A roleplay with an open universe, where anything could go down.

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  1. I'm not just looking for some romance about some exclusive cult of mages in a world where wizards and warlocks clash every couple days.

    I want an actual adventure. Like, actual going places. Actual action, in various forms, from its most basic as fighting, to evading fiendish villains and searching for some artifact or something. Maybe throw in secondary/NPC characters and such so we can meet new people.

    It would also have to be welcoming to various types of powers/items/weapons/etc. I don't want anything like 'Oh, you have to be a jedi to have cool powers' or something like that. I want it to be free for all that lets differing ideas flourish together rather than center things entirely on magic or science or what have you.

    I had a couple ideas to make this possible.

    1. Modern Fantasy: Ever wonder what happens to that fantasy kingdom thousands of years later? Well, it becomes an average present day society. We just still hold onto magic and certain other elements, and still revere swords as much as we would a handgun. Knights still roam the land, but they still have to pay bus fares when they get to a town or a city.

    Ex: Skyrim 2012


    2. Comic Book/Superhero style Universe: An entirely original universe of some form. If you already know me, I LOVE comic books. And I for one think as far as diversity, it's pretty huge. You have characters of numerous origins/race/species/powers/skills/etc, multiple pantheons of mythology, both real and original ideas, all existing at once, and more. There's limitless potential to try out all kinds of different story ideas in a connected reality in which everyone within will be affected.

    3. The LARP/Assassin Game: No actual supernatural forces at work here. In fact, this is a parody of the above two, in which people either LARP in everyday scenarios, and/or maybe play a game known usually as 'assassin,' in which you 'take out' other players using actually harmless 'weapons,' such as spoons, water/nerf/paintball/airsoft/etc guns, foam swords, erasers, and generally anything that wouldn't actually do much lethal damage. Hilarity, Comedic Romances, and more await you here.

    From there, I just need help thinking of a storyline of some kind, or a means to make it as free roam as possible.
  2. I really like both the modern fantasy idea and the superhero style universe.

    I think they both offer the potential to become very epic and long lasting Role Plays. In, at least my experience, I have only participated in modern fantasies where the fantasy portion is a secret to the society, not well known and an ordinary thing.
    The superhero one, oh goodness I got giddy, I never really read comic books but have kept up with the heros in various other ways. I've always loved how easily they can pull from different stories, be it orignal or a classic myth.

    I would be very interested in participating in either.
  3. [MENTION=3413]Jenbells[/MENTION]: Awesome! Shall we plot this together for a bit until we catch some more attention-fish?
  4. I am going to give a shot at trying to Rez ella Fitzgerald if you're still interested in giving that one a go Wrench. Just found a third for it if you and Storm are still down.
  5. Yeah, sure I'm completely up for it. :)
  6. I like all of them though the superhero one really looks the coolest to me.

    Also if you would want to do an open normal fantasy (doesn't mean it has to be vanilla, just not modern) or space opera sci fi versions of this kind of idea I would be open too, but I'm not sure if those would work completely with the idea meh.

    Edit: Also Cosmo ella Fitzgerald whatever looks awesome.
  7. [MENTION=1082]Hunta[/MENTION]: Alright! Superheroes FTW.

    No thanks on the fantasy rp. I'm open to Sci Fi though.

    @Cosmic: Sure. I've been waiting for that one to come around D:
    [MENTION=3413]Jenbells[/MENTION]: :D
  8. >.< Jay, it's been awhile.

    when I read