INTEREST CHECK A Roleplay I'm Working On

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Original poster
So, my brother and I tried this roleplay on another site. It's a love at first sight tragedy with rival high schools. There is fighting involved. My problem is, it was originally written as a yuri love story. Is there any interest in wanting to play in a yuri roleplay with these elements? Or should I make it a hetero?

El Cartel

Original poster
Interesting. You mean a love between two rivaling school right ?
Yuri... Hmm I have no comment on that thou I'm sure I could play it. The reverse of a yaoi, no ? Lol.
Hetero would make everything a bit more different, but forgetting about the main characters what of the others ? Are there gangs or so involved ? I'm also curious on how the Tragedy would fit into this, I can imagine but maybe your thinking of a twist.