A Roleplay Perhaps? Possibly Naruto Based.

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  1. Hello all. I am once again finding myself in a craving for a roleplay. I would like to do a one on one with somebody that is a romance, but it also has action in it as well. I have been on a Naruto spree as of late, and it's got me craving some good ol anime action. But like with all my roleplays, I love romance. It is indeed a requirement. So, in conclusion, I have come up with a couple of ideas. The first of which we take the Naruto universe and insert our own characters, or we make up our own universe to use but make it so that action is a plenty. XD I am totally open to ideas. I also posted about this in adult mature as well is because I am open to things getting very graphic whether it be violence, cursing, sex, or other things of the like. I would be looking for multiple people to try this out with. Please hit me up!
  2. I would rp with you but I don't consider myself that good...not bad bad but I think others are better than myself...but if you want, I'm on here alot throughout the day and night. So if it doesn't bother I would love to rp with you :)

    If not you won't hurt my feeling. Promise.
  3. Sure I would love to give it a shot with my profile stalker lolz. Anywho, I prefer to play female in mxf only scenarios. I hope that won't be a problem. I forgot to mention it earlier.
  4. Lol. Yeah same here. I could try being male but it might be really sucky lol. Actually, I know I will suck at it lol.
    Oh and I should have mentioned I haven't done anime before. Watched some anime, Naruto being one, but never was in an anime rp.
    But I'm up for giving it a shot. It's something new to me xD
  5. No other way to learn and get better. :) I appreciate your willingness to try. And basically I like the overly exaggerated characters and the pretty art. lol. We can either make our own anime universe or use theirs if you'd like.
  6. I'll leave that up to you cause either is fine with me. Also, I can't post a picture because I'm on my phone. But if you have a picture for me to use, I can base his looks off it and make his personality his own/my own lol if not that's fine too.

    You're welcome :) I'll try my best. May not be good. But like you said it may make me better :)
  7. I I feel like such a horrible rp partner :/ I'm not.much help. I'm sorry.
  8. Lol a good description will do. And how about since you are new to it we use the Naruto universe to discourage confusion?
  9. Okay. :)
  10. Okay, so any twists or ideas for your character? I already have a good background made up for mine. XD If you'd like we can switch to pm to finish discussing.
  11. Okay.Yeah lets pm. Hmm let me think on it for a second. :)
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