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  1. Dear fellow writers,

    I humbly ask everyone to spend more time reading posts from other nations and other plots in their own nations. Reading everything in ilium accomplishes five things:​

    • Collaborative writing is collaborative reading is collaborative critique is collaborative growth. It improves your writing. When you read other people’s posts, you can pick out the inefficiencies -- the ones that Asmodeus and Tegan wanted to discourage -- and you will recognize them in your own writing. Us GMs are always able to give you good advice because we read your writing.
    • It is fair to other players. Each one of us writes for everyone else in ilium. I have noticed that people in their own plot circles only like each others’ writing, when there is fantastic material everywhere.
    • It respects other players’ plots and improves consistency. They may have plots that intersect with yours. Knowing what they’re up to avoids future confusion and messy retcons.
    • It improves the pacing. If you write quickly, reading other peoples writing also slows you down - matching you to ilium's pace. Don’t try and spend hours a day on ilium -- just spend more of your already set aside ilium time on reading.
    • Many plots in ilium span Sunne. As future chapters open, you will begin to notice the influence of other nations in your plots. In fact, you may already have - smugglers that run the line between Kaustir and Viridos will inevitably pass through Pegulis territory. There is a lot of ripe fruit there to be plucked. And as you may have noticed with the Viridos and Kaustir Chapter 3 closer, jointly written by Tegan and Asmodeus, the Alate was taken in an elaborate conspiracy back to Kaustir. That clearly has huge implications for where the Czar is going!

    My tip for keeping on top of readings is to digest the material everyday, so you only ever have to worry about catching up on a post or two.

    Remember: reading and writing are intimately related.
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