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  1. After the events of FNAF 1, the mysterious management decides to move to a different location much farther away in an attempt to revitalize the business. They also decide to fetch the decommissioned Toys from their company warehouse, in the hopes that one day they might be able to put them back to work (even though they're wary to turn them back on. They're also considering repairing Foxy and putting him back to work, as well, so they spend a little extra to create another Pirate Cove for him. But a few weeks after they open, it's clear that they're not making nearly enough money. They decide to start sprucing up Pirate Cove, though they're leery about repairing Foxy (it'll cost a fortune). They also purchase some new animatronics at auctions, hoping that these new additions will help boost their profits. Now they all have to learn to live together and get along in one cramped space.

    Freddy Fazbear

    Played By: Mira-Charma13
    Gender: Male
    Personality: A father-figure to the other animatronics. He is considered to be the de facto leader, so what he says goes (unless Golden or the Martionette have a problem with it). Freddy is extremely overprotective of his family, to the point where he can get gratuitously violent with anyone he deems to be a threat to them. He's a bit of a know-it-all. He loves to learn, especially from books--he even goes as far as to steal books from humans. He has a particularly caustic relationship with wild child Foxy. He loves to sing, and also loves to eat--he eagerly offers to taste-test when Chica cooks. Freddy is inherently polite when he speaks, even if he's speaking to someone he doesn't like all that much. He has a bit of a Southern twang to his voice.
    Fun Fact: His nose actually makes that party favor noise when it's honked.

    Played By: Mira-Charma13
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Foxy is one dangerous-looking fellow, with his sharp teeth and claws and his lethal hook. But even though he can be a bit salty at first, nothing could be farther from the truth. He's a sweet guy, really. He loves his family to death, especially his best friend Bonnie. He doesn't always get along with Freddy, mainly because he's a wild child who likes to do his own thing. Foxy has the curiosity of about twenty cats, and the brashness to go along with it. He hopes to one day see the ocean with his own eyes. He's especially fond of games, particularly card games like poker (where he can win all the booty). Foxy likes to play pranks on his fellow animatronics for fun. He's extremely curious about the outside world and secretly wants to sneak out and see it.
    Fun Fact: He's terribly afraid of thunderstorms.

    Played By: Mira-Charma13
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Bonnie comes off, initially, as being a bit of a douchebag. He's cold and combative at first, and he might threaten to beat up the object of his ire. To his family, and to those he's close with, Bonnie is an unshakably loyal friend with a heart of gold. He thoroughly enjoys getting up to no good with his best friend Foxy. Music, flowers, and animals are some of Bonnie's favorite things. He thinks he's a better singer than Freddy! Like Foxy, Bonnie is insanely interested in the outside world, but in spite of his size, strength, and tough guy attitude he's actually a bit of a coward and is afraid to leave the pizzeria even for a second. His guitar is his beloved treasure. Bonnie is especially fond of animals, particularly dogs and cats.
    Fun Fact: Bonnie loves it when people pet his ears.

    Played By: Mira-Charma13
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Chica is the sweetest thing in the entire world, friendly and loving to everyone she meets (though she's understandably wary around adults). She's a fantastic chef, even better than the human cooks that work at the pizzeria. Chica is the resident mother hen. She chases Foxy and Bonnie around and scolds them a lot to keep them from getting into trouble and maybe hurting themselves or damaging things in the process. She's very close with Freddy and spends quite a bit of time with him. Like Freddy, Chica also loves to learn new things. Especially about food, or pretty foreign places! She collects pretty and colorful things, like shiny buttons, colorful bottle caps, and carelessly misplaced jewelry.
    Fun Fact: She actually has a terrible and violent temper, but it takes a lot to make her that angry.
    Fredbear/Golden Freddy (Golden)

    Played By: Mira-Charma13
    Gender: Male
    Personality: More of a phantom than an animatronic due to his fascinating ability to teleport at will. Known simply as Golden to those he calls friends, he is extremely reclusive and spends most of his time holed up in the basement. He has the same amount of authority as Freddy, but since he prefers to stay out of the picture, Freddy is considered the de facto leader. Golden can be impish and likes to get up to no good when he's in a pleasant mood. He's also a father figure to all of the animatronics, including Freddy. He tends to avoid the other animatronics and only appears when his presence is absolutely necessary. To his friends, Golden is playful, kind-hearted, and gentle. To his enemies, he becomes a living nightmare.
    Fun Fact: He secretly loves TV soaps and watches them all the time.
    Toy Freddy (Fred)

    Played By: Mira-Charma13
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Toy Freddy, or Fred as he prefers to be called, is starkly different from his predecessor. He's inherently sweet and friendly, and maybe even a little childlike in his mannerisms. Fred enjoys music almost as much as Bonnie and Toy Bonni, and though he's terrible at it he often asks to play both of the rabbits' guitars. He loves food, just like Freddy does, and oftentimes he can be found raiding a kitchen and making a big mess, much to Chica's absolute horror. He's extremely shy, especially around anyone he finds attractive. Fred is quite playful and enjoys games of all kinds. He especially enjoys children's games, such as tag and hide and seek.
    Fun Fact: He's self-conscious about his weight, even though he physically can't lose or gain any.
    Toy Bonnie (Bonbon/Blu)

    Played By: Mira-Charma13
    Gender: Male
    Personality: A high-maintenance primadonna at heart, Toy Bonnie (also known as Bonbon or Blu) is the youngest of the Toy animatronics. He's used to being the baby, and in turn used to being spoiled by all of the other animatronics. He throws a fit when he doesn't get his way or what he wants. He's also quite possessive of those he's close with, particularly his big brother Bonnie. Though Bonbon is a bit of a bitchy drama queen and is prone to bouts of jealous rage, he's also amicable and loves to gossip. He has a passion for music and fashion--he likes to try on the spare employee uniforms when he has free time. He also enjoys practical jokes and plays pranks on his fellow animatronics whenever he has the chance.
    Fun Fact: Bonbon likes to sing and dance when he takes a bath or shower.
    Toy Chica (Tia)

    Played By: Wolfiethehybrid123
    Gender: Female

    Played By: Wolfiethehybrid123
    Gender: Female
    The Marionette (Mari)

    Played By: Mira-Charma13
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Wily, impish, and very protective of the other animatronics, Mari is a card if there ever was one. He's a bit eccentric compared to the other animatronics and he doesn't seem to properly get along with any of them. He spends the vast majority of his time either holed up in his box or checking up on the other animatronics. He likes to play pranks on the other animatronics, and he doesn't mind teaming up with others to get the job done. He's especially wary of adult humans, though he loves children. Mari can be a bit sassy when he gets angry or irritated and will often play tricks on anyone who makes him mad. He tends to be impatient, especially if he's teaching someone how to do something and they keep messing up. Mari loves to laugh and he has a fantastic, and somewhat sarcastic, sense of humor.
    Fun Fact: He's fond of video games and can often be found hiding in the arcade, playing some.

    Played By: Mira-Charma13
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Two distinct personalities exist in this being. Spring, the lovable golden rabbit that once worked alongside Golden in Fredbear's Family Diner, and Springtrap, who is (of course) the mysterious murderer who took the lives of five innocent children. Spring and Springtrap fiercely battle for control of the Spring Bonnie suit they reside in. Though Springtrap has amnesia and does not remember his name, or very much about his life as a human, he remembers who he is and the murders he caused--his personality lingers on. Spring and Springtrap are on poor terms and bicker constantly. They are isolated in the basement, where Golden keeps a close eye on them. Spring is friendly, inquisitive, and a little bit shy. Springtrap is hostile, harsh, and surprisingly playful.
    Fun Fact: Spring is terrified of mice and will run screaming like a little girl from them. Springtrap is actually quite fond of flowers and likes to receive them as gifts.

    Played By: Wolfiethehybrid123
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Riley is a rabbit covered in brown fur, his eyes are a bright purple while his hands, feet, ears, muzzle and around his eyes are a darker shade of brown. He likes to wear a dark green bow on his left ear. His stomach is a light tan colour. Riley is the smallest of the three 'older' animatronics and looks more feminine due to his smaller size and thinner body shape.
    Personality: Riley relays on Dusty a lot and often takes cruel things to heart, he's very shy when you first meet him but he's a great listener once you get to know him and can give amazing advice.

    Played By: Wolfiethehybrid123
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Kyle can be fairly dirty-minded at times but he is an intelligent Coyote who loves to write poems and short stories, although he does sometimes have trouble with his words and sounding too blunt he knows when to act serious and mature.

    Played By: Wolfiethehybrid123
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Dusty is the slimmest out of her gang and is also the second tallest, covered in light grey fur which is missing is some places, allowing her endoskeleton to be viewed, her arms are completely covered in bandages from the shoulder down to the wrists, the fur around the bandages appears to be burnt/singed. He eyes are a cyan blue and the insides of her ears and tip of her tails are a lighter shade of grey. Dusty was designed to be able to drop down and walk on all fours, which is why she has oddly designed wrists and back legs compared to the others.
    Personality: She's the most rational and mature of her gang, but can be annoyed easily be certain topics/Kyle, she is incredibly careful around children and has the terrible habit of lashing out at security guards if they touch her bandaged arms.

    Played By: Wolfiethehybrid123
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Runt captures child-like curiosity perfectly, she's constantly trying to learn more and loves to explore, she also likes to colour and draw pictures. Runt can get attached easily and doesn't deal with being away from Dusty for long periods of time well. Runt views Dusty as an older sister of sister of sorts.

    Eleven o'clock. Well past closing time at the brand-new pizzeria. The only humans left in the building were the haggard members of the cleaning crew, dutifully sweeping the place clean. When the last member of the crew moved on from the main party area to the arcade, all the way on the other side of the massive room, the eerie silence in the building was finally broken.

    "Psst. Oi. Bon."

    On the raised main stage, the massive purple rabbit stirred, a single tall ear twitching with interest. He didn't immediately answer the soft call. Instead his vibrant magenta optics refocused and he glanced furtively about the room, mentally noting the position of each member of the cleaning crew. Only when he was absolutely sure that none of them were within earshot did he turn his head toward the newly-constructed Pirate Cove. As expected, a single luminous golden eye greeted him from the minuscule space between the curtains. Bonnie sighed and averted his gaze, striving to keep tabs on the cleaning crew. They weren't supposed to move at all before the clock struck midnight, and if any of these busybody adults spotted movement...well, of course they would go straight to the management and claim that the animatronics were malfunctioning. Again.

    "What do you want, Foxy?" He made a point of whispering, knowing Foxy, with his sharp sense of hearing, would be able to hear him even from this distance. "You're gonna get us in trouble." That single glowing golden eye narrowed into a tiny slit. "I ain' got rocks fer brains, Bon. I ain' gonna get us thrown in the brig." Another golden eye flickered into view--Foxy must have lifted his eyepatch. "I'm assumin' ye heard the latest bit o' gossip?" One of Bonnie's eyes narrowed. "...Ehh..." Gossip? What in the world was he talking about? Foxy poked his toothy face out from behind the curtains. "Haven't heard anythin', have ya? The humans bin chatterin' about it all day long."

    "Foxy..." The hulking bear that previously stood motionless beside Bonnie at last stirred. Only his dark blue optics moved...to fix disapproving glowers on both rabbit and fox. "Get your head back in that Cove right this instant. If you're caught, we will all suffer for it." Foxy made a disparaging noise and pulled his ears back, but he obeyed anyway, backing up with a simple flutter of the curtains. "Yeah, yeah--I'm goin', ye scallywag. But aye!" Even though he moved back, Foxy lingered by the curtain, golden gaze somewhat uneasy. "The humans bin' gossipin' all day long. Heard 'em from me Cove. Apparently..." He scowled, eyes narrowing. "We be gettin' some new crewmates."

    "Really?!" The previously still Chica suddenly exclaimed, far too loudly. Several members of the cleaning crew jumped. The animatronics remained deathly still while they scanned the area, utterly confused. Eventually they returned to their work. "Chica..." Freddy sounded exasperated, like a burnt-out mother of triplets. The chicken pulled a face, shuffling her feet against the wooden boards below. "I'm sorry. I got excited." Her hot pink optics swiveled to meet Foxy's golden ones. "Are we really? But why? We have the Toys back. Why don't they just reactivate them?"

    "Dunno." Foxy grunted, disappearing back into his Cove. "They're supposed ta get here tonight. I'm assumin' pretty soon." Midnight was fast approaching, and the employees knew damn well that lingering for much longer would inevitably be the end of them. If they were going to bring in the new animatronics and avoid inciting the wrath of the resident animatronics and their lethal nighttime programming, they would have to do so in the next few minutes.

    "I was not informed of this." Freddy turned his eyes forward once again. "I must admit, I'm intrigued. I suppose we will just have to wait and see." "I hope one of them is a girl," Chica muttered, readjusting her cupcake on its small tray. "I be hopin' there ain' another pirate cap'n," Foxy growled, settling down in his Cove. He was impatient to see the newcomers. "Otherwise, we're gonna cross cutlasses." "I don't really care," Bonnie chimed in, ears perking upward. "As long as they don't touch my guitar, that is."

    With their bits said, they all finally fell silent, though they all kept an eye out for these supposed additions to their ranks.
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  2. A few more moments passed until the sound of squeaky wheels filled the room. Three men walked in, each pushing a metal thing (like what they would use to stack chairs and move them) and on each one was a animatronic. All off them had their eyes shut and heads slumped forward.

    "Where we gonna put 'em?"

    "Just sat them down here, management can deal with them. I wanna get home, this place gives me the creeps and I don't get paid enough to stay later then needed."

    All three of the men that had pushed in the animatronics turned and left, exiting the pizzaria as the clock struck twelve. The Coyote was the first to react, his ear twitching suddenly before he opened his eyes and walked forward, shaking his head slightly and looking around, "Wasn't the most pleasant ride, dang truck kept bouncing.... Where's my stick?" He started looking around, not even glancing at the animatronics as Riley slowly came to life, hesitantly stepping away from the wheeled piece of metal that had been used to move him here. He looked around timidly with lowered ears.

    "D-Dusty?" He glanced back at the grey wolf as she walked towards him, blinking slowly and tapping the side of her head, "Yeah? What? You're not scared are you? I told ya we'll be fine, so just calm down, a'right?" She placed a hand on the rabbit's shoulder and watched him nod slowly, before continuing to look around.

    Kyle had slowly began to approach the Fazbear crew, letting out a hum, "Hey there, you lot must be our new 'housemates'. My names Kyle, Kyle Coyote. You can call me Ky if you wish." He gave a nod before jerking his head towards Dusty, who was also approaching the stage, Riley behind her.

    "Name's Dusty, friends call me Dee, because apparently my name isn't short enough already. The bunny behind me is-"

    "R-Riley... My name is Riley. Dusty likes to call me Ry-Ry tho... I suppose you can too... If you really want.." He focused his gaze to the ground as the female wolf chuckled, turning her attention to the four animatronics on stage.

    "What are ya'll name's then?"
  3. Chica and Bonnie were the first of the resident animatronics to move. Chica bent down carefully to set the tray that held her cupcake on the stage. Bonnie did the same with his beloved guitar, but he seemed to treat it with even more care than Chica treated her cupcake. They hung back, however, when the new animatronics approached them. Freddy stirred halfway through Kyle's introduction, ocean blue optics flashing and then honing in on the three new faces. The three of them said nothing at first. They all shared glances, silently wondering how to go about doing this. It was awkward enough introducing themselves to the Toys the first time around--at least they weren't in various states of disrepair this time around (Foxy aside, of course).

    "I bid you welcome." Ever the gentleman, Freddy was the first to speak. He tipped his hat to them as he spoke in an effort to be polite. "I am Freddy, and this is my domain. Follow the rules and be friendly to children, and we will get along just fine." Chica clasped her hands together in front of her, already more than excited. So there was a female animatronic! Excellent! "I'm Chica! I hope we can get along and be good friends. It'll be nice to have another girl to talk to!" Bonnie grunted, one of his long ears twitching. Really? They had to go and purchase another rabbit? Weren't there enough rabbits around here already? At least there wasn't another bear. There were far too many bears running around. "Call me Bonnie. Don't touch my guitar and you'll be fine. Oh, and, uh..."

    He jerked a lilac-furred finger in the direction of Pirate Cove, where Foxy was still holed up. Though he would vehemently deny it if anyone accused him, the pirate fox was leery and shy around new people. It could take him a long while to open up to fresh faces. "That's where Foxy the Pirate lives. He's not really that fond of new faces, so it might be a while before he crawls out of his Cove." Foxy grunted in acknowledgement from somewhere within his Cove. He was clearly active--some distinct rustling sounds echoed out from Pirate Cove. It sounded as if the red animatronic was moving things around. It was polite to have a clean living space whenever guests came knocking, wasn't it?

    "Oh, yes..." Speaking of animatronics that were currently out of view... "There are more of us residing here," Freddy explained, sparing a glance in the direction of the marked Parts and Services room. "Our Toy counterparts are currently out of order and deactivated. As well, if you are lucky...you may catch a glimpse of Golden, my--as his name suggests--golden counterpart. He's rather reclusive and doesn't often show his face unless his presence is required."

    At this point, Foxy finally emerged from behind Pirate Cove's gaudy curtains, his arms folded across his chest and his expression sour, but mildly intrigued. He was in visibly sorry shape. His fur was worn and dotted with gaping holes, which exposed the endoskeleton underneath. There was no fur left on his legs, nor on his arms. His once fluffy poof of a tail had been reduced to a few matted red fibers. His left eyelid hung down farther than his right one and that eye flickered every once in a while, suggesting that it needed some repairs. Yes, Foxy looked like a walking pile of scrap metal...but it didn't seem to bother him too much. He flicked his squeaky eye patch up once again, closely scrutinizing the new animatronics.

    He didn't dare to get too close. If there was one thing that Foxy and Freddy could say for certain that they actually had in common, it was that neither of them liked to be touched.
  4. Dusty gave a nod and laugh,"It is good to see another female, being trapped with those two for long periods of time is messing with my circuits" She chuckled as Riley sent her a hurt look, his ears folding down against his head as he stared at the wolf, she just chuckled and patted his head, making his ears perk up.

    All three turned their attention to Pirate Cove when it was mentioned, "H-Hey! That's like your corner back at our old place, I wonder if they're gonna rebuild it for you...?"Riley said, turning his attention to Dusty.

    "Ehh, doubt it." The wolf shrugged, turning her cyan eyes back to the brown bunny for a moment before looking back at the cove when she heard the curtains rustling. She didn't show much of a physical reaction to the fox's appearance, she just sent him an understanding gaze and began messing with the bandages the were wrapped tightly around her arms.

    "Well, he's in worst condition then your arms and legs were when we got out of the fir-OW!" Kyle jumped as Dusty smacked him around the back of his head, he shut up when she sent him a sharp glare and he even whimpered slightly. Riley took a few steps away from the two.

    "Please don't start fighting..."

    "Don't worry, we're not gonna fight, I was just teaching Kyle to keep his trap shut and not to stare at people." Her tone was threatening and she sent the coyote another glare, he just glared back this time before muttering a 'sorry' under his breath and crossing his arms over his chest.

    Dusty turned to the red animatronic,
    "Pirate, eh? Sounds cool, and sorry to all of you for what you had to see then, especially you Foxy. Kyle just... Doesn't know when to shut up."

    "And when not to br-bring up old memories." The bunny shuddered, wrapping his arms around himself. The fire hadn't been a good one and they lost friends, but out of them, the only ones left intact after the fire, Dusty had gotten injured the most. She had stayed back to help others and the fur on her arms and legs and been burnt off. Instead of fixing her like they should of, the company just bandaged her arms and ended up selling them.

    It wasn't a nice memory and Dusty sometimes freaked out, but she was mostly calm. Mostly. Since then she had been fixing others, so Riley could probably guess she would offer to help fix Foxy later.

    "Well this is all very awkward so I'm gonna go explore." Kyle them took off and ignored Dusty when she called out after him before grunting in annoyance.

    "Riley, remind me to hit him when we find him later."

    The bunny just nodded and slowly made is way towards the stage, hoping to maybe talk to Freddy and ask about something. Or maybe even ask Bonnie to play his guitar, Riley had a bass he use to play but he had no idea if it had been brought with them.
  5. "Well..." Chica took a few steps forward before shifting. Slowly, carefully minding her weight, the chicken sat down at the edge of the stage, swinging her legs like a small child. Her joints squeaked and creaked ominously. Even though the three band members were far better off than the damaged Foxy, they were still in iffy condition. The mechanic clearly didn't care all that much about any of them. "Mangle and Tia are girls, too. They're two of the Toys. But..." She pulled a face. "For some reason, the management seems...uneasy about reactivating them."

    Bonnie mimicked Chica, though he reclaimed his guitar as he sat. "It's probably because they've been deactivated for so long," he reasoned, absently tuning the cherry red guitar. "Decades, actually." "To be perfectly honest, I suspect that the primary reason behind keeping the Toys deactivated..." Freddy readjusted his bow tie, "...is that they do not want to shell out the money to repair Mangle."

    Foxy growled from deep within his chest, shoulders squaring defensively. Freddy ignored him altogether. Mangle was a sore spot for Foxy. Along with the obvious neglect he suffered at the hands of the staff, the repulsive state Mangle found herself in was the driving force behind the pirate's startling hatred for the management. "But that's stupid," Bonnie grunted, ears pulling back somewhat. "She's their responsibility. They should take care of her. It's their fault she's like that in the first place."

    "They should do a lotta things, Bon." Foxy's voice was downright murderous and his eyes glinted dangerously. "Like walk the plank." "Whoa there, Blackbeard." Bonnie held his hands up in what he hoped was a placating manner.

    Foxy rolled his shoulders in an outwardly aggressive manner when Kyle spoke, fearlessly meeting the other animatronic's gaze head-on. If the coyote was looking for a scrap, he wouldn't have to look much farther than Foxy. Foxy actually enjoyed fighting, so much so that he would deliberately pick fights with Freddy and play-fight with Bonnie whenever he got the chance. "Oh, if ye be wantin' ta shut th' landlubber's gob, Cap'n Foxy's the one fer the job." Fast as lightning, Foxy's fist and hook were up in the air. "Come 'n fight me like a man!" "Foxy..." Freddy sounded exasperated once again. Chica clacked the teeth of her endoskeleton and suit together loudly, hands immediately going to her hips. "Don't you even start!" she snapped, feathers fluffing up with irritation. "This is supposed to be a happy occasion!" Sufficiently cowed, Foxy backed off, scuffing his metal feet against the wood underfoot.

    As Kyle wandered off, Freddy raised his voice to give him a stern warning. "Do not touch the Toys! If the management suspects us of tampering with them and attempting to reactivate them...we will all be in serious trouble." Hopefully, the Toys wouldn't have to wait too much longer to be reactivated now that these brand-new animatronics were on the scene.

    Bonnie strummed a simple chord on his guitar, pointedly ignoring the three fresh faces. Chica suddenly shot up to her feet, looking flustered. "Oh! I should make us all something to eat so we can celebrate!" She tottered off as quickly as she could, eager to get started on a delicious meal. The boys watched her go with ears perked. "...Been a while since I've seen her move that fast," Bonnie commented, earning him a snicker from Foxy and an unimpressed stare from Freddy.

    "Anyway..." the rabbit continued, setting his guitar aside. "While we're waiting for her, I guess we could give you guys a tour if you want. I don't really know where you'll be staying. There's another stage, yeah..." He nodded to the right. On the other side of the large room, directly opposite from Pirate's Cove but in the same spot, was a second stage that very much resembled the stage the band stood on. "But that's for the Toys."
  6. Riley nodded, "A tour would be great, and I'm sure we'll figure out where we are staying sooner or later. As for the Mangle girl you were talking about..." The rabbit paused for effect, getting Dusty's attention as she sent him a pleading look, "Dusty could fix her! She's really good at repairing things..."

    The wolf sighed, "Don't get your hopes up Ry-Ry, I haven't even seen what condition the poor lass must be in, and besides, if she wants to be fixed it's up to her." Dusty gave a sigh, looking back over at where Chica had ran off, her ears tilted back slightly.

    Riley frowned and turned back to the face the others, "Well uhh... How bad a condition is she in? If I can ask...." He looked down and kicked at the floor, ears lowering. Dusty turned back to face everybody and rolled her cyan coloured eyes.

    "Riley, don't be so shy remember. Work on you confidence, as for Mangle, no matter what condition she's in if she gives me the all clear I'll try helping. Nothing bugs me more then animatronics that were abandoned and not fixed... God do I know what that feels like." She gave a sad sigh and moved to jump up onto the stage and sit down.

    "Anyway, can I just ask who actually are the other animatronics here? I wanna know about them before I meet them."

    It was at this point Kyle walked back in, his stick poking out of his mouth, "Hey, I found my stick. Oh and Riley, they do have your bass, Dee's story book and old banner is here too." The coyote muttered as he walked over.

    Dusty rolled her eyes and Riley smiled, they had his bass?!
  7. "I don' want any o' you landlubbers touchin' me first mate." The hackles raised along Foxy's back and his ratty tail stood up straight. "Yeah. I wouldn't even look at Mangle right now if I were you," Bonnie piped up, mindlessly adjusting his guitar. "I mean, if you wanna avoid having a chunk taken out of you or something. Foxy's real protective of her." Foxy would not allow anyone he himself didn't one hundred percent trust anywhere near Mangle, especially when she was in such a vulnerable state.

    Foxy hunched his shoulders and turned, disappearing back into his Cove. He was in no mood to be friendly. Neither Freddy nor Bonnie made any move to stop him. When Foxy wanted to be alone, it was best to just leave him to his own devices. Once he was sure that the pirate wasn't turning around and coming right back out of his Cove, Freddy turned his attention to Riley. "She is in many pieces. Decades ago, when she was still functional, she was used and abused as a pull-apart attraction for toddlers. They have damaged her almost beyond repair." "She's pretty frightening to look at, actually," Bonnie chimed in, shuffling over to make room for the other animatronics to comfortably sit on the stage. "If you think Foxy's in bad shape, just wait until you get a load of Mangle. Especially if she's crawling around on the ceilings like she's fond of doing. But don't let Foxy hear you say that, or he might clobber you."

    From deep within the pizzeria, some crashing and clanging sounds echoed throughout the deserted halls. "Freddy!" Chica's voice bounced off of the walls. "I need a hand!" The bear grumbled, finally climbing down off of the stage. "Why is it always me?" he murmured to no one in particular, lumbering off in the direction of the kitchen. "Beats me!" Bonnie sounded perfectly cheerful as he watched Freddy leave. "I'm just glad it's not me!"

    As Freddy departed, Foxy emerged from his Cove again, ears perked. Bonnie motioned for him to come over. After a moment of hesitation, during which he glowered at the trio of new animatronics, the lithe fox nimbly leaped onto the floor from his stage. He plopped himself down beside Bonnie just as the rabbit was starting to speak.

    "Well, there's Fred. He's Freddy's Toy counterpart. He's a lot shorter than Freddy and kind of rounder. He's a little shy. He likes games, though--you might be able to get him to open up if you play something like checkers or hide and seek with him. And then there's my toy counterpart. I call him Blu, personally...but pretty much everybody else likes to call him Bonbon. He plays a guitar, just like me. He's a skinny little thing, though." "An' yeh've got Tia," Foxy added, pressing against his broken jaw to readjust it while he talked. "Toy Chica. She be thinner than Chica. Pretty thing, she is. Lots o' adults used ta give her the eye, if ya know what I mean." The fox hesitated before continuing. "Mangle's me Toy version. She be me first mate. Aye, she was beautiful once--the prettiest pirate ta ever sail th' seven seas! But the humans ruined her." Seeing that Foxy was starting to get angry again, Bonnie wisely took control of the conversation again. "There's Mari, too. The Marionette, or the Puppet. He's, uh...a little weird. Reclusive. He likes to play tricks on everyone. Golden spends most of his time in the basement. He's reclusive, too. It's a good thing, I guess. He kind of creeps me out."

    The rabbit and the fox shared a furtive glance. There was, of course, one other animatronic they had completely neglected to mention. They didn't consider him to be a part of their family and he wasn't allowed to mingle with the others...so unless Freddy or Golden wanted to explain, they would say nothing on the matter.
  8. Riley had jumped at Foxy's sudden change in mood and bolted to Dusty, who had simply rolled her eyes at him. She wasn't gonna argue with the red fox, she understood why he would be protective of Mangle if she was trashed, especially by humans.

    When everybody had calmed down and Bonnie and Foxy began explaining everybody else Riley had sat on the ground in front of them, though he was closer to Bonnie then Foxy, listening intently to what they had to say.

    "I'm just happy to be around new people, been stuck with you two for too long." Kyle gave a grin, and while Riley actually looked offended Dusty just gave a small chuckle and shook her head.

    "Well you're still stuck with us, so deal with it. But it'll be nice to meet them when they're finally activated, it's been too long since we were last around so many people..." The wolf muttered, jumping off to the stage and landing on her feet with a soft 'thud'. Riley looked up at her before standing up, his ear twitching, "Are you okay Dee? You aren't gonna glitch are you?"

    Kyle seemed to tense up and turned his gaze from Bonnie and Foxy to Dusty, who was frowning at Riley, "No Ry, I'm not gonna glitch." The bunny let out a sigh, "but I am gonna go help Chica and Freddy, seems like she's a handful."

    The wolf gave Foxy and Bonnie a nod before walking off, her tail swishing behind her as she left.

    Riley stared at her with a frown, his ears giving a twitch before he turned back to face the purple and red animatronics, Kyle seemed a lot less worried about this 'glitch' Riley had mentioned, but the brown bunny was shifting from what foot to the other.

    "So, when do you guys reckon the toys are gonna be activated? They wouldn't of kept them if they didn't plan on activating them." Kyle asked, hoping to distract the two from what had just happened. Dusty didn't need others watching her every move, but they wouldn't be able to beat around the bush if one of them asked.

    Dusty had found the kitchen easier then she thought she would of, walking in and looking at the yellow chicken and brown bear, "Any help needed? Or do you two think you can handle it by yourselves." The question was more aimed towards Freddy, and her gaze held a look that said 'She seems like a handful do you want help?' But it didn't mean that Chica needed to know that. The yellow animatronic was too happy for her own good.
  9. "I've got a pretty good feelin' that they're gonna reactive 'em tomorrow." Foxy scratched idly at a bare spot on his neck, where a few colorful wires were exposed. In addition to being a walking pile of scrap metal, it looked like he might very well be a walking fire hazard as well! "Fred, Tia, 'n Bonbon'll be on the other stage. Dunno what they're gonna do with Mari or Mangle..." In his old location, the Marionette was kept in a prize corner. There was a prize counter here, as well...but it was attached to the arcade and Foxy couldn't see a designated spot for the Marionette's box. Now, Mangle...Foxy sincerely hoped that the management would do the right thing and room her with him.

    Neither animatronic reacted much to the exchange between the three newbies. Foxy merely grunted, an ear twitching, and swung his legs around like a bored toddler. Bonnie didn't seem to care in the slightest and ignored them altogether, still absentmindedly toying with his guitar. The two of them weren't the friendliest of the resident animatronics by a long shot.

    They weren't worried all that concerned about Dusty glitching. As long as she didn't glitch around children, that was. Then they would promptly take action. God forbid anyone do anything to harm a child in their presence, regardless of whether it was deliberate or accidental.

    "Oh, she's a handful all right," Bonnie called after the wolf, strumming a simple chord. Whenever Chica had her mind set on doing something--which in this case was preparing a fantastic meal to celebrate the arrival of new family members--there was little to nothing that could stop her. She was like a tank, that girl. Foxy blew a raspberry and flopped over backwards onto the sturdy boards of the stage, resting his head on his arms. "Why're we just sittin' here? Shouldn' we be givin' 'em the grand tour or somethin'?" Bonnie tore his gaze from his beloved guitar, craning the joints in his neck to leer warily toward the kitchen. "Freddy should be the one to do that. But I guess it doesn't matter..."

    The rabbit set his cherished instrument aside and planted his feet on the floor, rising to his full height. If one included his ears, Bonnie was the tallest of the resident animatronics. A hulking monster. He could be extremely intimidating when he wanted to be. "Yeah, if you wanna see the rest of the place we can do that. You can show your friend around later on, then." "Firs' things firs'..." Foxy gestured toward the front doors with his sharp hook, still all splayed out on the stage. "We ain' allowed outside. Th' humans pitch the fit o' the century if they even catch us lookin' at the doors."

    "The basement's off-limits, too." Bonnie reached out and grabbed onto Foxy's hook arm, making a show of hauling the sour fox to his feet. "That's Golden's turf. He can get pretty angry if anyone trespasses." Foxy swung his hook halfheartedly at the rabbit, not even trying to connect, and shuffled away, brushing himself off. "Kitchen's over there..." Bonnie ignored Foxy's antics, pointing toward the area where Chica, Freddy, and Dusty had absconded to. "There's an arcade and a prize counter at the far end of the room. Parts and services area is on the other side of Pirate Cove. Down that hallway there are a few doors...they lead to private party rooms. Farther down there is the supply closet. And beyond that..."

    Both animatronics shifted uncomfortably. "The security office. Sometimes there's a night guard there, from midnight until six in the morning." He lifted a paw, pointing toward a limp security camera near the ceiling. "It's empty right now. You can tell because the cameras aren't active." Foxy snorted, fur standing on end, and tromped loudly in the direction of the arcade. "I'm gonna play some games." Evidently, talking about the night guard wasn't something either of them enjoyed doing.

    "Hi, Dusty!" Chica bustled about the kitchen like a chef in a five-star restaurant, tending to three different pizza ovens at a time. "I could use another hand over here! Freddy's kind of occupied." The bear in question was apparently in charge of fetching Chica whatever she needed. Since he was taller than her, he could reach the highest shelves. He snuck a thankful glance at Dusty while he was rummaging through a cabinet full of pots, searching for the one specific model that the chicken requested. "Freddy usually helps me whenever I need it," Chica chattered on, most of her attention focused on her cooking. "I'd appreciate an extra hand. I don't allow Foxy and Bonnie in here. They're awful cooks. Bonnie just doesn't pay attention to what he's doing, and Foxy nearly set the old building on fire after he offered to help me once!"
  10. Riley listened intently to what the two had to say, he had his mind set on not getting lost, also he wanted to try and figure out where they would keep him, but the rabbit quickly gave up when his head started to hurt, he was overthinking again and didn't need to fry his circuits.

    "Wait, arcade? Did I hear you correctly? Because that's awesome, it's been awhile since I've seen an arcade..." Kyle ended up muttering to himself, Riley glanced over at him for a second before looking back at Foxy and Bonnie, his left ear twitching, "So that's the entire Pizzaria, the place is pretty big if you think about it, but then again they do have over ten animatronics here so it would probably get pretty cramped on occasion..." The brown bunny trailed off in thought.

    Dusty sent Freddy a small smile and look that simply said 'I got your back' before walking over to Chica and started to help tend to the pizzas, "In my original restaurant my friend Suki was a huge fan of cooking, you learn a few tricks." She sent the smaller chicken and small smile, focusing on helping out as much as she could, and also trying to keep her mind of the ache in her arms. They didn't hurt often but occasionally the fried circuits would demand to be noticed. Not that she had gotten around to actually fixing herself yet, despite how much she helped others Dusty had the bad tendency to forget that she was pretty busted up herself.

    "Anything in particular you want me to do? I normally only help bake pies and cakes so pizza is kinda new to me." The wolf asked while checking on one of the pizzas, her tail giving a slight swish before it froze then continued to wag.
  11. "For a couple of decades, it was just the five of us in the old location..." Bonnie reached up and fiddled with his right ear. It squeaked and creaked as he did so--he needed a few tiny repairs, as well. "Me, Freddy, Foxy, Chica, and Golden. There was another place before that...and that was the Toys' domain. The five of us were...left to decay in the back room." The rabbit's jaw clenched. Those were memories that he would rather not revisit. "The Toys and us...we hated each other for the longest time. Foxy was the only one who made an effort to be nice to them. And it paid off, because eventually we all warmed up to each other." Surprising, really. The irritable fox, who was now happily mowing down fake zombies on one of the arcade machines, didn't seem like the outgoing type. "I think it's because he's always had a soft spot for Mangle, though," the purple animatronic whispered, a devious smirk curling his lips. He pitied anyone who ever tried to hurt Mangle again. Foxy wouldn't allow anyone to lay a hand on her anymore!

    "I guess it'll be pretty cramped in here once they're back online, though. It'll be a nice change of pace." Bonnie cast a furtive glance in the direction of the parts and services room. "It could get a little lonely back in the old place. Golden tended to avoid us, so it was usually just the four of us, left to our own devices. And the snooping night guards didn't make it any easier for us." For a second--just a split second--Bonnie's bright magenta gaze darkened to midnight black, with only tiny pinpricks of light in the middle. As quickly as the darkness engulfed them, however, it was gone. "We just wanna be left alone, you know? But apparently, that doesn't matter to the dickheads in management." From his spot in the arcade, Foxy snickered at the curse. Without Freddy and Chica around, the two of them were free to curse as much as they wanted.

    "We've bin thinkin' 'bout activatin' the Toys ourselves, we have," the fox quipped after a moment of silence, simultaneously blowing the head off of a zombie as he spoke. "But we dunno how they're gonna react. They bin deactivated fer decades. I don' wanna scare 'em." "Scare them...pah." Bonnie rolled his eyes. "I really doubt that would be the case with Blu and Mangle. Can't say what the others would do, though."

    "I just have this one to make yet." She motioned toward some uncooked pizza dough, all ready to go in the pan. "There's a pot of sauce on the stove, and some cheese in the refrigerator. If you want to get that ready to go, that would be great!" Freddy was busy locating the plates and cups they would need. As he did so, he muttered and grumbled unpleasant things under his breath about the sloppiness of the kitchen crew. If it wasn't for Chica tidying up every evening, he didn't know how the kitchen crew would even function! "Once that last pizza's ready to go in the oven, it'll only be fifteen minutes till we can eat."
  12. Riley didn't notice the flash of Bonnie's eyes, Kyle did but didn't voice what he had seen, it didn't matter to him if the animatronics had demons living inside of them. Both the brown bunny and coyote chuckled when the larger bunny cursed, "I reckon you should activate them, I mean, what can the management do anyway? We're robots for god's sake and if they wanna earn any money they'll keep this place open, if anything you'd be doin' them a favour." The coyote's voice was as calm as always, and he rolled his stick between his teeth before moving it to the other corner of his mouth, "I think keeping them deactivated would be worse for 'em."

    "Ky k-kinda has a point..." Riley muttered, his gaze moving from Bonnie to Foxy. The dwarf bunny was too nervous for his own good sometimes.

    Dusty nodded to what Chica had said, going over to the fridge and opening it, starting to dig around for the cheese, "Freddy's right, the humans need to learn how to keep this place cle-who hides cheese behind a jar of pickles?" She cut herself off and just shook her head in annoyance and pulled out the cheese, setting it on the side.

    She found the cheese grater and began to grate the cheese, humming slightly as she did so. Once that was all done she then moved on to the sauce, all the while humming softly to herself.
  13. Foxy finished his slaughter of digital zombies just as the coyote finished speaking. Without saying a word, he met Bonnie's equally uneasy gaze. Bonnie rolled his shoulders and twitched angrily. He never did take kindly to being called a robot. Then again, neither did Foxy...or Freddy, Chica, or Golden. But Bonnie always took it the worst. After all, they were different. Sometimes, there were things they felt and remembered that they, if they truly were robots, had no business feeling or remembering. "Don't let me ever catch you calling any of us robots again," the purple rabbit deadpanned, a threatening undertone in his voce. "That's insulting. Do I look like a mindless toaster to you? No? Didn't think so. So shove it."

    "Bon..." Foxy loudly clomped his way toward the larger animatronic, picking up the pace just in case the combative rabbit started throwing punches. "Ye need ta learn not ta not take it all personal-like, savvy?" Bonnie rolled his shoulders again, ears pulling back and eyes narrowed dangerously. "...Yeah whatever, short stuff." Foxy scoffed, deliberately putting himself between Bonnie and the newcomers. Chica and the Toys aside, Foxy was the shortest of the resident animatronics, and boy did he hate being reminded of it! "...If we're gonna reactivate the Toys, we oughta wait till Chica's gone an' made her grub," the red animatronic suggested. "Otherwise, she's gonna run herself ragged fixin' all of us and the Toys somethin' to chow down on."

    Freddy chuckled, a deep and rather pleasant sound. He had a pleasant Southern drawl for a voice. Chica simply giggled, pulling one of the pizzas out of the oven. "Humans are so weird, aren't they? Adults, I mean. They do such strange things. Ooh!" She set this pizza on the counter to cool. "This supreme is ready! Now we're just waiting on the pepperoni and the pineapple...and the plain you're constructing." Freddy made no comment, though he did roll a shoulder and avert his gaze at the mere mention of adults. None of the animatronics really cared much for adults...but Freddy truly despised them.

    Especially night guards.
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  14. Riley let out a pathetic whimper and darted off.. Somewhere. Earning him a slight glare from Kyle, Riley had always been easily scared and found it best to flee from sight as soon as somebody got angry, he often got teased for it but Dusty quickly put a stop to that, she treated him as if he was her own brother and wasn't hesitant to put somebody in their place should they purposely try to frighten him. Kyle learnt that the hard way.

    Although the coyote did flinch when Bonnie snapped at him he didn't show much sign of freaking out, like Riley did (the small bunny was hiding behind an arcade machine) and instead just sent the purple animatronic an apologetic smile, "Sorry Bonnie, won't happen again, I was practically raised with everybody being called robots and sometimes it just slips out, as much as I don't want it too. But did I refer to you as a toaster? No I didn't, for one you show yourself as being smarter then any toaster I've ever seen, and number two I have know you for, what, half an hour? And already I reckon you deserve respect, I didn't mean to insult ya. And I have no place to insult you, so again sorry, won't call you 'robot' again. Truce?"

    Kyle glanced over at Riley who was peaking out from his place hidden by an arcade machine, his ears fell back and he quickly moved completely behind the machine when he saw Kyle look at him, making the taller animatronic sigh in annoyance, "C'mon Riley, get back over here. Nobody's gonna hurt you."

    "I-I'm okay over here, th-thanks..."

    His response just made Kyle groan in annoyance.

    Dusty tensed up slightly and completely stopped humming, images of fire flickering across her memory as she got back to work. She didn't trust adults easily, especially not since what had happened. Children she adored, much like how Riley adored it when the younger ones said his bow made him look 'cute' or 'adorable'. But adults... She had lost most of her trust in adults.

    The wolf had to bite back a growl as to not alarm Freddy or Chica, she didn't want them to worry about her or be weary of her.

    Dusty took note of the fact that her arms were starting to ache more and stopped doing what she was doing, glaring at her bandaged arms, "Know where I can find a screwdriver? My arms are starting to act up and I think I need to do something before they start sparkin'... Or something like that."
  15. Bonnie made a show of sniffing loudly and turning his body to the side, fixing Kyle with a sour sideways stare. "...Fine. Truce. But I'm warning you--and listen real close, 'cause I'm only gonna say it once." His magenta eyes narrowed once more. "If you call me a robot again, I'm gonna turn you into scrap metal." Foxy reached out and patted one of the rabbit's large arms, trying his very best to placate him. "Pretty sure they get th' message, Bon. Can' we jus' move past it, now?" The purple animatronic hummed under his breath, cracking his mechanical knuckles. "Yeah. Sure. Let's move on. Just don't ask me to kiss and make up with them."

    "Good." Foxy left Bonnie's side and, tactfully hiding his hook behind his back, confidently sauntered his way toward the arcade. He peered around the arcade machine the smaller bunny holed himself up behind, ears perked up. "Get outta there. Yer gonna get filthy. And quit hangin' the jib--turn tha' frown upside down! If tha' stupid bears comes a' rovin', he'll think we're bein' bullies." He hesitated, glancing over his shoulder at Bonnie. The rabbit folded his arms across his chest, a wry smile alighting on his face. Grunting, the fox turned back around and offered his hand to Riley. "C'mon. Up ye go." The last thing Foxy wanted to do was make Freddy think he and Bonnie were pushing the new animatronics around. Bullying was something that all of the animatronics, save for Bonnie, very much looked down on, and Freddy was especially vehement about it.

    "You know, we can take you to see the Toys if you want," Bonnie offered, sneaking a peek at the kitchen. He was certain that Chica would be finished soon enough. "We just can't reactive them until we're done eating. I don't really think they'd be in the mood to stuff their faces, anyway, so we're doing them a solid by keeping them off for a bit longer."

    Freddy immediately took over when Dusty had to stop, happy to do something other than sift through plates and silverware. "You will find what you are looking for in the parts and services room. Just...keep your distance from the Toys." Too much activity in that room could result in the Toys accidentally reactivating themselves, their programming tricking them into thinking they were on stage and surrounded by a throng of loud, eager children.

    "We'll be done in a few minutes!" Chica piped up, smiling at the wolf before continuing her work--the pepperoni pizza was now finished. "Don't worry about setting the table. We've got it covered! You just feel better, okay?"
  16. Riley hesitated before taking Foxy's hand and pulling himself up, hanging his head as his ears fell back, "Sorry and thanks... I get scared easily..." The small bunny muttered as he slowly made his way over to the other two. He kept his eyes focused on the floor, coming to a stop next to Kyle.

    "You 'kay now?" Riley nodded in response.

    "Well I would hope he was okay." Dusty had just left the kitchen in time to see Foxy and Riley walk from the arcade back over to Kyle and Bonnie. Well she didn't look annoyed, more in pain then annoyed, her tone of voice held warning in it. Kyle jumped and turned to face the wolf who had started walking to Parts and Services.

    "Dee, what are you doing?" Riley asked when he saw where the grey wolf was headed.

    "Parts and Services should have a screwdriver, I need a screwdriver for my arms, therefore I'm going into Parts and Services." She sent the other four a look, ignoring Kyle who made an 'ooh' sound, before opening the door slowly and disappearing inside.

    She glanced over at the animatronics, holding back the small gasp she almost let out when she saw them. They were all deactivated and there was four that she could see. A blue bunny with rosy red cheeks, a brown bear with rosy red cheeks and a top hat and a yellow chicken that looked like it was wearing pink panties. The must be the toy animatronics.

    Then her cyan eyes landed on a heap of, what she originally thought was just spare parts, and she let out a soft sigh when she realised who it was, and Bonnie wasn't kidding. Mangle was a mess. The fox was made up of a white head, which had red lipstick and (like the others) rosy cheeks. She was missing an eye and had an endoskeleton head attached to her 'body'.

    She let out a soft whisper of 'poor girl' and started looking for a screwdriver, trying not to make too much noise. Riley and Kyle had walked over slowly, looking at Dusty with confused looks.

    "Are you even allowed in here?"

    "Freddy said I could, now get out or stay silent, too much activity will activate them."
  17. Foxy shuffled his feet against the gaudy carpet when Dusty suddenly reappeared, very much resembling a child who was just caught with his greedy hand in the cookie jar. "Eh..." A sheepish grin crawled its way onto his face. "It was, eh...a misunderstandin'. Honest." Bonnie shrugged his shoulders, absently toying with his fingers. "They made the mistake of calling me the R-word. And I betcha they'll never do it again." The large rabbit trailed after Dusty, his ears perked with obvious interest. Foxy rubbed the back of his neck, looking the slightest bit awkward. He wasn't exactly the friendliest pirate on the planet, but at least he could work with the object of his ire to find common ground. Bonnie definitely needed time to warm up to people.

    It didn't help that the hulking bunny, just like his best friend Foxy, had a distinct lack of tact. He and Foxy were both naturally blunt and caustic personalities. They rarely thought before they spoke, and when they did speak, they were brutally honest.

    Bonnie and Foxy both hung back when the wolf entered the parts and services room, fully intending to give her some privacy, but when Riley and Kyle moved forward and nudged the door open for them, the two troublemakers peered curiously over their shoulders. "Yeh can still talk," he informed the others, tail drooping somewhat. His golden gaze was completely focused on Mangle's...well, mangled body. "Just softly."

    "Screwdrivers should be in one of the red toolboxes." Bonnie jerked his chin upwards. "Top shelf." He studied the Toys silently for a moment, his magenta gaze sweeping from Fred, to Blu, to Tia, and then (with a hint of remorse) Mangle. His eyes traveled further until they landed on a deceptively plain box. The paint must have faded over the years, leaving the once-pristine white box an ugly shade of brown. "That's the Marionette's box over there," he pointed out, making a point of keeping his voice quiet. "Used to be painted to look like a huge present box, but the paint's all chipped and faded." "Aye," Foxy chimed in, flashing the box a wary glance. "He be a wily one. Wouldn' recommend peekin' inside. Got a funny feelin' that he migh' actually be active and he just won' come out."

    "There used to be another one, actually," Bonnie informed them, nose wrinkling up. "He was damaged beyond repair, I think, so they just scrapped him instead of bringing him here. He was a creepy little dwarf-thing with a balloon. He really gave me the heebie-jeebies." "Ye shut yer gob abou' Balloon Boy," Foxy growled, an ear twitching with annoyance. "Aye, he was annoyin', but he was a sweet thing."

    "Hey, guys!" Chica's cheerful voice cut through the silence. "The pizzas are ready! Come and get some whenever you're ready!" Her loud voice didn't seem to disturb the Toys...but the handle of the Marionette's box quivered for a mere moment before stilling.
  18. "Thanks Bonnie..." Dusty muttered, standing on her tip toes to reach the red tool box, she managed to pull it down without dropping it and eventually found a screwdriver, turning to face Foxy and Bonnie when they were talking about a Balloon Boy animatronic, she simply raised an eyebrow at the two, "Bonnie, be nice, so what if somebody looks creepy, it's their personality that matters. Foxy seems to agree." She then started walking towards the door, Riley trailing after her. Chica called them for food and her ear twitched, causing her to glance back at the plain brownish box before leaving the room.

    Kyle was staring at the box too, trailing after the others and only looking away once he was actually out of the room, he made his way over to Chica and Freddy, "We gonna get ta eat?" The coyote asked with a smile on his face. Riley was stood next to him but looking at Dusty, who was sat on the stage.

    The wolf started to unwrap the bandages on her right arm, a frown on her face as what was under came into view. The area under her bandages was almost completely missing the grey fur that covered her body, you could mostly see the arm of her endoskeleton and some wires that ran through her arm, and fur that still was there had been burnt to a coal black.

    She scrunched up her muzzle in disgust at her arm, picking up her screwdriver and starting to tinker, trying to dull the pain that kept shooting up her arm. Her eyes were focused on the mess of melted plastic and burnt fur, flinching every time she would cause the pain to increase. Eventually she had dulled the pain enough to wrap the bandages around her arm again, getting to work on the left.
  19. "Yeah, you didn't know him and I did. So I'd stop talking if I were you." Tension laced Bonnie's voice. He did not like to be scolded. Freddy was the only one, in the rabbit's mind, who could scold him and get away with it. "Bonnie!" Even from this far away, Chica caught the rabbit's scathing words. "Apologize!" The bunny pulled a face. Rather than apologizing, he simply turned on his heel and moodily trudged off toward the main dining hall. At a table in the middle of the spacious room stood Chica and Freddy. The bear was in the middle of setting the table. The chicken stood by the table, her hands on her hips and her smoldering glower fixed on the huffy rabbit.

    "Yeh've gotta excuse Bon..." Foxy scratched the back of his head with his hook. "He don' like to be told off." The fox gave the box one more suspicious look before he too left the room. He made a beeline for the table and plopped into the seat beside a still-sulking Bonnie. Freddy sat at the head of the table, politely removing his hat and setting it down beside his plate. Chica made her rounds around the table, handing out silverware and cutting the freshly-baked pizzas into sizable slices. "Everything's ready! Salt and pepper are right there." She sat down at the far end of the table, eagerly taking a plain slice for herself. Bonnie grabbed three pieces of the supreme pizza. Freddy took a slice from each pizza. Foxy snagged a piece of pineapple-topped pizza for himself, immediately digging into it.

    "Mm-hm..." Bonnie's mood seemed to improve significantly as he chomped on his first pizza slice. "Chica's food is the best. The humans' food can't compare." "Agreed..." Freddy murmured, happily tucking into his first slice. Foxy said nothing. As he tore at his slice with his razor-sharp teeth, he was silently watching Dusty on the stage. He was in much worse condition than she was...but he did wince when he noticed the charred fur. Fire was something all of them feared. It was one of the few things that could truly damage them, and even destroy them if it raged long enough.

    "So, everyone!" Chica was the first to break the ice. She was insanely curious about the newcomers. "What do you guys like to do? For fun, I mean. I really like to cook. It's my hobby. I find it relaxing, especially after a hard day's work."
  20. Kyle and Riley had sat down near each other, the coyote took a slice of supreme pizza and began eating, making a happy sound, Riley took two slices of pineapple, smiling when he started eating, "This is amazing Chica!" This small rabbit continued to eat the pizza, seemingly very happy with it, Kyle didn't voice how much he liked it, but he was enjoying the slice nonetheless.

    Dusty finished fixing herself up, deciding to leave the screwdriver on the stage for now and take it back after eating. She sat down in between Kyle and Riley and took a slice of plain pizza, starting to eat it. The wolf hummed and sent Chica a smile before focusing on eating again.

    "Well, Kyle likes to draw." The brown bunny turned to the coyote, watching him give a nod, "And I'm good at it too." Kyle added before continuing to eat.

    I like to play my bass, even though technically that's what I do all day. Dusty likes to tinker with things or try to fix them, and she likes to read." Dusty nodded, continuing to eat her slice of pizza as she looked around at everybody else.

    What do you lot like to do? Well, aside from Chica because, as we all know, she loves to cook." The wolf gave the small chicken a smile, "and she's good at it too."
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