A Rich Affair (see inside for details)

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  1. "Eyes as Green as Dollar Bills"


    Mrs. Jonathan Price. That's the name she went by after meeting her darling husband, who introduced her to a world of riches and wealth beyond her wildest imaginations. She is always the life of any party she attends and knows how to make her guests feel welcome whenever they visit. She's for a wide variety if expensive clothes and accessories, including a dress for nearly every occasion. At first glance, most would categorize her as a typical trophy wife, but what puts her apart from the other upper class snobs who live in the city is her heart. She has the biggest, softest, most gentle heart that a woman who's worth a net total of more then $860,000,000 could ever have. She gives back to charity, she always loves being part of the community and helping out... But when she meets a charming and sweet natured homeless boy who has nowhere to go, she offers him sanctuary within her home. Her husband does not approve of this, nor does the staff or her pompous friends, but all she cares about is that the boy is taken care of. However, what happens when the caring gentleness she feels for the young man turn into stronger feelings, and what will happen when she feels her heart slipping gently out of her husband's grasp in favour of the homeless boy? What happens.. When she finds herself falling in love with him?

    Alright, so this idea basically revolves around a rich woman who takes in a young and promising homeless man because she hates to see him suffer. As the course of their sweet and gentle relationship continues, they find that they are falling for one another and, because the woman still wants to be with her husband, they begin an affair. This particular RP can open up various scenarios, such as seeing how the boy interacts with the other rich people, or possibly the woman finds out she's pregnant from the young man and has to lie about it being her husband's child, or even the husband discovering the affair and requesting a divorce. Its a drama that's been told countless times, but its a timeless classic idea.

    I'm looking for somebody to play the rich woman, while I will be playing the poor boy. My character will be around 19-ish, so we can do mature subject matter without it being sketchy. In addition, I've provided an image of what I was hoping the rich woman would look like, but you can provide your own image if you'd like.

    This RP can be set in any time period, but I'd prefer something slightly further back in the past (late 70's-90's) or in present day. After all, the story I had in mind wouldn't really work too well 500 years in the future, or in the mid 17th century. Granted, it might be interesting, but the only "rich" people back then were all kings and queens, and I don't want to get too much into that aspect.

    We will be doubling quite a bit, so please be able to do such a thing. The story will be focused on the poor boy and the rich woman mostly, but there will be times when we have side characters interacting with our mains.

    Here's a short CS of my character. I will provide more information about him if you request it, but I prefer to develop my character's backstory and personality as the story progresses. Feel free to include any additional information you wish to have in your sheet. After all, its your sheet, so go nuts with it.

    Name: Alex Wilkinson
    Age: 19
    Appearance: but imagine him with brown hair.[​IMG]
    Short Bio: From the day he was born, Alex was considered to be completely unwanted. Ah the first chance they got, his parents dumped him at an orphanage. When he turned 19 and was no longer allowed to live in the building, he was forced out into the street without a job or a home. Alex is an intelligent kid and knows how to get around in life by having very little. He has a few dollars to his name, but he mostly saves it up so that he doesn't spend it all in one place. Rather then buy things like alcohol or drugs, he spends money on clothes or food for himself and his dog. He is also a very sweet boy and often gives things he has to those even less fortunate then he was (mostly, its little children who have only a teddy bear and no mommy or daddy). On many occasions, he has actually paid for something because the person buying it was low on cash. Nobody repaid him, but as long as he knew a good deed was done, Alex was joyful for the rest of the day.​
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