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  1. Hey, everyone!
    I'm somewhat new here but am not new to roleplay in general. It's something I really enjoy as I love to write.

    I'm not concrete on plot for a future 1x1 and would love to develop something awesome with someone. As you probably guessed from my ratings, however, I enjoy horror themed RPs.

    This isn't my one and only, though and am open to doing just about any genre besides sci-fi. I'm just not particularly good at sci-fi and don't enjoy it.

    I write anywhere between two to eight paragraphs, depending on different factors. I'd love someone on the same level.

    I play females. It's not impossible for me to play a male but I truly do prefer female.

    I will not do smut. Relationships are fine but I will not do smut.

    Also, I am in Australia and that means timezones! It's currently 8:50 at night - meaning my level of RP activity will be sporadic depending on where you live.

    Anyway, I think that's everything! If you're interested, chuck me a message or reply here and I'll message you. Oh, and I like to get to know who I roleplay with so expect friendly conversation. Us Aussies do love to make friends.

    Thank you!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.