A Robotic Romance.

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  1. Well, hello there!

    I've got an idea for a romance, although it may be a little bit strange.
    I'm looking for active, well written, and committed partners who are sixteen or older.
    I require a writing sample before we even start planning, so please be prepared.

    To be specific, when I say active, I need a partner who can reply at least once a day.
    As to writing well, I simply mean someone who can use grammar, spelling, 3rd person, and puncutation correctly.
    Also- post length doesn't matter too much, but I'd like someone who can match me, or at least half of my post.
    ( if I write 8 paragraphs, write 8 or 4, please.)

    So, my idea is this;

    Atropa is a female robot. She was built and designed to be her makers girlfriend, since he was an odd guy and didn't leave his house much.
    She was designed to look human, and be practically human, although she doesn't understand a lot of human emotions or actions.
    Atropa was used to go outside for her maker and buy things, as well as keep him company.
    He was working on her feelings and emotions when he died.

    Atropa was left in the care of his sister, who decided to treat her as a child- her own child, which she did not have, due to complications.
    So, now Atropa is enrolled in high school, as a Senior, and is going through life trying to figure humans out.
    When she meets your character, they begin an odd friendship, and he eventually falls for her.
    But Atropa is a robot, and she struggles to understand romance and love- making it all a bit difficult.

    Also, no one knows she's a robot except her new caretaker.

    So, I'll play Atropa, obviously.

    Anyone interested? :3
  2. Atropa kinda reminds me of Aigis from Persona 3....
  3. I actually thought that exact same thing after I'd come up with the idea.
    But she wasn't based on Aigis, lol.

    Although I do love her. <3
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.