A Rift in the Woods

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  1. A Rift in the Woods


    "Make sure you have every single fiber of your straps tightened and pulling just below your waist lines, 'lest you desire for your manhoods to be shriveled like over-baked eggs. This isn't any half-pint magic we're dealing with, men. This wizard holds all of the spells that have ever been deciphered and cast upon since the God of Riv was a babe. You all better be lucky you have wives and maidens to come home to, for you need not worry about that once the Wizard is done with you lot. Word has it that he always go for the most sensitive part of a man before killing them, and I don't know about the rest of you lot, but I want my 'sword' polished when I return home from this hunt, am I right?"

    Of course he was. To every foolish, young, and brash knight that stood shoulder to shoulder listening to the speech, he couldn't have said it better than they would have. That was the basis for most of Commander Roffick's speeches. Valor, terror, warning, and their manhood. Whichever way the tide would turn, their genitalia was forever at risk of enduring some terrible fate. During the Riv famine? Merchants were going to resort to chopping off the members of all jail ridden men and sell them as food, all with a special sauce that was nothing more than spices crushed into a fine liquid. The Riv drought? Riv would have to drink their own piss if they were dying of thirst. When the bandits demanded that the High King give up every gem he owned or else they would bomb the castle? You guessed it. The High King simply relayed that his member was larger than all of the bandits combined, meaning that they were messing with the wrong man.

    To Miriel, it was the same old egotistical Commander Roffick trying to rile up his men for the upcoming battles, not that they had gotten much action in the past autumn. The most they did was help an old woman catch a thief that stole her 'prized pig', Maximum. Miriel refused to take part in the 'battle', and she definitely didn't make time to listen to the speech Commander Roffick told the men. She knew what would be the foundation of it. The elf twisted a lock of black/brown hair in between her forefinger and thumb, staying well away from the mass of soldiers that shoved one another in the arms, betting on who will get the first hit on the wizard. As if being a woman didn't already define her from the men, she also chose not to stand within 5 feet of them if it could be helped. She was the only female allowed to wage war with the Rivian army, only because the High King demanded it. An elf with her knowledge and her magic would surely make a stand against the bold and threatening Wizard of the Woods. Miriel scoffed, letting go of the strand of spiraled hair and sighing impatiently. This Wizard of the Woods will definitely know a thing or two about elven magic once Miriel was through with him. She didn't relay this plan to the men, however. They already didn't like the idea of a woman traveling with them and looking at their personals.

    They need not worry.

    "Now, men! Tighten those straps and walk with your heads low! This Wizard of the Woods could easily transfigure himself into an object or animal at his whim! We do not want to show him that we can easily be fooled!" Which is obviously wrong, she thought, hiding her amusement by looking towards the band of horses all prepped up and ready to be ridden. "The High King will praise us for we our men among boys! Not only does our length prove it, but so will the head of the Wizard and the book!" The men didn't give Roffick a chance to finish his speech, thrusting their arms into the air with a hearty shout of adrenaline, rushing to find their steeds. Roffick folded both of his large, burly arms over his chest in satisfaction, as if their confidence would have mattered naught if it weren't for his brave words. There was a twisted smile behind the brown, bushed mustache that matched his twig-shaped goatee. Miriel and Roffick made eye contact, and, instantly, she groaned from deep within her throat, already knowing what was to befall her in a mere matter of seconds.

    "Miriel! There you are! I didn't see you while I was preparing the men!"he said, lying through his teeth but wearing a mock expression of surprise as he clanked his armored boots over to where she stood beside her golden stallion, Sphynx.

    "Being the only woman in the group was not enough for your eyesight, Commander Roffick? I suggest you get that checked as soon as we get back to Riv,"she said, hiding back small bits of sarcasm before turning towards Sphynx's head and sending the horse a silent warning. Sphynx never traveled well with men. The two were peas in a pod, so to speak. Roffick bellowed out a deep laugh and slapped Miriel on the back, sending her flying onto Sphynx's neck with her arms outstretched.

    "Nonsense! I'm as strong as an ox's ox! As you can see..."he mused, spreading his hands out to point out his show of strength in the slap. He masked the movement as a friendly man-to-man thing, but Miriel was no man. She was also not a happy elf, swinging her dark, pitch black eyes to send him a spine-chilling glare. The reaction was fruitful, Roffick stiffening instantly at the two giant pools of black that were her eyes.

    "All I see is a man who would rather spend his time hitting women in the back than gathering up his steed and bringing his men to the so called 'battle' ahead,"she spat, relieving him from her glare only to check Sphynx's saddle and bag.

    "You must have me mistaken, my lady. I hit women from the back, not in the back. And you say I am the one who needs to have my eyes checked!"

    "Go piss up a tree,"she muttered, swinging her pale leg onto Sphynx and grabbing her reigns. Roffick found the order funny, taking the opportunity to get closer to Miriel's leg, trailing his eyes from her tanned sandals all the way up the length of her leg.

    "My my, what's gotten into you today, Miriel? You should be excited about this travel! This is where you can prove yourself to be one of the men!"

    "And why ever would I want to do that?"she asked rhetorically. Roffick huffed, bringing his fingers up to caress his beard, finally shrugging and tearing his gaze away from Miriel's leg. Good timing too, because her reflexes were beginning to settle in.

    "True. I much rather the thought of you as 100% woman. You don't know what traveling with a band of men could do to a poor Commander's thoughts. The vague, dull images of his fantasies, forced to come alive in the brute of the night, with nothing much as the memory of a woman's soft, delicate whispers, forever chanting--"

    "Commander Roffic! All have been accounted for!" Miriel enjoyed watching Roffick's grimace at his fantasy being shattered by a male's gruff voice. He momentarily lost color in his face, but regained it just as quickly, spinning around to address the blonde soldier. Miriel rolled her eyes once his head was turned, patting Sphynx's mane in satisfaction. It surely wasn't going to be the end of the torment Roffick was going to give her throughout the trip, so she took her wins at any chance she could grasp them. The sun did a dance across the horizon, painting the skies of Riv in a pink and violet tinge. The color was admirable, yet short lived. Another bundle of minutes and the pink would vanish, the dark purple completely enveloping the sky until the stars peeked out from their hiding. Miriel's favorite time of day.

    "Gather up your reins, men! We ride to gather the head of the Wizard of Woods!" Miriel's lips didn't move while every other man shouted up, raising one arm into the air while the other was clamped on their reigns. The horses whinnied in time as each man shot off in a high speed trot, following the brilliant white and black splotched horse belonging to Roffick. Miriel's eyes slid behind her to the gray colored flag, a bold black image of a moon and star intertwining each other waving at her through the wind. She couldn't imagine what cold-hearted cretin would want to harm the kingdom of Riv. The sooner the ancient book of spells was in the safe hands of the High King, the better. If that meant enduring all of Roffick's advances, then so be it. Without so much as a bat of her eye, she rapped the reign lightly across Sphynx's back, riding off into the black, twisted abyss to 'chat' with the Wizard of the Woods.

  2. "Hm..."

    Muryn looked up at the tree that had a bunch of fresh apples on it, but was just out of his reach. The apples were teasing him, making funny faces at his expense because he just couldn't reach no matter how he tried. Sure he could have went off and picked some berries, or even head back to his cottage and prepare a meal, but the apple was right there and his hunger was growling louder than anything else. Gliding his hands across the trunk of the tree, solid and still rather young, and not to be burned or hurt in anyway for him just to get an apple. Muryn then decided to consult the book he had secured to his side. Loosening it up, and gently peeling the cover off the pages he began to flip through looking for a spell that could do no harm, but get him what he was looking for. He went through many good spells, but seemed a bit risky since he never practiced them, until he found one spell that pleased him.

    "This will do..Sappus Shakitas." Muryn waved his fingers back and forth on the trunk of tree. The tree branches began to extend outwards then lower themselves down into his arms reach. Pleased with his work, Muryn took three apples and muttered "Redoozamus" Which caused the tree to return to it's normal state, chuckling as he took a bite into the apple. "Deliciously worth it." Making sure to secure the book on his side tightly so no one could just snatch it off of him. He carried the most powerful tome in the land of Riv, and for it to fall into the wrong hands could mean disaster for all live. Many men have tried to steal the book from him sent by Commander Roffick, he was even dastardly to try and send a female assassin to try to seduce him. Luckily the book was still in his possession and never leaved his person. He was that protective of the book and the power contained inside.

    Muryn continued walking through the path in the woods on his way back to his cottage where he was going to relax and probably wonder he was going to be attacked. It never failed how mostly every night there was a disturbance, at first it annoyed him, but now he considers it a game. Always playing deceiving tricks and putting ends to mass numbers of knights pleased him in a sense. Of course there were nights he just wanted to enjoy the stars and sleep one night without being awoken by 'Kill the wizard!' He took another bite of the apple as he noticed a strange shape in the distance. It seemed to be drawing closer to him.

    "Already?..Who did you send this time?.."

    Muryn didn't bother to grab his book yet, there could be a chance it was some bypasser looking to go along their business. It was a small chance, yet one he hoped on a lot.
  3. There was nothing she was grateful for more in the world than to be riding well away from the band of men ahead of her, led by Commander Roffick. She was especially grateful that she was no where near that great brute. Commmander Roffick wasn't always the High King's first choice when dealing with battles and war, but all of that changed a couple of months ago. The High King was terribly sick, his skin paling and plastering like that of an old man's. It was shock to the infirmary and apothecaries of Riv. To see such a strong and healthy man of 46 years suddenly fall ill in the middle of the summer's noon? The first thing on Riv's mind was the successor if the High King failed to live. Who would take up his reign on the throne? He had no wife to speak of, meaning no children. As far as distant relatives went, the kingdom heard naught about them. They all figured, why worry? The High King was as healthy as 10 men and a young one to boot! Worrying about an successor when he was so full in his years? Posh!

    News spread quickly of the High King's sudden illness. Apothecaries dashed to and from his chambers in the High Castle, going through the doors with confidence but coming out with somber expressions. None of them knew the nature of the illness or how to cure it for that matter. That fact didn't settle well with the High King. He quickly summoned for his men to travel to different countries, seeking different apothecaries and different matters of healing. They all came from each edge of the land: the far eastern mountains, the bristling, northern snow caps, the shady swamps of the south, and the jagged valleys of the west. Each brought with them different potions, poultices, and books. They studied, scanned, murmured, chanted, and concocted different kinds of remedies, each of them falling short.

    "See the trees to the right, men? See how they bend and twist irregularly? That be the work of the Wizard, I know of it! The tingling in my trousers never lied to me when I swooned the women of Brasher's Bridge Bar, so it's not lying to me now!" With her concentration ruined, Miriel snapped her reigns a little to harshly, causing Sphynx to whinny in annoyance, thrashing her tail to give Miriel the 'whats-the-big-idea?!' look. Muttering a small apology, Miriel drowned out Roffick's voice and the hearty cheers of the men behind him.

    Yes, he was not always the wisest of choices to lead a band of men to their deaths or victories, but that all changed when he found the Ribbon Lake. Many priests muttered behind hushed walls, saying that the Ribbon Lake had been crashed to the ground, it's healing waters sunken deep within the world's core so that no human could partake in it's fruitful flavors and revitalizing powers. The closed door whispers came to a sudden halt when Commander Roffick came tumbling into the High King's chamber, literately. He had stood beyond the door, listening to the apothecaries tell the High King for the thousandth time that there was nothing they could do. He waited until the perfect moment to push his entire weight against the door, flailing before his entire mass flew to the floor. He kept his right hand elevated above the ground, carrying a tiny bottle with clear liquid shimmering in it.

    "M-My lord! I have it! I have your cure!" Miriel remembered the scene so well she nearly choked in disgust as Sphynx sped her trotting up to keep within seeing distance of the band ahead. The night was dawning and to lose the men would mean being desperately lost in the woods with a mad wizard on the loose. As much as she despised the men, she needed to stay within distance of them. She shook her head, grabbing tighter on the reigns as she dived back into the memory. She was there, leaning against the High King's wall. He summoned her there, studying the apothecaries methods of curing him, helping with her elven chants of health. She knew as much as the next person that her chants were going to help as much as a glass of water would. But, seeing Commander Roffick holding a vile of the 'cure', she had to swing her black eyes to him. Giving the man the benefit of the doubt, in a way.

    "And what is this said 'cure'...?"an old, graying man asked, rolling up his sleeves as if he was not yet done with his work on the High King. He lay in his bed, black hair sporting thin strands of gray. His beard was salt and peppered, blending well with the pale skin. He did his best to support his weight in the elongated bed, glaring down his long nose at Commander Roffick who was scrambling to his feet, flashing a smile to the apothecary.

    "The cure to this deadly illness, I am sure of it! You may tell your men that your work is done here, for, I assure you all, as I am 100% man in the land down under, this will cure the High King! Never again will be ridden to this bed, for I, Comma--"

    "Get...on with it, Commander..."the High King wheezed. Miriel sported a smirk on her face that fell and crashed to the ground when Roffick told his tale of the Ribbon Lake. He didn't get half way through his tale before the apothecary snatched the vile, gazing at it's contents. The bottle passed from hand to hand as they all marveled it's sheen contents. It took for Miriel to finally snap that they were all allowing the High King to die by acting like 3 year olds for the vile to finally reach the High King's lips.

    He was cured in 2 minutes.

    "Ah! There!" Commander Roffick shouted. All of the men skidded their steeds to a stop suddenly, almost careening into one another. Miriel was well behind them, ushering Sphynx to a stop. The forest sounds dawned on them all, Roffick's echo bouncing off every tree in the vicinity. Nice work, idiot, she thought, scanning left and right for any sudden movements. Nothing but the birds ahead moved, not even the horses. Commander Roffick, the bold blundering fool, leaped down from his steed, hands outspread.

    "Oh, Wizard of the Woods, reveal yourself, for we are men just as you are! Each one of us has their own shape, sized, and complexion of manho--"

    "Oh, Gods,"she growled lowly to where only she could hear, letting go of the reigns to place both of her thumbs together while both index fingers touched one another, making the shape of a spade. Her black eyes dimmed, throwing her concentration on the symbol and blocking out Roffick's voice.

    "Mehith incantal,"she whispered in her elven tongue, the accent was brash and smooth at the same time. At the same second, the tree to her right budged before spiraling in a dark purple flame. On cue, the men yelped, grabbing hold of their crossbows and swords, wheeling their frightened mares towards the source of the fire. Miriel didn't bother quelling their fear. She returned her hands to the reigns innocently, looking towards the burning tree, violet embers licking around the group. The flames were bait, and a man of magic should have surely jumped at the challenge.
  4. Muryn saw the shape grow larger and larger, until he saw a good number of horses with men mounted on top, led by Roffick himself. It seemed he brought out a good number of men today and was bent on finding him even more so. Roffick would be expecting him to disguise himself as part of the wildlife. Muryn casually wandered over towards an area of the woods that was filled with tons of bushes and vines, an ideal place to hide from the Commander and men. He crossed his legs, still chewing on the apple regardless if they could heard the bites or not. The young wizard always had a backup plan if he was caught.

    "So Roffick is still on the manhood kick hrm?..." He muttered to himself silently listening to the commander go on about nonsense and stuff he is clearly wrong about. "Oh Roffick, you're always good for a laugh. Wait..A laugh.." Muryn then got an idea and reached for the book once again. Carefully flipping through each page looking for a specific spell, he knew which one he was looking for and figured it would get Roffick and the men off his trail for a little while. He found the spell, it was called 'Vocazus Displacix' With this spell, Muryan could easily fool the group by projecting his voice from far away and as well as a different type of voice. Muryan silently whispered the words, twirling his fingers then ending up pointing at his neck.

    "Oh..Oh my! Roffick? Roffick, you sexy devil! Your manhood's story has made it across the fields into our small town!"

    Muyrn called out to Roffick, but using the voice of an alluring woman. The wizard knew Roffick would be drawn to it and search endlessly for her so he can claim her with his..Dominance..Ugh. Shuddering as he thought of it and continued to call out. His other hand was pointing a direction way off course from his cottage. He was close to breaking out with laughter, but somehow he maintained his composure.

    "If you're interested..My hut is not far from here..And to show how you'll get that book back from the wizard would be..Most..wonderful..." Ending it off with a seductive tone. "Redoozamus.." He whispered as the spell subsided and he began chomping on his apple, when the sparks of the tree caught his attention. It would seem he is being challenged by someone with their own sort of magic. Muryn wasn't about to jump out and cast spells all willy nilly. No, he needed to see what he was up against. Muryan flicked his fingers in the direction of the burning tree, causing the tree beside it to combust in bright flames. The move was made, and the game begins.

    "Your move.."
  5. It certainly didn't matter that they were in a forest in the middle of the night, standing around a huddled underbrush of trees scanning left and right for a man who could supposedly smite there heads off. It didn't matter that the sun had disappeared, leaving nothing but a smokey black sky and a twinkle or two from the stars overhead. The moon played tricks with their eyes, hiding behind a string of clouds before winking back out at them to let them know that it wasn't going anywhere. With the fall of day came the fall of the temperature as well. A breeze swept in from the east, pulling at their clothing and rustling the hair's of the horse's manes. The men were safe and warm in the confines of their armor while Miriel's skin quickly caught the bristling chill bumps, sprouting around her thigh and legs.

    No, none of that mattered to Commander Roffick, for as soon as heard the voice of the woman snake out to him, he was hooked. She could tell from the glazed expression in his eyes what the voice had done to him, physically and mentally. Making a face of disgust, Miriel wanted to believe that he wasn't serious. That there was no way that he could have dared believe that a woman was calling out to him from a far away cottage! Not unless that 'woman' was a wizard and had the spells to talk from that great a distance. Not to mention the facts that it was in the dead of night and in the woods, a woman's sudden appearance to where the trees had bent in an irregular fashion was just screaming trouble to Miriel.

    Commander Roffick, on the other hand, was hooked.

    "Fair maiden! You have found me yet!" The men all lowered their heads, easing ever so slightly closer to Roffick as if he had protected them from what was supposed to be the Wizard of the Woods. Miriel knew that, in actuality, the just wanted in on the conversation with the woman. "You have found me on this night, and what a coincidence it is, for I was just looking for a good time!" Bile reached up in the elf's throat, but she dare not say a word. The Wizard was still out there, and if those bunch of bozos wanted to gawk over an imaginary woman, then they could be her guest. Belated though it was, a tree beside them suddenly caught on fire, and the men squealed again like little girls. Commander Roffick's eyes were ablaze with wonder, marveling at the show.

    "Mistress of the cottage! I did not know you were so gifted! To light these trees in my honor, why, I never! If it is a meeting you want, than it is a meeting you shall get! I bring with me my band of men from the kingdom of Riv, but fear not, for they will not disturb or harm a single hair on your luxurious body. I will make sure of that!"he said, pounding his chest to signify that he was in charge. The men all snapped at attention, playing in line. Miriel surveyed the direction of the burning tree, running her slender fingers over her leg before coming to a decision: The Wizard was trying to draw her out.

    "Two can play that game, cretin. Miabali." She said the word with her index and middle finger outstretched, the other two remaining fingers being held down by her thumb. It was almost as if she were making the number '2' sign, only with both fingers pressed together. The result was a spark of purple high above the heads of Miriel and the Men, creating a spark or two that rained down violet dazzling lights. A flare. Commander Roffick marveled at the sight before looking towards the direction of the cottage.

    "A celebration in my honor, indeed! Lay in wait, my maiden! I will be there in a breath and no later!" On his order, the men faced away from the voice and pointed their mares towards the cottage in the distance, Roffick leading them with a pink flushed face. The second his head was out of the way, she saw it. A glint of red and yellow flashed from the embers of the nearby tree. An apple. A moving one. Ushering Sphynx forward, Miriel purred the same spell, only this time, keeping her bold, opaque eyes on the apple. She smiled to herself, hoping the Wizard enjoyed fireworks as much as she did.
  6. Muryn was laughing as he heard Roffick call out out to the woman. That moron actually fell for it too, him and his men. What would really sell it is if one of them crashes into a tree trying to find the woman. The thought of one of them swearing a storm because the armor connected with their faces just brought great joy to Muryn. However, it would be only a matter of time before someone discovered his location and he would have to relocate. But for right now, he could continue to mess with the men and get them completely off tracks.

    "Simple minded fools."

    Unfortunately his fun had taken a turn. It would seem his opponent responded by diverting the group's attention to the firework display that was in the direction of his cottage. Who ever this person was, he or she knew his voice charade was only a way to get the men off course. Clever, not many people could see past it. Muryn bit into his apple trying to think how to redirect the men in another direction..Or wait! He smirked as another idea came to mind. This spell was stuck inside his head and knew it very well. Muryn flicked both of his hands up into the air.
    "Mus o Ning!" As the thin jolt of arcane energy hit a rather large tree. The tree began to rumble and groan as it came to life..But the tree didn't attack them..No..Instead the tree began to dance around, kicking its feet up in the air, but while kicking the tree accidentally kicked a good number of men out of the group, causing the others to retaliate.

    "Didn't expect that but alright..I'll take it."

    As he took another bite into the apple, he could see the pitch black circles of a woman looking right in his direction. Could she see him? Or..The apple? Heh. Guess he shouldn't kept it on the downlow. However, Muryn simply nodded in her direction. A woman with magic of her own was definitely going to be an opponent like no other, since he rarely encountered magical beings. However, it was time for him to leave her and Roffick with one last move before he teleported away. Muyrn was curious of her move though and awaited to see what she would do.
  7. Late as it may have been, it was time for Miriel to speed things along. Commander Roffick and his bag of door knobs were not going to do a thing to help her out in finding the Wizard of the Woods. She knew it while he was giving his speech about manhood and magic and she knew it then, sitting atop of Sphynx with a frown creeping around the base of her lips. Miriel was better off being lead by a grasshopper than listening and heeding the orders of that man. The same man that gained such a high place beside the High King's throne. The same man who tried on so many different occasions to get Miriel to admit her imaginary lust for him. The same man who did absolutely nothing in a half when a tree shuddered to his side.

    "Oh..."he whispered. Oh. That was the only word he uttered. Oh. The men, not surprising at all, followed along with his surprise, gasping and grabbing at the hilts of their swords quickly. They all had forgotten about the purr of the woman and had all eyes focused on the tree. Even Miriel slid her eyes away from the apple in motion to the tree, with much force, mind you. A moving apple was interesting enough, but a moving tree? The Wizard definitely knew how to drag someone's attention. First posing as a woman with a seductive voice, and now moving trees? Miriel scoffed, releasing her fingers from the marking of her magic once the spell was over. Child's play...


    "Quiet! She is trying to show us something!" As if he couldn't have dropped any lower in the muck of the sewers, Commander Roffick drowned in it. With an incredulous gasp and another sound that sounded too much like a wolf's growl, Miriel rounded on her Commander, ignoring the branches that sprung to life in the locomotive tree.

    "Commander Roffick, you have got to be pulling our legs! You do realize that this isn't the work of your precious maiden,"she spat. Whether her words went through or not, she would never know. The Commander took one look at her, face still tinted with the pinkish embarrassment the woman brought on. The moment his eyes hit hers, he looked away again, even going as far as to shudder beneath his armor at the sight of her, the chain mail rattling against his broad shoulders.

    "Avert your black eyes, elf. This presentation has been bestowed among me and and me alone. You do not have the necessary requirements for pleasuring a--"

    "Oh, Hell's Gates, that's the Wizard's work!" Not hair or tail of what Commander Roffick's comeback was heard when the tree quaked from it's spot in the Earth. The men around it carried on with their girlish squeals again, huddling their horses as close to one another as they possibly could have. Miriel lost interest in that ooze of flesh she called a Commander, sliding her eyes from the moving apple to the dancing tree. Yes. The dancing tree. Up on it's 'feet', the overly large plant began to do a jig, much like a drunkard with a heavy drink in one hand and an invisible drink in another. Her lips pursed and pulled into the thinnest of frowns.

    "This is..."


    "...Amazing! The best gift a woman has ever been given to me! Why, never in my years..." The rest of the monologue was cut off by the cheering of his men, clapping their gloved hands up to the moonlight in thanks to the magnificent 'woman' who blessed them with the show. The elf woman, rigid against her horse, swung her black eyes to the moving apple before seeing him. The blonde of his hair swam into the same sheen of the apple. She blinked. He blinked back. They continued to play that game for some time while Commander Roffick and his band of fools suddenly halted their applause when one of the branches smacked 3 men off of their steeds. The whinnying and neighs began, the shhhing~ of an unsheathing sword mingling with the thumping of the tree. Commander Roffick gave the 'ok go' to attack the tree while Miriel swayed side to side on Sphynx, her eyes still on the Wizard.

    "This is the deadly Wizard of the Woods? Disappointing." Her voice was much too low for the other men to catch, and that was just as well. What good would they have done if they knew Miriel had found the threat? Nay, they would do nothing but get in her way. Miriel crawled down from Sphynx, leaving all of her belongings but her body when she swung her curvaceous hips from side to side, still looking pleasantly into the bush. "If you are going to give men a show, next time, make the tree strip bare from it's outer bark. Or is that not your interest? I hear males and males get along quite well when members are mentioned,"she purred, her eyes burrowing while she took another step to where the Wizard hid.

    "Know this, Wizard: I am no man," and without further thought, she waved both of her hands to the side as if shooing off a giant bug while defiantly uttering the word, "Woden." In that second, the trees separated from one another, peeling back like the covering of a banana, revealing the Wizard and all of his....


    Miriel stopped in her tracks, the color draining from her face when she and the Wizard came in contact with one another. "My heart....you're...young!"
  8. Seem the time for him to leave is right now. The woman who was dueling with him in a sense would surely convince Roffick...No..Wait scratch that..Roffick was that dumb. Muryn sighed and readied himself to leave while the men were distracted by the tree. It wasn't the best spell he could pull to cause a diversion but it surely would give him some amusement while making his escape. But this woman was making it hard to do anything, if anything she was complicating and jeopardizing his chances of being discovered. He could only recall only being caught twice in his time. One time was because he got too risky and had to focus all of his energy into casting a spell, and the other time..Well..It was a long night at the tavern and Muryn said some thing he shouldn't have.

    "I've had my fun..Time to leave.."

    Muryn began to chant a teleportation spell, but it would seem his encounter wasn't done because the sorceress was looking straight at him, even having a bit of spunk to insult his magic. Muryn could see why she did that, his spells right now were nothing but feeble little ones used to toy with or amuse. If she wanted to get into the more serious spells she would have to attack him, which he felt like wouldn't happen. He tossed the apple aside, clearly intrigued by her. She was swinging herself over towards his hiding spot, as he still remained still not bothering to move yet. Upon further inspection her pointy ears was a clear sign she was an elf, one with pitch black eyes as he noticed before. Interesting, what could an elf gain by being with a pervert like Roffick? Other than possibly getting her parts grabbed all the time by Commander Manhood.

    She was drawing closer and closer to him, and if he tried to move now it would be a clear sign to attack, his best bet was to just hope she wasn't heading to peer into the bush and find him, which she didn't do..But instead used a spell to peel away his hiding spot. He raised an eyebrow, before he was exposed to her. Yep, there he was sitting and looking up at her, not scampering away like most men would have in the face of danger. Plus he was holding the most powerful book in the land, so he had a bit of an advantage as well, making sure it was secured tightly to his side. Muryn smiled and rose up to his feet to give a slight bow.
    "I can see that, clearly you have the figure of a beautiful elven woman." Muyrn took her hand, lifting it up to his face as he kissed the top of it gently before guiding it back to her person. "And you're skilled in magic as well! Very rare to come across that and I give you props, Miss."

    The wizard laughed as she noticed how young he was. Muryn looked himself up and down, inspecting the skin on his hands and even feeling his smooth face.
    "Were you expecting something otherwise?" Then it came to him and opened his mouth with an 'Ahh' expression. "You must have thought I was one of those old wizards from the tales of those books back in the libraries? No, I'm as young as you are..And I can use magic." Was it really that shocking to her? Surely anyone could learn the arts of magic if they took the time and focus to do so. Few were committed and few existed due to the King and Roffick ridding most of the sorcerers and sorceresses.

    "How rude of me..I'm Muryn, The..", waving his hands as if he some sort of big threat, "Dread Wizard of the Woods."
  9. It was Miriel's turn to play the part of idiot. Commander Roffick had already done it and done it well, at that. He was the epitome of the word 'idiot', so it came no shock to her when she suddenly felt...just like him. Standing there in the brash, hard wind of the night while the low regions of her tunic billowed against her bump pricked legs, Miriel was hand in hand with the Wizard of the Woods. All of a sudden, the title did him no justice. He didn't have the...what was it?....wizard look. He was a young man; a healthy one, mayhap. From as much as she could tell, he could be a Commander himself if one put him in that attire that Roffick had on! But no. Wearing a simple tunic with ample covering to shield away the cold, he stood the height of a man, grasping her hand firmly in her own. Miriel gaped at him a little while longer, completely and utterly aware of how ridiculous she looked to him.

    Then again, she must not have looked the best to him either.

    The tangle of brown that she called her hair swam around her like a sea of unrelenting cocoa waves. No matter how many times she had to leave the house, she would honestly never learn that there was no point in brushing her hair. the wind was her brush, stylist, and groomer. The strands slapped at her cheeks, awakening her from her internal stupor the Wizard sent her in, his words coming back into her pointed ears. The same ears still caught wind of the struggle going on behind her, but they were no longer important. They were the ones that wanted to worship the tree in the first place, so they could just continue on with their bidding. Besides, the spell wouldn't hold for long anyway. She was aware that the Wizard needed concentration to hold a spell like that, or she would at least. Miriel's chin trembled with the resistance to say something, but couldn't help it.

    He had...charm. Charm never did Miriel any good, and let me tell you: Blushes never did pale, black-eyed elves any good either.

    "I...I am no witch. I am Miriel, Mage Elf of the land of Riv here to posses something that belongs to the High King. A book, if you will." Her words wavered and cracked when his lips pressed into her pale, bare hand, but Miriel had recited this speech too many times in her head to let the Wizard have the satisfaction stopping her. He gave her a smile that reached ear to ear, almost as if he knew exactly what she was thinking at that very moment. That fear threw her off, leaving her mouth hanging ajar for another second or two. His lips curled back revealing the most stunning smile she had ever had the displeasure of seeing, all of it wrapped in a pretty little bow when he made the gesture with his mouth, explaining exactly what she had been thinking in her head. Miriel shouldn't have been so surprised. He was a Wizard! However, that notion didn't make the trembling in her legs any softer.

    "...W-Wizard or not...Your age matters naught to Ric and it's High King. In fact, we'd all prefer to see you rotting on the very ground you have uprooted for your treachery." Now she was just making stuff up. Riv never wanted him dead. They just needed the Book. That was really the only reason Miriel was along for the trip; to fight his magic with her own elven one. Of course a Wizard would be protecting a spell book, and there was no way he would give it up. Not easily, at least. Riv figured that they would have to use unnatural brute force to get it from his possession.

    Well, that 'brute force' was being flown from their horses, nearly trampled by the hopping tree with flailing branches. And Miriel? She was completely winging it. She had no reason to use his name, but once hearing it, it turned into a taffy stuck steadily on her tongue.

    "Well, Muryn of the Wizards, the book, please." Short, sweet, and to the point.
  10. Muryn rubbed his as he eyed Miriel up and down again. She clearly was no witch and didn't need to tell him that. Witches were much darker orientated magics with a more lasting effect on targets. Plus most witches seek beauty and immortality and used the life forces of young children to do so. Her pitch black eyes were what caught his attention and being to see them up close was truly incredible, they were a solid black and it was hard to see anything in them from afar, but up close you see everything a normal eye had. In the bottom of his eyes he was noticing her blush even more so. Her skin complexion was pale and was going to show it easily no matter if she tried to hide her face or not, it made Muyrn smile though. He had heard tales of how attractive elven women were and now we believed the tales.

    "Ah, Miriel. A beautiful name." Figured she was after the book, they're always after the book aren't they. Muryn sighed a bit, but kept his smile afterwards listening to her go on. She was nervous, stunned in a sense by what he looked like and how his charm was seeming to play some toll on her. Now Muryn wasn't the type of guy to take advantage of someone; especially a woman like that. Charm was something to use on woman if you wanted them to take a liking to you. That's what he wanted to do, get her to like him in a sense even though she was with his sworn enemies. "Treachery? Is that what they told you? And such a...gruesome imagery of death. " The welcoming smile turning into a bit of a frown.

    "Now listen, and listen well my sweet elven beauty..This book." As he lifts it up and off his side, holding it up next to his face. "Has more power than anyone could imagine. You know this already, but should it fall into the wrong hands..I fear for what might happen to this land." Lowering the book down to below his waist, as he looked into Miriel's eyes. "I have done nothing wrong, if there is any sort of treachery..It is that of Commander Manhood's group of Merry-Manwhores." Raising his other hand up to his face and sighing into it, before removing it and looking back to Miriel with a slight smirk. And slick idea came to mind that should leave her stunned giving him enough time to get away.

    "Alright..You win..You get the book, Miriel.."

    Muryn took the book once again into his hands flipping open to a page and reciting the spell quickly on it.
    "Remo Va Nuh!" With a flick of his right hand in her direction. The spell connected with Mirirel removing her clothing and putting her in red lingerie that exposed her most of her hips and skin. Muryn's cheeks reddened brightly as he smiled in a pleasing matter. This would surely get her off his case and men onto hers. After all, elves are fun right?

    "I must say.. I like that look better on you. Really shows more of you. But I must be off for right now, hopefully.." Walking up close to her, their bodies inches from touching chest to chest. He leaned into her ear. "I'll get to see you again, Miriel." Placing a light tap onto her rear before backing up still holding his mischievous smile.

    "Homicus!" Being the last thing he said before pointed up into the air. His body blinking a few times as a cloud of smoke exploded before her. When the cloud disappeared there was no sign of Muryn. When he actually just quickly ran behind another set of bushes, laughing to himself.
  11. The dark was getting darker. That was for certain. She knew it was going to be a bad idea if they traveled at night, but Commander Roffick wasn't going to listen to her as much as he was going to screw the inside of a shoe. Her warning of leaving in the late fell on forgotten ears when he was in his chambers only sun's hours ago. Miriel made a very good pint, as well. There could have been animals or poachers out there looking for animals. In Riv, if a hunter was hunting game, he shot the first thing that moved. She didn't know about him, but she didn't want to be caught in between a man and his potential dinner, especially if that meant her being killed or maimed over it, as well. Minus the poachers, the animals were just as bad. There have been tales that bears have been spawning quicker than usual, most of them taking refuge in the confines of tall trees with a large variety of bushes beside them.

    Yes, much like the location they were at now.

    The dark, however, was the least of the group's worry. Miriel had no other choice to include herself at one of the 'group.' Muryn had a....strange way of putting his words. He talked sensually, his tongue flicking every so often over certain words while they rolled over the others. It got so bad that at one point, Miriel got lost in the movement of his lips, no longer paying attention to the actual words. He could have been explaining about how he was going to rip out her spine and beat one of her followers with it, but it was still going to be the most sensual movements her eyes have ever seen. They licked over his bottom lips at point. The sad part? She knew she was staring. She just couldn't look away.

    What spell is this? What has he done to my body!? Miriel sucked in a small squeak of embarrassment when he called her his elven beauty. Everything was wrong with that sentence. Beauty? His? Though it had taken moments, Miriel's annoyance towards the entire idea had come crawling back to her. The speech about manhood, the stupid tirade the men were going through, and now Muryn and his witty words and the power he had over her body. She, as both a woman and an elf, had enough. Miriel didn't even bother to look at the book when he placed it in front of her face. Instead, she threw both of her hands up into the air in defeat. Not the most threatening of gestures, but about the only thing she could come up with.

    Apparently, she had forgotten that she was a mage.

    "Has every man in Riv lost their minds?!"she exclaimed. Her answer came in the form of a sensual slur. A horrible...horrible...sensual slur.

    "Remo Va Nuh!" Miriel felt the magic hit her before she could even shift her eyes to the man before him. His spell worked that quickly. Not even rapid eye movement could have kept up with the chant and that was something else. Wizards normally had to wait a second or two before their spell took effect. However, with the Book in hand, Muryn's spell worked the moment the first word touched his lips. Her hands were still thrown into the air when the ominous gust of silver finished dousing her entire body. The next thing to hit her was the cold. The freezing, unrelenting cold of the forest. By the time Miriel's mouth dropped open, Muryn had already disappeared, leaving the elf with her hands in the air, dressed in nothing but a lacy camisole. One that tuckered her breasts tightly together, showing the plump cleavage from a good distance away. The intertwining straps down her leg did no justice from the cold, finally finishing off the spell the exposed flesh of her backside.

    She was stripped bare of everything but lust.


    "Oh, Gods..."she breathed, her wide, black eyes shakily turning towards the men behind her. They all had the perfect view of her womanly curves and exposed backside. With the dancing tree vanishing along with Muryn, there was only one thing on their minds and before their eyes: Miriel. A cold, shivering, and exposed Miriel. Commander Roffick was the first to make a move, taking one step towards Miriel. Instantly, and without so much as a care for his rank, Miriel's hands slammed over her plumped cleavage, squeezing and making it worse. Her face was still littered red from the blush Muryn had left her. Muryn. The Wizard none of them had seen that left her in that state.

    One point for Riv: He was the most evil of evil.

    "Don't you take another step in this direction!"

    "Miriel, my beloved, why are you shying away? It's me! Your Commander Roffick in all of my muscul--"

    "That's the point, fool!" The men gasped and Commander Roffick went as far as to take a step back in the opposite direction. No matter how bad his manhood was throbbing against the grasp of his trousers, Miriel was still an elf mage. He would have to heed her warnings, lest he wanted to see the end of his days. Believing that he was treading on cautious waters, Commander Roffick blew out the lightest of sighs, stiffening Miriel in her place. Yes. One sigh and she knew something had happened to Roffick's person.

    "Maiden. Relax. We know what happened." That got her attention. Miriel's face careened in fire, remembering the twitch of Muryn's lips when he offered his book to her before casting his spell. The deviant....he said what he said to get their attention...and at the worst possible time.


    "Shh...He's gone." There was the sweetness back in Roffick's voice; the sweetness that continued to hold Miriel in place. No matter how many times she reminded herself that this was the same blundering oaf who fell for the oldest trick in the Wizard's Handbook, Miriel still could not fight against his sincerity. She shivered again, with the dark coming the coldest of the breezes. A gust of wind passed between her thighs, air skating over her most sensitive flesh. To her cold, hard embarrassment, Miriel shivered and moaned straight out of her pursed lips. Yes. She moaned. In the middle of the forest. With Commander Roffick and 5 other men. Commander Roffick's face brightened and the sincerity that was before was no longer there. There was now nothing but hard lust in his eyes.

    "Elf...remain still...lest your body trembles again with the wrath of the wind. The Wizard...he controls it, does he not? He controls the wind to make you utter such sweet melodies to me, does he not? He knows of what it does. You...know of what it does." The man went as far as to rub his gloved hand over his middle part. Miriel took one more inhale.

    She....was doomed.
  12. Muryn was out of harm's way for now. A smile on his face in pleasing of his work as he looked back in the direction he ran. Miriel was practically naked and Roffick and his merry men would soon find her after they were done dealing with the tree. Muyrn began to walk a couple of steps nodding with each foot moving forward. Never before had he left a woman like that in the middle of the forest. It was one of the more extreme tricks he's pulled, and on such an innocent victim, a beautiful elven woman. Muryn stopped and really thought what he just did...He left her there with Roffick, the most perverted man in all of the land..And she..

    "Oh dear..."

    Flashing back around quickly, realizing what he just did. As he was running he was going to have to think of a way to get her out of there without making himself seen. Doing all of this while running would end in him tripping and losing the book, most likely to Roffick who would still not pass up taking on Miriel in that sort of manner. Why he did care though? She was a mage who was after his book like everyone else and would do anything to get it from him, even if it meant taking it from his lifeless corpse. The look on her face when she saw him..Was one he never received by anyone who encountered him. Miriel's look was one of pure shock and beauty, she even threw her arms up in surrender even though she was capable of throwing her own magics back at him. No, she was stunned by him which must be poking at his curiosity some more than it should, and will likely be the death of him.

    Luckily, he was able to find his way back to where she was by listening to Roffick parade on about the normal stuff he goes on about..Repulsive..But he was going have to endure it until he had a visual on Miriel. Peering off the side of a large tree to see the group of men and Roffick, facing the direction of Miriel. His eyebrows lowered as he listened and watched intently. There seemed a be a mistake here..Roffick blaming the winds gentle blowing on his magic. Muryn sighed in annoyance.
    "Blundering idiot..Weather control is for amateur wizards." His eyes darting to Miriel who seemed to be full of fright at what was to come. The manhood of one thousand-slots about add another to his list. Muyrn frowned, shaking his head. "Not today, Roffick.."

    Muyrn looked inside his book for a spell that would bring Miriel to him. Advanced teleportation was difficult and usually worked, but there have been some incidents where the target would get lost mid travel and land on the ground or wherever they were. Muryn was confident in his spells and concentration though.
    "Brinicus Ve Le.." Whispering as he pointed at Miriel. The spell was not visible until it hit the target, and it connected with her. She was enclosed in a sphere and then shrunk to nothing before Roffick's eyes. She landed on his lap as he placed his hand over her mouth.

    "Ssssh...I've got you."
  13. "Don't come near me, Roffick."


    "Don't!" The winds blew relentlessly, though Miriel's legs held a death grip over one another so the breeze could not tease her middle area any longer. The aphrodisiac slipped from her and she shut her eyes, knowing that she would pay dearly for the action. While she was wearing what she was wearing in place of Commander Roffick and 5 other men, closing her eyes wasn't a good idea at all. A wolf howled somewhere in the distance and a man or two shuffled from atop their steeds. Commander Roffick, however, never kept his eyes off of Miriel. Miriel opened one, the black peeking out him.

    He had inched closer.

    "No..."she said, in more of a whisper of fear than the forceful tongue she held before. The cold was getting to her, shattering her legs against one another while she trembled. The red lace around her exposed bottom blew in the wind, slapping her butt with a loving brush of silk. Miriel sucked in a breath, her blush darkening. As said before, never a good attribute for a pale elf as her to have. Commander Roffick reacted to the sight, rubbing his gloved hand over himself over and over again, in slow, rolling motions.

    "I'm going to take you back to Riv, maiden. I know the woods have struck fear into you, but I will not allow the weather nor the games of the Wizard of Woods harm you. Book be damned. Just know that in saving you, I am saving myself...Saving myself another horrible night in this dry spell in my pan--"

    It couldn't have happened in a better time.

    The last thing Miriel remember seeing was an invisible sheen in front of her eyes, flickering once before her. Roffick's image blurred in front of her before she felt her body go completely weightless. Gravity and the such twisting on it's heels, Miriel let out a tiny gasp of surprise when the weight came back down on her. Along with that weight were a pare of arms, a chest, a heart beat, and a stunning smile. She felt her heart drop, not sure if it were in relief or fear, but her situation couldn't have been more dire. Out of the smoke and into the fire. He was surprisingly calm about the entire ordeal, holding her firmly in his lap though he couldn't have been a few feet away from Roffick and the others. Speaking of them, they all let out yelps of surprise when they saw the magic first hand, brandishing their swords as if they were going to wield away magic. Bunch of idiots. Miriel flickered her eyes up to his, her lips shrouded by his...surprisingly soft palm.

    "Ssssh...I've got you."


    "MIRIEL! THE WIZARD HAS MIRIEL! BRANCH OUT AND GRAB THAT WOMAN ON ALL COSTS!" Miriel may have not did the best of things, but it couldn't be helped! She wasn't exactly in the position to do anything with her body looking the way it was while she was in the possession of a Wizard. A terribly handsome, crude wizard. Still, anything was better than being used as a rut puppet for Commander Cock 'N Hammer. Miriel let out an apologetic squeal behind his palm again, nudging him as if to tell him to move and to move then. One of Roffick's men branched dangerously close to their area. Miriel froze, her breath lingering on his fingers as the two remained absolutely silent. She looked up into Muryn's eyes, glaring at him.

    Oh, he would pay. Just he wait until she was...properly clothed. He would definitely pay.

    "Miriel! Elf! Where are you!?"
  14. When Miriel made that sound, Muryn wasn't surprised at all by it. He knew she would freak out by being appearing right in his lap, especially in her exposed state; which was all his work. Just because he wondered what she would look like with less clothing, definitely got his answer and could feel her skin shuffling against his robe. It made him grow color in his cheeks. Muryn felt like he should make up for what he originally did in the first place. But to try and make new clothing appear for her would cause attention and they had to avoid it right now. Muryn pulled off the book from his side first and placed it behind him, then he removed his robe, opening it so Miriel would slide inside. He wasn't wearing a shirt underneath, but was wearing some simple cloth pants with a few small holes in them and worn shoes on his feet. Grabbing the book and tightening it to waist line of his pants. The robe was already warm from him wearing it for hours so it would do the trick for now. Muryn looked down into Miriel's eyes and whispered.

    "Sorry for all of this. Giving you my robe is the least I can do for you for now."

    Muryn gave a apologetic look back for a spilt moment before his eyes darted up to hear Roffick order his men out. One of the men was drawing closer to their spot, actually making Muryn a bit nervous since he would be caught red-handed with Miriel in arms. This would be a good time for him to look into the book to see what spell he could throw at this oaf. Then he blinked and looked down at Miriel, then to the man. He had a spell, but it would be risky..REAL risky. The moment wasn't right though, the oaf would need to come just a little bit closer, his curiosity would have to tell him to look over the bush where they were..Sure enough that was what happened. The oaf just touched the bush, not even seeing them yet and Muyrn whispered. "Forcicus!" shoving his palm in the direction of the man. The spell caused him to be pushed back by pure force.


    SLAM! Right through a few trees and crashing into a boulder laid the man. The others heard the scream and rushed in that direction where he landed. They started freaking out and looking around for the Wizard of the Woods even more so than before. When they left to tend to their comrade though, Muryn picked up Miriel in his arms and quickly scurried away deeper into the woods. Hopefully Roffick wouldn't think to go down the path by the river.

    Muryn panted as light as he could while running with Miriel in arms. Not even bothering to stop and look back to see if they were right behind him. He just wanted to get far away from in any direction he went regardless if went further or closer to his hut. After a while of running, Muryn slowed down, breathing super hard as he looked into Miriel's pitch black eyes again. He didn't say anything at first because he wasn't sure what to say. He kidnapped her really for no reason, but saved her from being a toy to men.

    "You alright, Miriel?"

    Looking around he saw a large tree with roots that were inches out of the ground and would make a good back rest for now. He walked over to the roots, trying to find the right one to lay back against. There was one! It was large without any bumps, so that was the one he stopped at as he turned around and slowly descended himself down to cross his legs. Making sure his hold on Miriel was still tight so she didn't slip out of his arms.
  15. Miriel, elf mage. 24 years old, not counting how old she may have been in elf years. No one really knew how to count the difference between elf and human years anymore. Some thought you were supposed to add 8 years onto every human year they held, which meant that Miriel would have technically been considered 192 years old, which was...not okay.

    She just stuck with 24.

    24 years old, born in Riv in a small parlor next to the city seamstress. The seamstress was the one who practically taught Miriel everything she knew about manners, etiquette, and all of her feminine wonders. The typical things a young girl learned from her mother is what Miriel learned from Beckka, the seamstress. She was an aging old woman, frail and decrepit at sight, but with a will and personality as bright as a newly sparked ember. Beckka was with Miriel even went the priests summoned her to the castle to meet the High King once he caught wind of an powerful elf mage in the area, knowing that Miriel would be a perfect addition to his army.

    She made the army without even trying. The training was so easy she thought a blind field mouse with 2 legs could have accomplished it. Beckka was there then, leaning on her old cane and watching as Miriel shouted out whenever she prepared one of her incantations. The men marveled at her power. Beckka only smiled knowingly, always knowing that the young elf had something special in her. What she did not smile about was finding out that Miriel had to sat in the castle under careful eye and watch. The High King believed her to be too precious of a gem to not be admired. He ordered Miriel to leave the house of her drunken mother and the loving embrace of Beckka to stay in the castle. The old woman refused to have Miriel be taken into such an atmosphere as such young an age as 17. Miriel, too elated that her talents were finally noticed by someone of importance, fought against Beckka, claiming that she was old and wise enough to make her own decisions.

    Words were thrown in those 2 eves, Miriel finally packing up her bags regardless of Beckka's frail pleading for the elf mage not to leave. It was far too late for Miriel to change her mind. The High King wanted her in his castle and she was finally going to make a difference in Riv. Not that she wasn't grateful to her for raising her and teaching her so many things about the life of Riv and much more, Miriel was not going to let Beckka stop her from being where she thought she belonged. That night was the darkest night of Riv, lightening striking the sky but not a droplet of water to be found. Beckka's gray eyes sunk, never moving from Miriel's back when she watched her walk away from the shop and into the darkness towards the castle.

    Once Miriel settled in that night, placing her last robe into her drawer, a messenger knocked on her door to tell her that Beckka the seamstress had passed.

    Miriel, an elf mage. 24 years old, raised in the land of Riv by a seamstress before being hauled off to the High Castle? That woman was screaming for her life.

    "AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH! LET ME GO, YOU GREAT BIG OAF! RELEASE ME RIGHT NOW OR I WILL SPIN A THOUSAND CURSES WITH MY TONGUE!" Muryn ignored every last one of her words, running without taking one look behind him. Miriel wasn't extremely heavy, but it had to be hard on him to run that distance while carrying a woman and a book in his pants (a place where Miriel was a victim of watching). Regardless of what she was wearing, his robe or not, Miriel felt all sorts of uncomfortable when her body was pressed so tightly to his. The heat from his chest hit her back like acid, springing an ugly, dark red across her nose and cheeks. No matter how loudly she yelled, he continued to race through trees. There was a great distance between the two of them, and no matter how many horses the band of men had, Commander Roffick and the others had absolutely no chance of finding Miriel.

    She was doomed.

    "LET ME GO THIS INSTANT! LET....ME....GO! CRETIN! SCUM! SLIME! BAFOON!" The childish name calling didn't change matters, and she felt like a fool for believing, even for a moment, that it would. Her eyes were closed tightly, white lights blasting under her lids with the strain her brain was taking. What was she going to do!? She had been sent to retrieve the book from the Wizard, not be taken captive by him! A gust of wind slithered up her exposed cleavage and Miriel tightened her grip around his arms. Robe or not, the cold was the cold. She snapped her head up to him to remind him that she knew very well what place hurt the most on a man...when their eyes locked.

    She should have never looked at him.

    "You alright, Miriel?" Would he even give her a chance to respond? Of course not. He was going to leave her lying in his arms in a stunned, speechless stupor. He had free reign to comment on how idiotic the look on her face was: lips peeled back in a shocked gape, her opaque eyes doubled in size while her pale face botched over with a deep red. They stayed like there for what felt like ages. Ages. Ages passed while she stared into his cocoa brown eyes. fighting dangerously hard to keep her eyes on his and not on his smooth, rigid jaw, taut neck, broad shoulder bla--

    Her fantasy was rudely interrupted when he moved over to a tree, sliding down the bark and panting with the exhaust his run had taken. Miriel's trance was broken and she was right back to where she was supposed to be: fidgeting like a child in a tantrum.

    "You have 3 seconds to release me before I shrivel your manhood into the size of a bean and feed it to the night ravens! One....Two...."
  16. Miriel was making things hard for him. She kept yelling right into his face, trying so hard to ignore it and not yell back. But what would yelling accomplish? Nothing really, it'd only make their already complicated relationship even more complicated and give away where they were. Roffick would then easily follow them and take the book from him and Miriel and probably guide the cock of one thousand-thrusts towards her. He shuddered at that last thought and quickly shook it off. The way she was yelling though, it was also hard to take it seriously because of how cute her voice sounded, ringing in his ears.

    Her grip onto his arms was strong, it felt like she was piercing through his skin. He almost stopped for a moment, but didn't, instead he growled lightly. It wasn't a 'I'm going to kill you growl.' It was more of a 'Oh..Wow..That feels good.' kinda growl. Muryn looked down into her eyes, then down towards her exposed chest. He blinked a few times before quickly turning his vision back while his cheeks continued burning red. Damn it..It was hard to avoid that. Focus, Muryn, Focus! After he asked her if she was alright she was now threatening to shrink his manhood? Would she really do it though? The way she looking into his eyes, holding onto his arms so tight he could barely move them. If she wanted to be set free so bad, she wouldn't be holding onto him.

    "Very well." Muryn opened his arms so Miriel could easily go free and walk on her way. "You get what you wish. Go on now."

    He didn't move at all, but just continued to look into her eyes while keeping himself open for her to just run. Yes, just run in her exposed state back to her group. She was sure to think was some sort of trick he was about to play with her. But, honestly Muryn couldn't think of a trick, only thing he could think of was grabbing her as she stood up, but that would probably make even madder. That actually..sounds really tempting. Hm..First things first was to see if she'd leave.

    "You're free to go, Miriel. Just make sure to wrap yourself tightly. Wind is picking up tonight."

    His expression was hard to tell. It was either one of a jokish-flirtish manner, or he wanted her to feel the wind dance around on her skin. If she did leave, she'd be back surely, clothed and everything and wouldn't underestimate him anymore, not after tonight. He had no intention of doing any of what he did tonight, not by a long shot. He just went with it and here they were now. Muryn would just have to resist the urge the slap her on the rear again.
  17. He stared at her cleavage. She threatened him...and he stared at her cleavage. She vividly explained to him that she would horribly disfigure his manhood into nothing more than a tiny, minuscule pebble of skin and feed it to the most vicious of night birds....and he stared...at her cleavage.

    Even something as idiotic and crack-brained as that didn't stop her from blushing.

    Miriel stared up at him, incredulous of what he had just done. The growl sent a shiver of forbidden sin down her spine, the drop of his eyes on her chest bringing the same feeling as the shiver traveled upwards. It felt quite similar of having someone crack a egg and letting the yolk drip and run down the rungs of her spine. She shuddered in reality, her body doing a small spasm against his. Her face had might as well been a cherry because the blushing wasn't going to stop anytime soon. That was the conclusion that was made and that is what she was going to stick with. No matter what he did, say, or not do or say, he was going to send her body in a paralyzed stupor. Why? She had no God loving idea. It had to be some spell of some sort. There was no other logical explanation for it! Never before had her body been sent into that mind-jumbling experience like it was experiencing now. Muryn was a Wizard, after all. His magic spells would explain why she was blushing so hard.


    If it wasn't one thing, it was another, for when he finally snapped his gaze away her feminine beauties, his grip around her body loosened until he was no longer holding her against him. Her arms got a little more breathing room until she was allowed to move them at her will again. Miriel's eyes never left his, her nose only gathering a light wrinkle at his actions. Did he...mean to loosen his grip? Her lips parted to let him know that she could slip from that so called 'hold' he had on her, until he released her. No. Released wasn't the word.

    He dismissed her.

    "....Pardon me?" He repeated his intent, the statement at the end catching her breath in a ragged, sharp squeak. Is he...Nay, Miriel, nay! This is some trickery! He wants you to leave so that he can stab you in the back once you have faced the maw of the woods! Do not believe his trickery for a moment! Every action he has taken until this point is to get you to perish! Do not falter, Miriel! The book is what you're after! Never mind his body numbing incantations! Now filled with more confidence than before, Miriel sniffed, her nose pointing high into the air in defiance. The lines of her cheeks grew slightly rigid, adding more of a feminine sharpness to her expression. There were no longer thoughts about her attire or Commander Roffick. Miriel was not about to be tricked by some wizard! No! She would prevail even if she had to use the darkest of elven incantations to do so!

    "M-Mayhaps...Mayhaps I desire to remain here,"she retorted, shifting her bottom to match his lap perfectly, the look of pure stubbornness and defiance in her visage.

    Miriel was an idiot.
  18. From the way she looked at him, she seemed to be in disbelief. Yep, that's right she was free to go. Free to go off and do whatever she pleased! How far she'd make it..Muryn wasn't sure. It would be really hard not to just reach out and grab her and keep her from going..That'd seem like he really was trying to kidnap her, even though everything that's happened to her was his fault entirely. Whoops. Well, things would be less fun without her around now, who knows when he'd run across an elf again. Guess time would only tell. But then he saw that her look changed from before, it went from confusion to confidence.

    "M-Mayhaps...Mayhaps I desire to remain here,"

    "What?..." Before he could get the rest of his sentence out, she adjusted her rear on his lap. Muryn moaned softly feeling her sitting comfortably on his lap, perfectly fitting. His blush was pretty dark, and for once the great wizard was left speechless and motionless. Miriel actually did something he wasn't expecting. There he sat, with this elf all comfy on his lap. He grumbled a bit under his breath, but in his mind he was trying to figure out what his next move should be. Muryn didn't have anything, and that's what got him..Usually he would always have a trick or plan up his sleeve, and even if he didn't he'd think of one on the spot. He sighed, cautiously wrapping his arms back around her, his arms securing her waist with a firm hold. This was all he could do...For now.

    "Very...Well..Stay here then."

    Muryn remained quiet for a few more moments then let out a sigh. The Great Wizard of the Woods..left without an action by an elf who refused to go anywhere and just sat in his lap. In her head, she probably was plotting this...Plotting this from the moment he took her from her group. Muryn was slightly paranoid now. What else was she planning to do? Was she going to seduce him and steal the book? Would she get her revenge?..NO! No..Muryn..You can't let this happen.. Muryn moved his hands from around her waist to her sides, gliding up slightly. Yes, he just..had to remain focused..and not..Fall to her.After his movement, he began to think clearly again, and an idea came to mind.

    "We should probably go somewhere..More subtle..Out in the open does us no good..Let us go back to my hut."

    Muryn looked into Miriel's eyes, then out in the direction. He knew exactly where they were, and could direct back to his hut. But he didn't want to just get up and force her off his lap just yet, actually he didn't even have the leg strength to get up and walk the bit back to the hut. He probably is just going to teleport back to the hut. Now to teleport back was a bit harder if the reagent wasn't where you wanted to go and required more concentration and focus. Luckily, that wasn't the case..Muryn was always prepared as he looked to the book about to grab it, but remembered Miriel was right there..She could easily snatch it..

    But would she?
  19. ...Wait. This was wrong. This was definitely, definitely wrong.

    Having him coil his arms around her and fasten her there on his lap was not the effect she was looking to gain by being pompous! In fact, she expected the exact opposite! She expected for the Wizard to give her a sinister, curling smile on his lips and tell her how she wasn't going anywhere, the words normally given by a kidnapper. However, the moan threw that all off. That's how Miriel knew something was...off about the entire ordeal. After finishing her statement maybe wanting to remain there, it really didn't hit her. She had no idea what she had just agreed to, and the shifting of her bottom on her lap definitely sealed her face. His moan purred across her chin and she nearly died.

    "I..." Nope. That was all he was going to get because the rest of her words were somewhere in her throat with no way of being released. She tried swallowing, inhaling hard a couple of times, and even lifting a finger up to her lips as if she were going to pull the words out of her mouth. Every attempt at normality was long gone, somewhere with Roffick and the men who had most likely given up trying to scout her out. The only thing Roffick really cared about was getting his member moist and being praised by the High King, so if he had happen to spot the two, he'd probably go for the book first.

    The book that was lying so dangerously close to her, she could practically skim her fingers over it.

    Her black eyes momentarily faltered towards the clad leather book before shifting back up into his. The very last thing she wanted to do was to give away that she was extracting a plan to steal the book right under his nose. It was apparent that he hadn't forgotten she was a mage, for with one single word, she could have him hanging upside down from his britches; a pleasant sight. However, her spells involved hand signs and gesture, and with her body secured so firmly against his, there was no way Miriel was going to get that chance! She was stuck between a rock and a hard place....so to speak.

    "....Pardon me?" That was the second time she had said it and soon after, on the first time, she was rubbing her ass against his lap. There was no way in the fiery hells of the Underworld that Miriel was doing that again. The mention of willingly going to his hut was insane. She knew deep down that he was up to something, because that's just how Wizards were. They did what they did because they could and because they got some sick pleasure out of it. A heat retracted from her cheeks, the red of her blush now disappearing and fading into a pink of frustration. If the Wizard wanted to toy with her, then she would show him that two could play those cards!

    ...If he would stop looking at her like that!

    Miriel stared into his eyes with her black ones, her lips parting to respond to his statement about the hut...but not even a squeak came out. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. She sat there, barely clothed, in the arms of a deranged mad man with magic, a book she needed, and big pools of brown for eyes. And Miriel, the elf mage, couldn't say or do a thing.

    Oh Gods.
  20. What was going on?...

    The all powerful wizard, with tricks galore up his sleeve..Left defenseless. Muryn turned his gaze back to look into Miriel's eyes. He didn't care what she was wearing, or the fact that her rear was rubbing against him hard. So hard, that it caused him to moan softly a bit more. He had to clench his teeth together to prevent himself from emitting any sort of sound that would show weakness. He couldn't help it..That was one of his weak points, being rubbed on. He had to do his best to keep his mind clear though, no matter what she did or how she looked at him..And..the book? He watched as Miriel's eyes drifted to the book. This put a turn on how he was thinking majorly.

    So..She was she doing this all for the book...Or because she really had no idea what she was doing. Muryn didn't want to assume things, no..Not just yet. Figuring he'd test the theory he pulled back some so she could get her arms free, keeping his eyes on her.

    "Yes..Back to my hut. Is there a problem with that?.."

    Surely she would say yes, clearly not wanting to be here in the first place. And when Miriel got mad, it was the cutest thing ever. He didn't say anything while she spoke when angry because he knew she was trying really hard to be fierce and threatening. Muryn smiled at her, gliding his hands up her arms. Taking in every inch of her smooth skin, his eyes landing to watch his fingers land on her shoulders, bringing himself to eyes once again
    ."Doesn't seem like there is.." He was right about what he said before though, the lingerie fit her pretty well. What did elves usually wear though he wondered. Probably simple clothes, or something related to nature. Different than humans surely since they had much slimmer figures than humans did. Maybe the clothing was what made elves sexier than other races..Has to be it.

    Muryn began to concentrate, closing his eyes and focusing. Muttering under his breath the chant of teleportation that would take the two back to his hut. A light bubble appeared around them as their surroundings began to fuzz and blur out. Things began to shake, turn , and swirl. They were traveling through all of the forest in a form that couldn't be seen or touched. The amount of focus was causing Muryn to sweat like no tomorrow. When his eyes opened and his head bobbed..They had arrived at his cottage. It was small, fit for one or two people and the door was rather strange. But, Muryn called it home and home it was.

    "Ah...Here we are.."

    In the corner of his eye, he looked to her and chuckled lightly.

    "Now..I have 'kidnapped' you."