A ride one may not enjoy.

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    One on one roleplay between myself (Valic) and @DarkiusHeavenstein .

    The CEO of a massive, booming self-made industry is about to become one of the largest producers with the aided help of a, hopefully, new partner. The CEO, however, isn't traveling alone. A fresh intern, not a week into work, is headed on the possible business partner's private jet along with the CEO. Unknowing to the intern, he found himself in a massive pile of shit for his superior is into rather... Questionable things, including entertainment, life style, and diet.
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  2. Five in the morning sharp.

    The sky was still black from the night, the moon still hung in the air, the wind was cutting and cold - grass crisp with a developing sheet of ice atop it. Winter, the dead middle of it. Chilling temperatures were supposed to be expected as the coldest part of the season was supposed to drift over the next week, thankfully, he wouldn't be there to enjoy the horrid weather. Thomas Haggered adjusted his dark blue suit's coat, his white shirt beneath it was dressed with a stunning, shimmery black tie that tucked into a matching blue waist coat, his clothing was fitting though not overly tight. The thirty five year old fellow adjusted his sleeve to look at his golden wrist watch, seated in the back of a cabbie, headed towards the private jet landed on private property - his own isolated land in which he indulged himself, he hadn't been able to in quite the span of time, though, so the isolated cabin home was rather dusty. He often had private jets fly in there, having had a professional landing placed - he doubted it was legal, though he knew enough corrupt people who owed him favors, no doubt he was given what he desired.

    Thomas had ordered his dainty little intern to wait there for him, his secretary had given the intern all the information and materials he would need, having given him some means of training in the past week in order to keep up tabs on the CEO of the industry. The drive was only twenty minutes. By the time of his arrival, the private jet was already landing, the tall gentleman stepped outside of the cabbie, paying the man a handsome tip as he headed up the road towards the home, brief case in hand and suit case in the other. He saw the intern and the secretary standing there by the door, "about time, sir." The secretary called, her long, thick black hair bouncing in luscious curls, her green eyes fixated on him with a lack of appreciation for his subtle tardiness, "pardon me, though I did say I would be here before five thirty." She turned her head away, sharp cheekbones and a defined facial structure made her beautiful yet oddly ugly at the same time. "Well, nevertheless, you had us waiting in the cold, hurry and get on your way. You'll be stopped in four destinations before arriving there, I made a deal with the possible partner - allowing you to be able to stop in four destinations to check out your other industries." They were global. "Ah, thank you, darling, how long of a time are we allotted?" He rose a dark, thick brow, "roughly a week in each destination, each flight will vary from one to three days." He nodded his head, "the pilot has it all mapped out to ensure you get to each destination in the quickest manner. Be safe," she gave his upper back a firm pat before gesturing for them to head on their way. "I'll ensure I come back, no need to fret." He shot a wink and a charming smile before gesturing for the petit intern to follow him into the jet - the door was open and the stairs down.

    Once the two were in, their luggage taken, the door was closed and they were welcomed with quite the scene. "Right this way," the pilot gestured for the two to follow him down a slight corridor, passing two doors until walking into an open space. From the doorway, to their left were two comfortable chairs and a table, to their right - a full sized bed with a television on the wall. It was nice, certainly not like others he'd seen, though he knew that the partner he was interested in had modest tastes an reserved their money well - never spending more than need be. "Our first destination is France, please enjoy the wine and champagne provided and the treats in the miniature fridge behind the farthest dining seat." With the bow of their head, the pilot turned and headed to join his accompanying pilot, leaving the two to themselves.

    Thomas moved and took off his black, leather shoes, setting them aside before sitting on the nicely dressed bed - this was the third time he'd seen the intern. The first time was their interview, the second was when they met and Thomas gave him his acceptance, and the third - the third was right now. "Hello again, please go and grab a bottle of wine," Thomas waved for the intern to move, he hadn't even remembered the boy's name, though one thing he remembered - was how small and easy to overpower he was. Easy pickings.

    Private Jet.
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  3. Despite going to bed right after dinner, Leviathan Ryder was still tired at four in the morning. Yet he had nothing to complain about right? To be granted the oppertunity as an intern to go with the big CEO on an important business travel was not a small thing at all. He had been working for the compagny for hardly a week! But he was honored and he would try his absolute hardest to be of the best assistance he could be. The past week had been spend on gathering all the information he needed, all the thing that were important about the places they were gonna visit. Which were a lot, since he now worked for a global compagny. He had said his goodbyes to his mother the day before, not wanting to wake her this early in the morning. And she had made him promise to message her whenever he could and let her know how things were. This was the first time he would be so long and so far away from home and he was quite nervous about it.

    The air was cold as his breath came out in little white clouds as he stood waiting next to the secretary waiting for the boss. She had given him a quick update on their arrival at the meeting point, but after that no words were shared. The twenty-two year old looked up as the cab drove up to the house and the boss got out. The boss looked absolutely perfect, even this early in the morning. Though Leviathan had made it a big priority to look good as well. He wore burgundy pants, with a plaided jacket on top and a light grey button up underneath. Around his neck hung a shimmering tie that changed from brown to green depending on the light. His strawberry blond hair was combed, yet as always slightly messy from its own nature. He listened to the conversation between the female and the boss, slightly taken aback by how the secretary dared to reprimand the boss on his late arrival. His eyes had traveled over the boss that he saw now for the third time ever, and once again he was swept by the good looks of the other. Levi had from a young age on known he was not interested in girls, like most boys were. Yet this was his boss, so he pushed any unprofessional thoughts away as he was motioned to go into the plane.

    That was another thing he was quite nervous about as he walked up those stairs. Never before had he been aboard of a plane. Let alone a private jet! Yet he kept his nerves at bay as he walked through the little corridor and into the... well it looked more like a bedroom and living room in one that what he had in mind for a plane. He relaxed slightly at the sight as he listened to the pilot. So France would be their first destination. He quickly tried to recall all that he had been told about the part of the compagny they had in France. He waited for the boss to say something, yet was met with utter silence as he took his brown leather shoes of as well. Neatly setting them side by side at the door.

    "Of course, Sir" He muttered as he kept his honey colored gaze down. There was just something about this male that kept him from looking up directly in the eyes, yet he couldn't pinpoint what it was. He quickly moved to where the pilots had told the mini bar was and opened the little fridge. He bit his lip as there were several bottles of wines, Chardonnay, Sauvignon blanc and a Merlot. He knew enough about wine to be able to tell it the first two were with wines and the other was a red wine, but other than that he had no knowledge on alcohol. He hesitated slightly as he looked up towards the male, who had installed himself on the bed. Only now noticing the fact there was only one bed, but pushing that problem away as well. "Would you like a Chardonnay, a Sauvignon blanc or a Merlot, Sir?" He asked softly as he already took out one wine glass. He didn't like alcohol, besides he was an light weight and he had heard stories that drinking at high altitudes made the effect of alcohol even worse. It would be pathetic to end up drunk right on the first day, so he rather avoided that problem. If possible of course.
  4. "Merlot would greatly be appreciated," Thomas murmured over to the young man who stood by the miniature fridge, looking at the wine bottles. While he stood there, Thomas was on his feet and glancing around, clearly they wouldn't be able to was regular television so there had to be movies hidden around somewhere - and they were. In a large, flat container under the bed, he pulled it out from under and glanced through the movie selection, of which were mostly horror films... He knew if he watched them he'd grow hungry, being trapped on a private jet with a pilot, copilot, and his intern would make for a very interesting flight for the pilots were instructed not to exit the cockpit if they heard screams or cries. Thomas grasped American Mary and removed the CD from its case, placing it into the DVD player hidden in a small closet, he took the remote and tossed it onto the bed before walking the short distance over towards Levi, the boy was rather small, thin, narrow frame... Easy pickings. Thomas offered a charming, wolfish smile as he took the wine poured for him, "thank you, m'dear," he hummed in a low and gruff voice, seating himself on the bed once more before glancing towards the intern. "I'm glad you were able to make it on this trip with me, my secretary has kids she cannot leave behind and children would hinder my time." Thomas sniffed the wine before taking a sip. Delicious. "I hope she wasn't too hard on you, she has this mentality that people are already supposed to know how things work." He rolled his eyes slightly, "she's quite the nag," another sip of wine before he shifted on the bed to lean back just slightly against the wall behind it, "ah, how rude of me!" Thomas was most certainly a charming fellow in most, if not all, aspects. He was tall, handsome, well built, wealthy, successful, intelligent, among other things. "Please, tell me, how are you doing? Are you tired? You can rest more if you please, I haven't a reason to lay in bed other than boredom." He was far from tired, once awake - he was practically wired all day, besides - he had a nice cup of coffee while getting ready for the day that morning.

    Thomas rose up and off of the bed, moving towards one of the two chairs that sat before the table, setting his wine glass down - holding it by the thin body in order to keep it from sliding, seeing as the pilot instructed that they were taking off. "Please, sleep if you're tired, we'll be here for maybe ten hours? Give or take," Thomas gestured for Levi to rest, he wouldn't be upset in the slightest, farthest from... It'd give his prey all the more vulnerability, besides, he wanted to see just how much this little boy would trust him despite only encountering him for thirty minutes on two separate occasions... Not to mention, it would give him the perfect opportunity to evaluate his new victim, see what he could get away with, see if the boy would let him do as he pleased... He remembered one foolish intern he had, they were in the same situation as Levi, though they were at his home since he was hosting a dinner party and he offered his bed to the young man to rest afterwards since they'd been snowed in. The young man was awake when Thomas touched and undressed him, though he played as if he were asleep... Thomas is an odd fellow, he likes to do what he's not supposed to and he wants to get caught - but at the same time, he doesn't. To say the least, he and the young intern that night had quite the time, it was lustful and delicious - however, said intern never left the home. He was killed and eaten that night for a silly error in his ways, though, Thomas just wanted a reason to kill him.

    With Levi, however, he wouldn't kill the boy... No, he intended on having him last longer than a night, he intended to groom him into the perfect little doll, he had intentions for Levi, poor intentions, though in a way - such horrid intentions would benefit the both of them if Levi was a willing partner.
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  5. Levi nodded as he took the red wine out of the fridge. He struggled for a small moment with the corkdriver, but eventually that beautiful plop could be heard. The young male smiled as the deep aroma of the wine spread, letting the wine sing as he poured it. He was surprised by Thomas suddenly standing so close to him. His long lashes fluttering a few times, more often than not he had been told he looked rather feminine. How was that man so silent? He had been sitting on the bed mere seconds ago. "No problem, Sir" He spoke softly as the other moved back to the bed once more.

    He was happy for the small concerns the other had as he gave a small smile. "I am very honored and grateful that I am granted this beautiful oppertunity" He replied, which in no way was meant to kiss up the bosses ass. He was honestly grateful for it as he nodded at the explanation of why the secretary could not join him. "She wasn't to harsh on me, though it was indeed a lot to take in in such a short time notice" He admitted as he had taken some orange juice for himself. The question to his well being surprised him, yet pleasantly as he smiled up towards the other. "I have to admit I am a tiny bit nervous. This is my very first flight. Yet otherwise I am fine, a bit out of my routine, but nothing that can't be helped" He answered once again truthfully.

    Levi watched that body move so graceful from the bed to the chair. The other almost urging him into the bed. He had to admit he was still quite sleepy. After all it was just a bit past five now. A little nap wouldn't hurt, right? He moved over to the bed, after having finished his glass and setting it away in what he could only describe as a cupholder. He bed was soft, immediately inviting him in. He took his phone and keys out of his pockets, laying them away on the nightstand. It was weird.. Laying in bed while his boss was sitting just a few feet away. "I will gladly take up that offer, Sir" He spoke as he curled onto his side. His breathing slowed drastically as the bed just felt so perfect. "But please wake me at the end of your movie. I wouldn't want to sleep the whole day away" He asked of the other. His eyes glancing up for a moment to see what movie was put on. Horror, not his favourite genre, but doable.

    He lay facing the other, one hand between his knees, the other curled under one of those fluffy pillows. It was weird to think they were already up in the sky, he had hardly noticed anything. His eyes fluttered once more, closing as he sighed deeply. His muscles and body relaxing slowly as the grip of sleep got stronger and stronger.
  6. The young man was respectful, well mannered, well behaved... He'd do such an excellent job, now wouldn't he? Thomas offered another smile after the gentle-mannered boy laid his head to rest on a pillow, so cozy and comfortable in bed, sleep was fast to overtake him, however, Thomas didn't move for another thirty minutes, wanting him to fall too a deep enough sleep where he wouldn't easily be roused by, say, the crunching of a candy wrapper. After thirty minutes had passed, Thomas had finished his wine and has rose to his feet, moving over towards the small nightstand built into the floor to prevent it from toppling over, upon it were pocket sized belongings... Thomas lifted his phone and glanced it over, you could tell quite a bit from a person's phone, though he set it aside and decided on looking over the most telling item a human could own. Their wallet. Thomas opened the wallet and pulled out his driver's license, reading all of his information. Twenty two year old Leviathan Ryder, interesting... He glanced over everything else, to see how much money he had, how many cards, if he had pictures, so forth. Thomas, eventually, set it down perfectly to how he lifted it, predatory eyes fixed on Levi after a moment and he glanced over his body, mouth watering flesh... There was something so unmistakably pure about the angel, there was just something about his person that spoke innocence... Thomas moved a hand and gently touched the boy's chin, lifting his head ever so carefully, examining his neck... One bite and his head would fall clean off his body and his neck would be missing.

    The hand, once on Levi's chin, moved. Fingertips gracefully moved over his shoulder and towards his waist, just wanting to feel his hips before said hand moved up his clothing - his shirt was tucked in. No matter, that wouldn't stop him. Thomas undid a small button near his pant-line and slid two fingers through the shirt, feeling soft, smooth, warm skin. He applied the smallest amount of pressure to feel just how plush his flesh was, to see if it were firm. Hunger swelled his stomach, filled him head to toe, his mouth watered for a taste, that was perhaps being the hardest part of being a wendigo, full blooded or not. Being around any human or human-related creature made his mouth water, he was always hungry for a taste, it made things difficult from time to time. Thomas slid his fingers from the boy's shirt and buttoned it once more before stepping away, he couldn't eat this one... Not yet, not when he wanted to use him and abuse him.

    Thomas went and refilled his wine glass before taking a seat at the table once more, a glower etched on his lips ever so slightly. He was tempting himself and not treating himself to a taste, though he couldn't exactly pounce on the boy... Actually, he could. He could do whatever he pleased! Perhaps tonight when they landed in Paris, France... They'd get there roughly around midnight (on France's time) so that would be the perfect time to pounce on the boy. All in due time, for now, he enjoyed his movie and his wine - waiting for Levi to wake on his own.
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  7. Leviathan was completely taken under by sleep as the other drew closer. His wallet was really not that special. It held a few dollars, Levi didn't like walking around with a lot of lose money. His bank card and license, as could be found in most wallets. The only think personal about is was the little card to collect stamps at Star Bucks, which he still had to turn in. And the little picture of his mother. That was it. Nothing special, just what the young male liked to thinl of himself. Nothing special.

    His face was serene as those fingers touched his skin. Yet the serenity was quickly broken by a soft frown as his chin was moved and thus his head. Normally he was a very light sleeper and the littlest touches were enough to wake him, but right now... Sleep held him under a heavy blanket. A soft sound falling from his lips nonetheless as those fingers moved lower, undressing him for a small amount. His abs tightening under that teasing touch. He was by no means a muscular guy, but he did have some fine toned muscle on his body. Though his body was made for endurance with the marathons he ran and the swimming matches he participated in. He could have gone professional perhaps, with the swimming, but a life solely in the water and around the water had not interested him.

    Levi stirred not much later than the other had left him alone again. Something had disturbed the young male in his sleep though he couldn't pinpoint what. He was protesting though as his body shifted to another position, more onto his belly. However sleep was merciless and softly those eyes flutter again. For a moment confused at the unfamiliar scene he woke upto, untill his honey gaze fell upon his boss.He watched the other sip from his wine, still the same of a new glass? He didn't know as he stretched himself, air teasing over his abdomen as he noticed shirt being lose. Quickly he pushed the fabric into his pants, where it belonged, before pushing himself up to a sitting position. One hand quickly moving up to run through his hair as the other reached for his phone. It was hardly and hour later than when he had fallen asleep and he had recieved no new message.

    He felt better now, less nervous and more awake as he watched the movie still playing. "Thank you, Sir, I feel much better now" He spoke to let the other know he was awake in case he had missed that. He moved his legs out of the bed, stretching a bit more. Normally he liked to do some yoga to keep his body fit, but here in a plane... He would just skip that routine. There was a soft nudge in his stomach, hunger. He hadn't eaten that morning. "Shall I make us something to eat, Sir?" he asked, trying to gauge if the other was hungry as well.
  8. Still silence occurred, the only sound was his occasional sip of wine and whatever was portrayed on the television show. Thomas's cool eyes were calm and relaxed, though nevertheless sharp and killing. He watched the television for a good while before glancing over to his tossing and turning intern - he woke only moments after he had a small fit in his sleep. Thomas couldn't help the slight tug of his lips when the boy stretched, his shirt rising up ever so slightly to show milky flesh beneath - if only he could sink his teeth in. Thomas glanced up at Leviathan casually when he spoke, "mhmm, rest is important to successful business work, always be sure you get enough of it," Thomas hummed slightly, shifting to sit up some, crossing his left leg onto his right, his ankle resting atop his knee, dark slacks rising up slightly as he did so, "something to eat would be lovely." A charming smile was offered to the boy, setting his glass down and holding it still in place, "I haven't eaten since last night, I woke up slightly late and was in quite the rush, I could only make my coffee." Thomas' voice was like silken wave of water, if flowed smoothly, easily, there wasn't a hitch in his voice to indicate anything. He glanced over at Leviathan after a moment, watching him rise up to his feet and move towards the miniature fridge, inside was a bag of something that looked similar to beef tenderloins wrapped with bacon, though there was no identifiable box to say exactly what it was, in all honesty - it was human flesh. Thomas was well aware he couldn't eat such meat before his new intern, you see, as a wendigo hybrid, the horrendous appearance only showed in the pre-consumption, during the consumption, and post-consumption. The scent alone was enough to rile him up.

    "Do you see that overly large box?" He questioned, it was something mediocre, Thomas was known to eat poorly and indulge on unhealthy treats. "The one labeled Lean Pockets. There should be a chicken, cheddar, jalapeno one in there, there's usually what, two or four in the box?" Thomas lifted his wine after a moment and took another sip as he watched the boy, his body was toned but not overly so - certainly not a body builder type. "They aren't overly nutritional and I'm almost more than certain they're not as healthy as they seem, but they're tasty and I enjoy them whenever I'm on the run." Thomas moved to stand on his feet, taking his glass and drinking the last of the red fluid, he'd settle on the drinking for now, it'd be a shame if he were drunk, he couldn't control his actions then, nor his ever-dying hunger for human flesh. "I hope you don't mind our limited selection on food, it's only supposed to tie us down until France, when we get there I'll take you to dinner... Or breakfast depending on the hour, that way we can get an actual, healthy meal." Thomas offered a charming smile, moving to set his glass away before grabbing a new one, filling it with apple juice, not wanting to be drunk though needing to quench and equally strong thirst, a thirst for blood. "Also, seeing as we're basically strangers, I'd like to know somethings about you," it'd make for small talk, it'd allow him to see into the boy's person, see what he was, what made him, what crafted him... Through that he could determine most anything he desired.

    "A good conversation never killed, did it?"
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  9. Leviathan smiled automatically in reply to the charming smile that made his heart flutter. Damn, his boss was so handsome. And so caring. He had honestly not expexted that from a CEO that was known to be ruthless in his deals. His eyes went through the fridge, his curiosity peaked by the unlabeled box. Levi couldn't really help himself as he reached out to look inside what it was. However before he could his boss had spoken up again. He pushed the box that, unknown to him, held human flesh. "Yes, it is pretty hard to miss" He chuckled as he took the bigger box. He hesitated for a moment, Thomas had not mentioned a preference. Well, you could never go wrong with chicken right?

    He opened the box and took out two chicken lean pockets, before getting up and once again be surprised by his boss suddenly standing next to him. "No, no it is fine. I had not really expected a five star meal or anything. I know people always complain about plane food, so lean pockets is perfect" He said with a bright smile on his face. He moved around the other as he poured some applejuice. Leviathan reached out to the cabinets of the little kitchen as he searched for plates. No, this didn't feel like a plane at all. He still couldn't really believe they were miles above the ground. Yet one glance out of the window showed the clouds and made it all too real. However he was feeling quite relaxed at the moment. Everything was going smoothly as he prepared the Lean Pockets, heating them up.

    He looked back at Thomas when he mentioned he wanted to know him better and bit his lower lip softly. "I..am not that interesting to be honest" It was true, he had mostly focussed on his studies than anything. While his dormmates were getting drunk he was the one to work on essays and other projects. "So what would you like to know? I am sure pretty much all my achievements have been discussed during my interview" He averted his gaze slightly. He wasn't really sure what the other wanted to know or hear from him.
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  10. "I'm more than sure you're interesting, Leviathan," Thomas hummed in his deep tone of voice that was smoother than silk, "everyone has a hobby or an interest, what's a favorite television show? Or a favorite genre of music?" Thomas moved back to take his seat once more, the lean pockets sitting in the microwave, heating up for consumption. "For instance, one of my own hobbies is collecting animal bones," it was an odd hobby, no doubt, "it's quite appalling to some, though the whole cleaning process is quite relaxing for me, the end product of a clean skull is rather beautiful... Of course, I get my bones from humanely put down creatures, along with some found on the road, no animal harmed in any fashion." He, despite being such a sick man, hated to see any animal suffer. He usually got the bones and horns from local hunters who used every last bit of the animal they could, usually, they sold Thomas the remaining bones, horns, and skins. "I also enjoy listening to classical music, I prefer the calming sound of the piano or the cello, hearing people sing irks me, it's not calming in the slightest."

    What was so appealing about older, classical music was that if he blared it and allowed his victim to try and run free - it was like a horrifying game of cat-and-mouse where he was neither the cat or the mouse, but the wolf starved and devouring everything in its path. He thought back to this one lovely lady he had in his home, he'd purposefully left her chains loose and turned his back to her, the girl took her opportunity and made a dash for it, slipping and sliding along the hardwood flooring, her blood making her stumble and fall as she tried to get away... The music had gotten louder, she was drugged, delirious, couldn't find her way out of the mansion sized home... Those were interesting and fun nights, unfortunately he didn't get to indulge on them as often as he wished. "Why don't you tell me of your blood line? Your family? You don't look to be anything I've seen before... Usually it's your average werewolf or vampire showing up," his industry went under a false name and understanding, many thought they were selling vitamins and such to help boost the body and give it what it lacked, though in all actuality... It was far more sinister. How did they get away with such a horrific industry? Well... Thomas wasn't one to fool with, belittle, berate, or lunge at in any fashion. He had more dirt on people than any other, he also held an incredible intimidation factor that subdued others, along with very promising, not-so-empty threats...

    "My own mother wasn't really in my life, she was far too busy doing her own thing to worry over me, my father was equally as busy, if not more, though took me with him. He always wanted me to run the family business - which later turned into our booming industry." Thomas smiled and took a sip, "I remember my first ever trip with him, we went upstate to a beautiful city and we ate tons of delicious treats, it was rather fun. I assume my father, from that point, took interest in having me around - I wasn't too much of a burden at that age, and from then on he took me everywhere." He held a startling resemblance to his father, almost identical, though now he was of a different age and had gray hair and a gray beard, his skin wrinkled and his body growing weary.
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  11. That voice of the other was so soft, Leviathan couldn't help but to enjoy the tones of it as he listened to his boss. So charming as it was, it fitted the good looking male. However the young male quickly collected himself as he paid attention to what the other was saying. Collecting bones was surely a strange hobby, yet way the other spoke about it enthralled him. "It is sure something interesting, to build up an animal like that" He agreed softly. He was happy to hear that the other wouldn't harm any animals on purpose, as he was quite an animal lover himself as well. "I enjoy being surrounded by nature. Just enjoying the beauty of it, the songs of the birds" He smiled softly. His usually morning routine mostly involved a run through the forest, as well as a long run before dinner. It relaxed him and allowed him to think and let go off the stress.

    He was surprised to hear that the other enjoyed classical music, yet it fitted the calm collected male. "I am more a fan of piano music, or the violin orchestra. Though I might be a bit biased in that, because I play both instruments myself as well. The grande piano being by far my favourite" It was another way for him to allow his feelings to express themselves, to get rid of stress and negativity. Besides he had a talent for the piano and he had the typical slender fingers of a pianist, or that was what he was told by most people. "My bloodline?" He repeated with a bit of surprise as he looked up to the other. He chuckled softly at the mention of werewolves and vampires as he shook his head. "Well, I am neither of those" He spoke, yet didn't answer on what he was. He had always been warned not to say too much about his heritage, since people would love to take advantage of it.

    Levi listened to the others memory of his father. "It is.. quite the other way around for me. My father was never much around. I think the last time I saw him was at my eighteenth birthday" It had been the day his father had revealed to him what he was. And why he was never much around. It had been quite a shock at first, but he had learned to live with it. Besides it had started to make sense, though he was still trying to figure out what powers he had actually inherited from his father. "My mother always took care of me. She is the sweetest woman in the world, but I am sure most people say that about their mothers. She works as a nurse in the local hospital, but she always tried to be there for me. I remember that for my fifth birthday she had promised me to go to the Zoo, but last moment she was called in at work. She felt so guilty for breaking her promise to me, but I told her it was okay and she better made sure to save some lives. Much later she told me she had saved the lives of two kids, one of them being my age. Their parents had died in the carcrash they had been involved in, but they were lucky to at least save the kids. She took me to the zoo that day, to make up for the broken promise" He smiled softly. He had never been bothered by the fact that his mother had such irregular working schedules. He had from a young age on learned to take care of himself, and there were always the neighbours to keep an eye on him. Most of all Leviathan was proud of his mother, since it could never been easy to have a child to take care off on her own with a job like that. "She had always told me I would be a great doctor... though she accepted it that I did not wish to persue such a carreer. I have always been better with numbers and economics"
  12. "Nature? I too enjoy being captivated by it," Thomas smiled at the thought... Though while Leviathan thought of a beautiful, serene patch of land with birds and life all around - Thomas as remembering something far darker. At night, whenever he had victims hidden off in his cabin or back at his home, he'd let them run off into the woods at night, let them become lost and afraid, paranoid - then hunt them down like the worthless entertainment they were. "My favorite time is at night, when the stars are out and your not-so-average wildlife comes about," Thomas offered the most charming smiles he could muster, one of the sweetest, too. "Oh?" Thomas rose a brow, "you play?" His smile went from charming to interested, subtle, "you'll have to play for me when we get to France, I haven't heard any music in person, only ever what's on my radio," a hand ran through his hair momentarily as he glanced the boy up an down, just a quick glance over - he was becoming all the more boring and interesting, all at the same time. "I'd love to hear you play, have you ever composed your own piece?" Thomas didn't mention when the boy entirely skipped over what blood he was, rather, he found it peculiar... What was so life changing that if mentioned, could possible shatter his very existence? Thomas would surely find out, he'd probably ask his secretary to look it up, investigate a little bit himself... It wouldn't be too difficult, besides, with all he had planned in mind for Leviathan, he knew the boy would let the cat out of the bag within the first two minutes of their 'play date'.

    Despite the swerve away from a question, Leviathan was quick to speak fondly of his mother, this shown some light on the boy's world... Father left when he was a young adult though it didn't seem he was active in Levi's life, his mother was the largest aspect in which supported him and shaped him into the character he was today. Thomas' own mother was a bitter lady who had a string of affairs and lovers, a woman who was verbally abusive to him, often times his father would interject, it was always interesting when he thought back on it, he questioned if his father physically abused his mother, all he had to do was step before his crying child and the woman would back down without an issue... He wouldn't care if his father hit that wretched woman, he recalled her over stepping her bounds and pushing past verbal abuse, she'd one day burnt him on the nape of his neck with a cigarette, she mashed the smoking waste into his baby-flesh and earned a scream that probably excited her. When he awoke, he and his father were already on a plane. "Your mother sounds like a wonderful woman, Leviathan, I would one day love to meet her, a life saver... Never met one before," no, that was because he took lives, he ripped away the light in their eyes and consumed them in his favorite two fashions - a live and raw.

    The dining of the microwave caught his attention just mere seconds after the mouthwatering thought occurred, Leviathan... Naked, running through blackened woods, crying, bloody, only to be gutted and devoured slowly and all the while he were alive. "Ah, well, I guess our lunch is ready," Thomas offered the kindest off smiles to the other, "let me see if there's any plates... I'm sure they only have plastic or paper, no need for real dishes other than glasses or silverware," Thomas rose to his feet and began to scavenge for a couple of plates, coming across two plastic plates, he also grabbed some silverware, he hated to eat with his hands unless it were small hors d'oeuvres or someone he was consuming. "I may take a nap, too, after lunch... I always sleep better with a full stomach, I'm sure everyone does, why wouldn't they?" He chuckled and set their plates and silverware on the table, "oh, before I forget to say, it'll be storming in Paris when we arrive, I can't remember if it were just a heavy shower or a thunder storm, regardless, be ready for some rain."
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  13. Leviathan observed the other, more so his eyes. Despite the charming smile, that gaze seemed to get darker every now and then. Much like someone reliving memories, and that slight subtle hange made a shiver run down his spine. It was almost as if this male was a predator, but then again he was a successful and young CEO of his own compagny. It was only logical he had slightly emotionless and predatoral features. After all the business world was not an easy one to survive up there. Yet the interest was honest in the other eyes as he wanted to hear him play. Leviathan softly bit his lip, his gaze returning to the ground. "I... I usually don't play for an audience" He muttered, though he doubted the other would accept such answer.

    Levi swallowed as he looked up. "Yes, music is for me an outlet. I do enjoy the classics and I can play them all, but I enjoy playing my own music. I have one composition that is build up in many different parts. I am still not sure about the title, but currently it is called 'When life met death'. It is a sweet melody, with a dark undertone." His fingers were moving over the armrest of the chair he was sitting on. They were teasing, playing imaginary keys. "I am currently working on the darkest part 'Deathly Pleasures'. However I find no muse, no inspiration for it." There lay a smile insecure smile on his face. Never before had he actually told anyone of his music and definitely not what he was composing. "But I could play something of it for you. Or I could just play the Danse Macabre... " He shrugged softly.

    Thomas brought the conversation back to his mother as he smiled at the compliments that were recieved on his mothers behalf. "Yes, she really is amazing. I am sure you will" He spoke, before jolting slightly as the microwave suddenly pinged. He was almost back on his feet again, when his boss beat him too it. That bright kind smile gave him a fuzzy feeling in his stomach as he relaxed back into his chair again. "That is no problem" He said with a smile that could match the others. The only difference being that his was actually sincere as he observed the other moving through the little kitchen. He was quite muscular for a CEO of some company. He must be doing some working out, beside all the deskwork, Leviathan concluded as the other found what he had been looking for. He quickly averted his gaze again as the other came back with the plates and their food. It would be bad being caught staring at your boss, right? The words he spoke surprised him as he shook his head. "No problem, I will just do some reading or something" He said as he carefully cut his food in little pieces so it would cool down quicker. He hated burning his mouth on food.

    The others voice made him look up again. So, bad weather in Paris? "It sounds like we will have a warm welcome" He chuckled softly as he took a bite of the simple lunch. Rain was not a problem, no one before had died from a little rain had they? "Thanks for the heads up though" He spoke as he was curious to what the other would look like asleep. Everybody looked always peaceful and serene when they were sleeping. He would find out soon enough though as he ate. He hadn't even noticed he was this hungry actually, must be because his biological clock was slightly out of rhytm due to the early morning and hte nap in between. So far the flying didn't seem to be so bad as he took another sip from his drink.
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  14. "I'm sure you'll get over that stump," Thomas murmured in regards towards the other's Deathly Pleasures portion of his music, "by the time we finish our little trip, you'll have plenty of inspiration," there was a dark glimmer in his eye, though his back remained to the young man as he gathered their lunch, he was quick to add, "the business world is quite cruel. There's unfortunately no mercy here, it's all about survival. You have to eat your threats and demolish your competition, often times it doesn't look too bad - but you have to take into mind that when you destroy a business and eliminate your competition... Some children won't receive a birthday gift or a holiday gift because their parents won't have the money to. It's hard to ignore it, really, though you have to turn your eyes elsewhere or you won't be successful." Thomas offered a sheepish smile over his shoulder, just as shy eyes turned away - he'd felt the intense stare just seconds ago, how humorous. "Ah, let's not linger in such depressing conversation, though, I assure you will have plenty of fun, too!" Thomas set their plates down and took his seat across from the other, cutting his own lean pocket, he hated touching food with his hands, unless it was meant for hands, though even then - it was on certain conditions. Food in his hands made him feel un-orderly, primal, ill mannered. Thomas stabbed a small square of his meal, even if he ate this - his stomach would hunger for something else, something raw... Something sitting right before him.

    "I'm not too much a fan of the rain," Thomas chuckled, "so I felt it best to tell you in case you didn't enjoy it either," he offered a smile as he turned his gaze down, looking at his food as he cut up more pieces, "I wish it were a warm welcome, rain always makes me feel bitter." He set his elbows on the table, sitting slightly slumped as he chewed, knife properly held in one hand, fork held properly in the other. "The rain always makes me feel dreary, too. Always so sluggish and tired, I never feel productive - which is never good for business, friends have told me to take drugs to boost my energy, take energy drinks - but I'm strongly against the use of drugs or energy beverages that aren't natural. So, if you're ever in need of pain medication, I do not have any on my person - ever, so I'd say go and ask the front desk at out hotel." Thomas took another bite, he was a liar - he had a copious amount of drugs in one of his many of bags - none of which he used. They were for his victims.
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  15. Leviathan frowned softly as the other talked abput the cruelty of their world. What affect their actions, their deals could have. "There are more than enough kids that never get a birthday present nor go on a holiday..." It was a soft comment, before he allowed the conversation to die out indeed. He took a few more bites as the other talked about the rain again, and then drugs... He stiffened for a slight moment, before relaxing again. "Rain actually makes me feel very alive... The cold touch of the raindrops... And the way scents change... It is intriguing and it makes me alert" He said with a smile. Why the hell was he telling this?

    So the other advocated against drugs, even painmedicine and energy drink? Levi shrugged as he sat back against the chair, once his plate was empty. "I will, though I doubt I will need painmedicine" He couldn't really remember the last time he was sick, if he had ever been sick in his life. Even when the flu struck the people around him, he never fell prey of it for some very particular reason. "I have to admit... I tried drugs.. You know peerpressure and such. However drugs don't hold effect on me" He shrugged slightly. He knew it was probably all because of the Angel within him. It just destroyed automatically the chemicals that entered his body. All but alcohol. Alcohol still held a great affect on me. "So if you were trying to drug me... I wish you good luck" He grinned softly as he took another sip from his drink.
  16. It was rather interesting to hear what the other had to say, despite it being such hushed words, acute ears heard ever moth-sized breath. It certainly earned the raise of his brow, what a strange answer for such a pure seeming boy, nevertheless, perhaps it was just the fact that reality stated there were a vast amount of children in such predicaments... Nevertheless, he allowed the conversation to die from there and acted as though he hadn't heard such a bare whisper of words. "Rain actually makes me feel very alive... The cold touch of the raindrops... And the way scents change... It is intriguing and it makes me alert" A warm chuckle left Thomas towards that, "well, in that case, I guess I'll just have you poke me with a pin to keep me roused, hm?" It was a playful tease, he subtly brushed his foot against the others leg - the gesture could have been taken two ways. Perhaps it was just the accidental bump, Thomas did have long legs - or perhaps, intentional flirting? Regardless of how the other took it, he wanted to see an expression - that would certainly give him a view on how open this expressive child was. "I will, though I doubt I will need painmedicine" Thomas smiled, "good! I hate the clutter of those big and bulky bottles, they're unsightly, too." He shook his head slightly, "goodness, I promise I'm not as clean as I'm sounding," he chuckled once more, a bellowing, deep laughter... In all honesty, he was just that clean, if not more. He hated a mess, it bothered him, he hated clutter, he hated when things were not in their respective order. "I have to admit... I tried drugs.. You know peerpressure and such. However drugs don't hold effect on me" Thomas raised a brow slightly, there was only one species he could think of that didn't succumb to the effects of drugs... Thrill swirled in his stomach. His foot brushed upon the other's leg once more, with slight intention.

    "Peer pressure is quite the devil, I experienced it in my day, more so smoking cigarettes - I didn't enjoy them, it wasn't a hard bucket to kick, either." He finished his meal, setting the plate aside and letting his elbows relax on the table, his body more calm, seemingly relaxed. "So if you were trying to drug me... I wish you good luck" "Oh, well I guess I'll just have to find an alternative," a grin touched his lips and he shot a wink at the young man, shifting to get up, taking their paper plates and their silverware, "care for a glass of wine?"
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  17. "Well, in that case, I guess I'll just have you poke me with a pin to keep me roused, hm?" Leviathan wasn't entirely sure how to take that comment as he gave a soft smile. He could feel Thomas' leg bump against him. It did bump against him, right? There was no way this was intentional as he stiffened slightly in his chair. He had just kept talking, while he went over that little gesture in his head. Maybe he was giving this far too much thought. However that idea went out of the window when Thomas rubbed over his foot a second time, more deliberate it seemed now. The young intern swallowed, not really sure what to do in this situation. Sure, the other was handsome.. but what if it was a trick? His friends had always told him not to overthink simple things so much, but Levi couldn't help himself as he looked up at his boss.

    "I have only tried marihuana, but I didn't like it. The smoke burned and made me cough.." He spoke as he pulled his legs a bit more back under his chair. It was not that he did not like this male, or would not be interested, but they were suppose to have a professional relationship right? Yet his boss moved forward, if only to lean up on that table. All innocent movements on their own, but Leviathan wasn't too sure on how to take them anymore. It were the most basic and subtle flirting moves, yet he couldn't seem to figure out why this male would flirt with him. He had everything and could have everything, so why would he go for a meaningless, young person as Levi himself?

    "Oh, well I guess I'll just have to find an alternative" Leviathan frowned softly at those words, swallowing when that wink followed that involuntarily set of some flutters in his stomach. This man had changed to a being of pure mystery for the young boy. With every action, several new questions popped into that head. Than again it was him who started this joke, yes, that was what it was. A simple joke and he relaxed again as the other moved up to take away their plates and cutlery.

    That smooth question for a glass of wine. That was just co-incidence, right? "Just... Just a small one" He answered. He didn't want to end up drunk, yet he also didn't want to come off as some stiff person. A few sips of wine wouldn't do too much. Hopefully. He watched the back of that male, as he pulled his legs up, curling them under his body. It wasn't that he had disliked the touches, accidental or not, but maybe it was just for that reason that he felt the need to protect himself. Yes, something about this male gave him the subtle hint he needed to be alert, carefull.
  18. A small glass? Well, alright.

    Thomas went and grasped a smaller glass, filling it generously before walking back to the table, offering it to the young man, "ah, marijuana, not too bad a drug but nevertheless it isn't legal nor is it wise to smoke it." He scratched his chin as he sat down, setting his ankle atop his knee, "my point being, drugs are bad and no drug shall be near us along our trip." Thomas offered a smile as he leaned back in his seat, looking towards the television as the end of the movie showed, his ever growing desire for human flesh grew stronger, however, he resisted... Not yet. "So," Thomas returned his attention to the young man, eyes locked right on his in a polite and attentive fashion, "when we get to France, it's a two bed hotel room, there's a great amount of privacy as well, if you need, there will be a gym located on the first level, a pool as well, breakfast is not served there so we'll either have to cook with the mini microwave, or, go out to eat. I wouldn't mind going out to eat each morning, I miss French breakfasts and brunches, they're so fulfilling and relaxing." He offered a warm, shinning smile. "Have you any food allergies? I wouldn't want to take you somewhere that would make you ill," he personally hadn't a food allergy, "I'm allergic to peanuts." He certainly was not, though his voice spoke truthful. In all reality, he merely didn't like the taste nor the texture of any nut, however, he always told his victims the lie in which he were allergic to peanuts... It was amusing, seeing who would try and send him into an allergy attack. "Unfortunately, it's a severe reaction I get, the whole throat closing up," he had one victim try and feed him a peanut butter sandwich, expecting him to go into a deathly allergic reaction, they were surprised when he continued eating, sure, he hated the taste and texture and wouldn't willingly touch it - though it always amused him greatly to see the panic on their faces as he finished their attempted murder.
  19. Leviathan took the glass from the other, twirling the liquid around for a moment. "So a drug free trip than?" His smile was a bit sheepish as he realized the unintended pun he was making. He studied the males profile once more as the other looked at the television where the credits played off. This was a strong male, a determined male, stubborn perhaps for some. A male that was used to admiration, for all the different reason. Yes, Leviathan felt honored once more to be offered the chance to work for and with this male. "So" Levi quickly averted his gaze as he took a sip from the wine. His eyes traveling back up to the other, as if he had not been studying him mere moments ago.

    He listened to what facilities the hotel would have. A gym certainly sounded nice, though he was more enthusiastic over the pool. Though he wondered if it was a pool for recreation or to really swim. Well, he would just have to find that out. That warm smile making the warm feeling in his belly spread once more, though he knew it was just a polite smile. A way this man smiled at everyone probably. "I have heard about the fame of French Breakfast, so I would totally agree to going out to eat every morning. Maybe we could do some sightseeing as well, if there is the time?" He suggested as he took another sip of his wine. He shifted slightly, pulling one leg up to his chest as he rested the class on top of his knee.

    Allergies. Leviathan softly shook his head as he took the information he was fed. A peanut allergy. He definitely had to keep that in mind. His mother had told him about all kind of dangers that went with sever allergies. As well as giving him a run through with the most common ones and what kind of foods to avoid so that would not be a problem. "I have no allergies, for as far as I am aware" He said, not even once noticing the other was lying through his teeth. He nodded softly at the explanation of the other about the reaction he gave to peanuts. "Anaphylaxis is a common reaction to food allergies. Where do you keep your EpiPen? Just in case something happens and you won't be able to inject yourself" He asked, the caring nature he had from his mother immediately triggered. Besides it would be pretty bad that IF the other ate some peanuts, he couldn't do anything but watch the other struggle and maybe even die.
  20. Again, he felt eyes moving along his skin.

    It was amusing, he often got stares, incredibly often; when he was younger, the staring bothered him, mostly since it came from older women. They always crowded around him when he was young, they said how cute and delicate he was, though as he progressively aged, their comments grew a bit more sexual and their pinches not so favored. Hungry older women were never fun, he remembered a time when he might have been preyed on by another man while, actually, in France. Father had left him at the outside table to wait, he was younger back then, father was getting some coffee when someone approached him, attempting to lure him... However, Thomas was, and is, a natural born predator - he knew he was being targeted. Father had come out, abrasive, more than ready for a confrontation. In honesty, it was bemusing to think back on, they never left lasting, traumatic impacts on his life, he could think back to the abuse, to the targeting, to the seclusion, it would never bother him to think back on... Even during the moment he was never truly concerned, he was far too aware, not to mention he knew his father was there.

    "Sight seeing?" He rose a brow sharply at the idea, this was a business trip... Keen eyes examined Leviathan slightly, glancing over an almost excited glimmer in soft eyes, "well, I suppose we can." He shrugged slightly, a mere toss of his shoulders as he ran a hand through his hair, smoothing his slicked back hair further. "When we have the time, though. This still is a business trip," he'd seen France many a-times, he'd seen all the sights, he'd seen everything, including the real France, not the tourist France. "However, if we finish early or if we decide to stay out late in the evening, I'll show you around." Thomas offered a kind smile, his skin ever so slightly wrinkled by his eyes at his smile, he was quite the 'smiler'. "I'll even show you off-the-map France, I enjoy going to their farmer's markets and fresh produce stands, it's rather nice, especially the cheese." He blinked at mention of an EpiPen, "oh! I have one in my personal bag, though don't mind it, I'm careful about what I eat." He did have an actual EpiPen, though, it was from a previous victim he'd snagged... They were allergic to lobster, he'd needed an EpiPen and he knew they had one, they weren't entertaining enough so he fed them lobster without their knowledge... When they injected themselves with the EpiPen, he took the empty item, tucked it in his pocket, then strangled the poor fellow manually.

    "Are there any particular sites you want to see while in France?" Thomas asked, setting his hands in his pockets as he stood, leaning slightly against his chair's side. "I'm sure the Eiffel Tower is one of those sights, though, would you like to see the Catacombs?"
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