A Rose By Any Other Name...

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  1. ...would smell as sweet.

    I'm Primevere or "Rose" for short. To be honest, my real name isn't exactly Rose but I know that everyone else here is familiar with the terms privacy and alias. For now, call me Rose, and if we happened to get to that point when we both have a mutual understanding with each other then maybe, just maybe, we can be able to exchange our real names.

    Well, moving on...

    I'm not new to roleplaying but I am NEW to this site--so far, I find this site extremely cute! :3 I love the default avatar and how everything is organized. Anyway, I took a break from roleplaying a year ago to focus on an indie rpg game--which was sadly--due to procrastination, wasn't able to finish and was completely cancel (you guys have no idea how much work I had put into that game and the devastation I felt but life moves on). But the real heartbreaking moment after that awful failure with the game was the fact that when I was about to go back into roleplaying was that the site--that I frequently roleplayed had crashed and was gone, forever. *a lone tear shed down my left cheek*

    But! I didn't want to be defeated by it. And since I am an optimistic person, I knew that there were always a rainbow after a storm, and hey, looks like I found my rainbow here! :)

    So to sum up, I am a writer, a game developer and an artist. I am actually planning to create a Visual Novel base on a roleplay--be it mine or one of yours, of course with your consent.

    So I guess that's all you need to know about me.

    My goal here is to create beautiful friendships and stories together with all of you.

  2. Hello there, Rose! I think you'll fit in just fine around here. We've got plenty of writers & artists, and the community is very friendly and willing to help. ^^
    If you don't mind, what site did you use before? I've derped around a lot of them over the years, but they seem to go as quickly as they come. :c

    Anyways, if you ever need any help or just want to chat or start a roleplay, drop me a line. I don't bite.
  3. Well, there was Otakuzone and there was also Tinierme, but both of them all died I think 2 years ago now? I'm not sure, but they are both gone now.

    For the record, since both of my accounts--as well as the dress-up avatars have died there, I am going to start anew here. :3
  4. You sound so cool~ >w< Welcome to the forum :3 I love videogames, and flash and indiegames (two categories that often overlap) have a special place reserved in my little heart, so if you have games where you've participated, I'd like to check them out :D

    I hope we can rp something together one day, be it in a group rp or 1x1, have a nice day :) *hug*
  5. *hugs you too*

    I have a visual novel under development, sadly i don't have a completed game YET. But if I do, would you like to be one of my BETA testers? :3

    Looks like we're going to rp sooner than you think. xD
  6. Yup, just noticed that. XD And I'd love to. I've been a beta reader before but never a beta tester, but if if you need me one day I'll gladly do it :3
  7. Hello Rose! Welcome to Iwaku~ :)

    I'd like to say that I really admire your ability to bounce back. That is a really good quality to have, imo. Anyway, be sure to check out the 101 links in the navigation bar and if you have any questions, feel free to drop me a message.
  8. ".... would smell as sweet." Hehe I just had to finish the line. :) Welcome to Iwaku Rose! I am thrilled about the bit where you mentioned making a visual novel as I love playing such things especially when it has a compelling story. ^_^ Perhaps someday you'd make one come to fruition. I had tried my hand in developing a game with RPG maker but the complexity of how I wanted it to be done and taking it on alone was a hard toll so I had put that ambition to rest. Still I had reveled in the prospect of it all.
  9. [MENTION=258]Dawn[/MENTION]: Thank you~ all my friends say that's my strongest quality that I have to boast about is my optimism. I don't want to just mop around feeling defeated when I know there are still more things that I can do. Life is short, so despite the negative comments I get, I would still try to live mu life as fulfilling as I can make it.

    [MENTION=5764]CrashAriMP5N2O[/MENTION]: I use RPGMaker VX Ace for when I do my projects, although some say that its a childs program but I love it! Of course, I am plannin to actually create a finished and well written VN. Sure, that it might take awhile but patience is a virtue, after all. ^^
  10. Hi Primevere! 8D Welcome to the community!