlotte's bed. It wasn't like play wrestling or wrestling between a couple. This was full out war. What exactly were they fighting for? Bragging Rights, and if Charlie had to listen to Max brag about how he was the king of wrestling one more time she'd probably trample him with a horse. With a final flip Charlie was face up pinned to her own bed. "Aw come inn Charlie is that the best you've got?" He asked with a wink down to her. Staring up at Maxwell as he held her hands and legs down with his own she replied. "I wouldn't want to hurt your over inflated ego oh king of wrestling". Both of them were panting for breaths and it was at this point that Charlotte took time to notice the way Max's eyes lit up, the dark gray coloring made his skin completion glow. Charlie had never really though about how handsome Max really was. But now, staring up at him, she felt as if she could reach up and kiss him..


    A sudden booming voice said as the door was sprung open. A handful of guards rushed into the princesses bedroom and were astonished to see the sight before them. Maxwell immediately let Charlie up and she hurried to try to explain herself. "Wait it's not what it looks like!" She said as the guards grabbed Maxwell and steered him towards the door. "Your Highness, He is a security agent. He should know better than to take advantage of you like that." Charlie's eyes were filling to the brink with tears. "N-no you don't understand." Charlotte said as she tried to grab Maxwell. Max turned to her with an expression she couldn't quite read and replied. "Goodnight your highness" Before being escorted out of the room. Charlie watched as the guards left, hearing someone say "I'll inform the royal family and the boy's father" Her knees gave up under her and she collapsed onto her floor in a crying mess. One thing was for sure. This was a night neither of the two would forget.

    Present Day Astroia

    "Ah hello Princess Charlotte" Maxwell's father greeted her as she descended the stairs towards the ceremony room. She shot him a perfect smile as they walked towards the large and over decorated room. "Hello general. Lovely to see you. I'm sure you're rather proud of Maxwell." His father nodded as he took her hand and allowed her to ascend the platform and take her place next to her parents and younger sister.

    It was then that Charlotte looked around and noticed the sea of citizens that stared up at her. The citizens silenced as the King began to speak. "Ladies and Gentleman of our great kingdom. It is my honor to announce the return of a brilliant soldier, an unstoppable force and your next queens bounded guard. Maxwell Tobius." At the sound of his name Charlie's eyes lit up as she saw the door open and in walk the man. Damn did he get sexier? Charlie didn't even think that was possible. "Charlotte.. breath" She heard her sister whisper to her and Charlie realized she hadn't been breathing. A long let out breath and she could feel the tension between the two as their eyes met and she felt herself smile. He took his place next to her and she felt her body start to shake as the heat between them formed. "And it's also at this time we would like to announce our daughters engagement to the Prince of the Earth Kingdom, Prince Lucas Amour." Wait. WHAT? Charlie's eyes widened a bit to look at her parents before the whole kingdom exploded into wild applause. Oh. No.​
  2. Present day Astroia

    It had been two weeks since Maxwell had arrived back home. A year since he has been within miles of the castle he had once called home. an hour from when he would final again see Charlie. Right now however he faced a problem. He sat, alone within an interrogation room. The only one in the military base 2 miles north of the castle. The walls were steel the only things in the room were a metal table with matching chairs one occupied by yours truly the other a grizzled veteran that had worked with his father for many years. For the last 20 minutes they had stared at each other, Maxwell already dressed in his Ceremonial uniform, the same one his father would be wearing with the exception of fewer buttons. The man dressed in a plain black suit his every day uniform when you protected the king and queen. The staring contest only ended when the man received a transmission through his earpiece looking away and giving Maxwell the Victory.

    "So Maxwell," The man began opening his outh to speak only to be quickly cut off by a venomous response.

    "No, its Felipia! I sear you caught the wrong man officer" said with a sly grin. It was short lived however as he reached for on of his cuffs, straightening imaginary wrinkles on his perfect uniform.

    The man just glared before continuing wear he left off. "Mr. Tobius, we both know why you are sitting in this room and not already at the estate. It is your birth right to protect the next queen and king you remember that right. You know that she will be engaged soon, and that it won't be to someone like you. " He spoke with a smug look, dark brown eyes watching Maxwell, studying him for a reaction. Maxwell didn't give him one. He sat still in his chair smiling the same cocky grin he always kept when he wanted nothing better then to reach over the metal table and slam his ugly face against it. Instead he smiled and quoted a lie he had been saying so long he could almost believe it himself.

    "I don't love Miss Charlotte, it will not stop me from doing my job sir." The man watched Maxwell for several more long seconds before nodding. He stood up and so did Maxwell and together they stepped out of the room. Moving through the Military base, a place Max had called home for many years they made their way to the front gate to a limo that was waiting for them both. The man opened and shut the back door for Max and within seconds the car was pulling away taking him back to his old life.

    The crowd of citizens had arrived well before Maxwell. It was mess of flashing lights and apluase as the war hero came home. Finally he pushed his way to the ceremony room. The crowd there erupting in more cheers as he opened the door. His eyes immediately found the royal family and Charlie. her hazel eyes locked onto his. He immediately pulled his gaze away, fixing his collar before taking his place next to her as her father the king welcomed him back home. All he wanted to do was reach out and take her hand. Nothing he hadn't done a hundred times before. It was innocent but since a year ago even that was off limits to him. He would have to keep her at arms reac no matter what. Becuase he had known for weeks what the King had just saying now. That she was getting married. ​
  3. Charlotte
    "Princess of Astoria"

    Charlotte's heart started racing. What had her father just said? Was she getting married? She hadn't even known about that! How come she was the last to know?! Oh no. Oh Fuck No! Charlie was not getting married. Not to someone she didn't know. And NOT to someone she didn't love. Because in her heart there was only one person she truly loved, and he was standing right beside her.

    Tall dark and handsome. The stereo-typical look for a body guard of the royal queen. I mean Maxwell's very own father was the personal guard of Charlotte's father, and he used to be quite the handsome lad back in the day, or so she had heard. Max stood as still as a rock and Charlotte had to wonder what had happened the past 12 months that he had been away. Had something changed? He had averted his eyes from hers and now he stood inches away, almost as if she had a disease. Her heart felt like it would burst, and as her father's speech ran on and on she saw the crowd getting more restless by the second. "And so my dear people it is with great honor that we begin the traditional ball of honor!" Her fathers voice rang out as the doors were opened and people began to fill the ball room that was hung with lights and filled with the sweet sound of music.

    The King looked please as his loyal subjects eagerly filled in the large ballroom and began to dance to the swaying of the music. His attention shifted from the lively party to his oldest daughter and the young man in charge of her life. "Ah Maxwell, I see you have arrived safe and sound. It is nice to see you back in my castle. I do hope you understand your position in this matter now that you are fully trained. I do not want another incident like last year. Is that understood?" Her fathers eyes narrowed to a glare of a protective father and Charlotte bowed her head. "Yes father, Understood." Her father nodded and took her mother by the and as they started off for the ballroom. "Oh and Charlotte.. We'll talk about your engagement later. Enjoy the celebration you three" He said as they disposed into the adoring crowd.

    Charlottes younger sister smiled at Maxwell and said "I'll see you two later. I have some prior arrangements to attend to." Before she herself dispeasered into the crowd. So this was it. Charlotte turned her body to face Maxwell. The large ceremony hall was now empty except for the two of them. Standing face to face on a raise platform. Charlie's hazel eyes looking up at him as she felt the awakrdness between them. The memories flooding back into her brain as she looked for the right words to say. Finally she spoke in a soft voice. "Max.. It's been awhile.. I-I'm glad you're back.."
  4. Maxwell watched as he stood close by the king. The king himself smiled and told the crowd of the ball. Chears and shouts were the awnser as the doors of the ballroom opened and the crowd began pushing their way to the music and food awaiting them in the other room. Thanking then turned to adress Maxwell himself. Maxwell only nodded and smiled to the king as he made himself clear to Max that what happened last year would not happen again.

    He was right of course Max had to agree to that. He would have to be careful this time. Cuase he would be danmed if he would ever let anyone take Charlie away from him witrhout giving what he felt a chance.

    Quickly they were left alone only inches apart in the emptying room. He turned to her as she did to him, his face a perfect statue as he waited for her to make the first move. She did, her hazel eyes finding his. With a soft voice she spoke up to him, "Max.. Its been awhile.. I-I'm glad your back." his eyes narrowed menacingly frowning as he spoke with an equaly low tone.

    "Charlotte VanWoodsen..." he began. Suddenly he stepped forward wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her off her feet into a monsterous bear hug. "Im glad Im back too!" He let her down stepping back and coughing as he fixed his suit. He tried to put back on his profesional fascade, he couldnt however jeep the smile from growing on his face. "God Charlie you got taller! You need to catch me up on whats going on since I left. First though." he puased before bowing slightly and offering his hand. "Miss Charlotte as your guard may I escort you to the ball?"
  5. Charlotte
    "Princess of Astoria"

    Charlotte watched in delight as her best friend's serious face broke into a large goofy smile. His arm reached out for her and she was quick to answer as the two embraced in a tight bear hug. As he set her lightly on her feet again she steady herself on the tall heels. She gave him a sheepish smile as she lifted her dress to reveal the 3 and a half inch heels strapped to her feet. "I wish I'd had gotten taller." She replied. The smile only brightened as her ambled on about catching up. "You first! What was the school like? What did you do? Did you make any friends or meet any badasses?" She joked with an elbow to his rib.

    She eagerly took her best friend's arm as they descended the raised platform and entered the ballroom. She waved to her subjects and smiled politely as she whispered to Maxwell. "Max there's no way we can talk in here.. Shall we escape to the garden?" She asked as she looked around the room for an opening to slip out. Seeing her father was busy entertaining some lords and ladies she pulled Max's arm hard and gracefully ducked out and into the quiet garden.

    The setting sun was a lovely background as the two walked among the flowering buds and green vines. "Seems like we haven't talked in ages, even if we did write back and forth." She commented as she looked up at the purple and pinks that swired together in the sky. "How have you been?" She asked honestly as she looked up at him. ​
  6. Maxwell
    The boy who Left

    Their arms Interlaced Max and Charlie descended to the ball room, All the while she attacked him with a rapid fire assault of questions. It only made him smile more at her as she tried to interrogate how he had been out of him. "School was about as horrible as you could expect for a military school. Usually I just trained in alot of stuff that would help me protect someone. No I did not meet any badasses, no one can live up to me Charlie." He shot her a sly wink as he said it. Chuckling as they made their way out of the ballroom and into the quiet garden.

    They walked around quietly in the setting sun. The sky a mixture of pinks a purple, like it too wanted to impress the purple loving princess that held Maxwells arm. They walked away from any prying eyes, before finding one of the most secluded spots of this large garden a Large Gazebo that overlooked a small pond. It was then did she finally look him in the eye asking him how he really was. Her hazel eyes so beautiful in the light, it was like Max had lost the ability to talk when he looked at her. He could never forget why he was here and who she was going to marry. RIght now however it felt like nothing else mattered.

    "I-I'm alright Charlie." Throwing on a small sad smile. He never was one to hide how he felt from her. He placed a hand delicately on her cheek. "It has been way too long since we last saw eachother so I am pretty sad that I never got to do this until now. Ever so slowly he he pulled her closer before closing his eyes and pressing his lips lightly against hers.
  7. Charlotte
    "Princess of Astoria"

    Charlotte was looking out over the little pond. The ducks and swans swimming peacefully back and forth, making little waves wherever they swam. When Max began to speak Charlotte's face turned to look at him. She could sense his sadness, it was easy to see in his small smile. The tone of his voice was soft, almost like he was telling her a secret. Charlie leaned in a bit to listen and felt his large callused hands wrapped around the tiny princess. His hands on the small of her back softly tugging her towards him. His beautiful eyes fluttered shut as his lips closed the space between them and landed lightly on hers.

    Suddenly Charlie was standing there with her eyes shut and her royal guard kissing her. She suddenly didn't feel like a princess, so far above the social standing of her people. She didn't feel different from everyone else. She instead felt like a little girl again. Chasing Maxwell around this very garden and threatening to kiss him and give him cooties. Her wildest wondering was finally answered in that sweet kiss. The way Maxwell looked at her, the way he held her, the way he had loving pushed her hair out of her face that horrid night a year ago. He'd wanted to kiss her, just as she had wanted to kiss him. In that moment, that sweet blissful moment, she wasn't a princess who was engaged to someone else, and he wasn't her royal guard destined to protect her from the world. They were just a boy and a girl. It was just them.

    When their lips separated Charlie stood still. Her hands resting softly on his chest and her eyes still shut in a blissful moment. When her hale eyes did open they locked with Maxwell's. Her cheek's were flushed with a light pink blush. Her bottom lip was still quivering as her mouth turned into a small smile. A giggle escaped her lips as she let out a breath. "Wow.." ​
  8. Maxwell
    A very sad, very happy hearbroken individual ​

    Maxwell held her close to his chest. A smile was plastered across his face, yet it never really reached his eyes. For several seconds their lips touched yet the moment felt like it would never end. the soft heat that came from her lips to his, that radiated from his cheeks. In a picture perfect moment he knew that all this time it wasn't just him who had felt this connection between them. Only it didn't make him happy it only broke his heart.

    They separated and she looked up locking her beautiful eyes with his. It was one of the only times he wish he could lie to her. That he could smile and pretend that everything was going to be alright. All she could say was wow giggling slightly her face flushed, it made him laugh too chuckling as she did. It was too soon that the smile on his face fell off. His eyes growing darker, sad and wise.

    "Charlie," he began softly, pulling her against his chest, his hand finding her hair slowly pulling his hand through it. "I wish you would of pushed me away. I wish I didn't do that. It's only going to be harder when you go meet your husband and get married. You know this thing we have. The thing I want to have. We .. can't have it, I wish more then anything that we could but we can't. We both have responsibilities.
  9. Charlotte
    "Princess of Astoria"

    His words hit her like a giant ocean wave. The words that fell from his mouth felt like a gulp of salt water had just been pushed down her throat. His smile fell from his face and suddenly, there happy, blissful moment was over. Reality yanked Charlotte down and pummeled her into the ground, grinding her hopes and dreams into a fine milled dust that blew away in the salty winds. His arms holding her close, betraying every word he spoke to the young princess. She angrily pulled away from him. Fire burning in her eyes. "How can you do that!" She angrily yelled. "How can you look at someone, know you're meant to be and just.. just.." She couldn't find the words anymore and she turned away, the fire fading to a dull, pain filled glow. The tears threatened to pour over over eyelids and take her black mascara with them.

    She was breathing hard now, as she leaned over the railing of the gazebo and stared out into the distance. Her felt like it had been broken and her stomach churned in a way that threaten to spill it's contents into the crystal clear water below. When she finally looked back at Maxwel, her eyes were cold, her heart was stone, and her voice was sharp and stern. "I suppose you're right Maxwell. I have a duty to my people. To the water." She said with another glance at the water that flowed below them. "Let's get back to the ball, I'm sure my parents will notice us missing." She said as she wiped the kiss from her memories and with a quick touch of her lips she threw the blissful, loving, perfect kiss into the water.

    Charlotte stormed in front of Maxwell as she made her way back though the gardens and slipping gracefully into the ball she stood silently, overlooking the happy couples who danced to the music. 'Oh to be so naive and in love.' She thought to herself. Though all she wanted was to wipe the fake smile from her pink lips and throw her diamond tiara at a wall. Anger filled her heart as she began to notice the earth kingdom's embelm hanging in delicate silky greens and browns next to her own kingdom's symbol. Her heart was breaking with every breath she exhaled and the air burned her lungs. Maybe it was her corset, or her lack of breath from the earlier breathtaking kiss. It wasn't until a little boy tugged on her gown that she acknodled her people's presence. "Would.. you like to dance your highness?" The little boy asked shyly, offering her a flower. His meek manners melted Charlie's heart and she took his hand happily. "I would absolutely love nothing more." She said as she swept the boy up and spun around the dance floor with the giggling boy. ​
  10. Maxwell
    The Protector of kings

    Maxwell watched as the girl he had dreamed about for as long as he could remember walked away from him. Her eyes so filled with sadness, anger, then nothing. It shattered his already broken heart. It the shards of glass into his chest. It burned and he could feel a few tears already dropping onto the ground, following the bend of his nose. He was right to do this, wasn't he. He knew it would hurt him, but to know she felt the same way, it killed him inside.

    He stayed put, watching silently as she slipped her way back into the ball. He let the few tears fall from his face before wiping any evidence away. He steeled himself. Straightening his tie and throwing on the passive mask he usually wore. The trace of a smile always on his lips like he knew something others did not. A look he learned from watching his father. Finished preparing himself again. He stepped away from the gazebo a place that would haunt him with things that could be.

    Maxwell pushed the door to the ball open. Nodding a greeting to those closest to the door. He stayed at the edge of the room slowly walking scanning the crowd for Charlie. He had to stay close to her now. It was duty He signed an oath with blood with the contract tattooed to his back. No matter what happened between them he would protect her with his life. He finally found her in the crowd, a young boy handing her a flower. The look on her face literlay cuaght the breath in his chest. It was so beautiful so filled with kindness.

    Marriage and responsibility be damned...
  11. Charlotte
    "Princess of Astoria"

    After twirling around the dance floor a number of times Charlie was completely tuckered out. Making her way from the marbled dance floor to the large crowd gathered around her parents she pushed though the mass of people. As she reached her father she tapped his shoulder and whispered to him. "Goodnight daddy. See you tomorrow" She said with a kiss on his cheek. He nodded and excused the young princess to go to her chamber. She curtseyed before weaving her way back out of the adoring crowd. As she reached the exit she saw a few couples in the dim candlelight. They bowed upon Charlie's presences, though Charlie payed them no attention and kept her head forward as she made her way up the grand staircase. Deciding that the beautiful heels weren't worth the pain any longer she slipped them off and ran barefoot though the halls until she reached her own bedroom.

    After shutting the large wooden door Charlotte released a large sigh. The fake smile faded away and Charlie felt her knees give out. Her body sank to the floor and she let out a frustrated groan. Banging her head back into the wooden door she mumbled "I hate my life, I hate my life, I hate my life" Over and over until she had a rather large headache. Gathering herself together she rose up from the floor and untied the ribbon holding her dress together. It fell off her shoulders and down her body and landed in a pile on her floor. Charlotte removed her petite coat and corset and changed into her more comfortable cotton pajamas. Sitting down at her vanity she removed the sparkled pins from her hair and watched as her curls began to flow down her back like a small tickling stream. Humming softly to herself she picked up her brush and got to work, pulling the brush gently though her hair to remove the knots. While the large window let in a soft rolling breeze.​
  12. Maxwell had watched the young princess make her way through the crowd. Finding her way out of the ballroom. He had watched her all night, deep in thought. It was only as he watched the back of her dress slip out the door did he finally decide what to do. He exited the ball himself, two guards under his command escortinghim to the room that would be his from now on. It was located a floor above Charlie's almost directly above her room. He smiled and thanked them as he entered the room shutting the wooden door behind him. He stood there for a moment, his back against the door as he listened for the fading footsteps of the two guards. It was only when he knew they had left back to the party did he began.

    His bags laid around the ground of his large room. only two of them were even partially unpacked. This however did not stop Max from slipping out of his suit and searching some of his bags for his more comfortable cloths. Pulling out some dark jeans and a black hoodie, he through them on over his white undershirt. Quickly he went back to the door stoping only to make sure no one was on the other side before leaving his room and heading back to the ground floor. A different garden, a smaller one on the other side of the estate. It was there did Maxwell find himself. He was searching through the garden beds desperately searching for the right flower. 20 minutes of searching later he had almost given up before he finaly found what he was looking for.

    An hour later there was a soft knock on the glass planes that was Charlies window. A sound she had not heard for almost a year to the day. Unfortunetly forher if she did open the window she would not find max. She would find a Daisy sitting on her window ledge with a note. The note read.

    Dear Charlie

    I was wrong. I am willing to give us a chance. It won't be easy but I love you. If anyone deserves to be happy it is us.
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