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  1. Hello again, fellow Iwaku'ians! As the name suggests, I am in desperate need for a amazing, and hopefully long-term roleplay.

    Within the past two months, almost all my on-going roleplays slowly diminished into an empty shell of activity, and sadly, I cannot seem to get a reply from anyone. And so I am here, pestering our fellow strangers of the internet to gift me with their time!

    First off, I apologize for the strangeness of this post, and the possibility of it being 'unprofessional' in anyway, and its length. (I may update it later)

    That said!
    Let's just get right down to business, and I would really appreciate it if you read the entire post. (or at least the colored parts)

    I am looking for:
    • Anything that involves Fantasy. Supernatural. Sci-Fi.
    • Preferably, a small hint of flirty romance later on, though it is not required.
    • A long-term partnership, which no clear sign of an ending.
    • Proper grammar, punctuation, the whole lot.
    • Someone who can post around once every day. I understand that life can get busy, and I'm often snatched away from Iwaku myself, so nobody will be dropped on the spot.
    • A post length of at least 4-6 lines. The occasional short leak is okay, we all get a writer's block.
    • Someone who is not afraid of two female characters. I've never gotten the chance to try this, so I'm always open to the possibility!
    • Someone who can easily get along with my own character. Sadly, I just don't know how to deal with meaners.
    • Our characters have some type of post-relationship. Childhood friends, Ex-Lover, ect ect.
    I am NOT looking for:
    • Intense smut. This could be a three year plot, not a two day cyber.
    • Anything too closely related to a Fandom. While I do enjoy recreating these ideas, I simply cannot do anything that directly involves an existent character. (Something such as..." It was 3000 years after the fall of Cocoon." Or "A prototype Angeloid 'Zeta' has just been sent after ___! Protect him!") Pretty much it can relate to something, such as Naruto or Final fantasy, but it cannot be the Exact Same Thing!
    • Plain Modern. I get enough of that, and it's pretty boring.
    • Apocalyptic. I've tried my hand at nuclear disasters, but I just can't get a hand on it.
    • Anyone too crazy. Sure, your character can be a little on-edge, but if they're flat out insane then it's a no-no.
    Miscellaneous, but important info.
    • I'm willing to tag up with at most two individual partners, can't get too cluttered, can we?
    • If the smut part confused you, let me shabbily explain it in this little spoiler. I've honestly never done anything 'smutty' during my whole time with Iwaku, and I intend to keep it that way! As much as I'm willing to do is a 'Closed-Curtain' scene, and fast forward a certain amount of time in the plot.
    • I've been diagnosed with Dyslexia. Which pretty much just screws up with my posts, and sometimes I'll read things wrong, and reply in a completely abnormal way, or I'll start thinking of something and accidentally put it down without even noticing it. BUT! I take a very long time checking over my work, and fixing any errors I find, so the chances of something major happening are quite slim.
    • I will very often color my posts in order to make them more flexible and legible, but if you prefer it I will make it as comfortable as possible to your preferences!
    • I'm open to pretty much any plot ides and genres that you have in mind! I'm always up for trying something new.
    • I'll be updating this thread as it becomes more necessary. I'll make the changes noticeable, and inform people who have replied.
    • You may contact me by starting a Conversation, or replying in the post below.
    • It is up to you if this will be in either a Thread, or a Conversation, though I prefer Threads for the most part.

    That's it for now, if the list above doesn't cover whatever questions you have in mind, feel free contact me or post below!
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  2. Lol, I always thought the dyslexia thing was some sort of joke.

    Anyways, I'm willing to partner up with you, and I'd be most excited to do either a really epic Heroic Fantasy, a long-lived and grand Space Opera, or a Western with Fantastic/Magical/Steampunk elements (a la Girl Genius or The Dark Tower, only I haven't finished reading those so I'm not sure if the analogy fully applies).

    The once-a-day thing, though, is a thing that I can't be entirely too sure of being capable with, as I am a (relatively) very busy person. Maybe once every two days? Three days? A week? Okay, well, the maximum amount of "once-a-____" time for me would be a week, yeah, but I honestly can't guarantee a full-on once-a-day... Anyway, yeah, that's my proposal, and I ain't got an issue with anything else of what you wrote (except for the smut! SMUTSMUTSMUTSMUTSMUT (jesting for the smut part)).
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  3. i would like to do a midevil rp, i can post almost everyday
  4. Was wondering if you would be interested in a "Cowboy Bebop" universe styled roleplay? Like you mentioned above, it wouldn't be the exact universe but would have the same key features :

    - Bounty Hunters
    - Syndicates
    - Advanced Technology
    - Futuristic (in need of repair) Space Ships
    - Sci-Fi Themes​

    Either two bounty hunters getting on the wrong side of the syndicate somehow, or perhaps a bounty hunter and syndicate member teaming up to take out a certain cop. Something along those lines? Wouldn't mind working on a general plot before we get started. I would love to do it in a thread environment, since it's a lot cleaner that way.
  5. Wow, this actually got much more attention than I thought!

    Basically, the only thing I'm going to do is a closed curtain scene, and fast forward to dawn, or the end of the world?
    I dunno, I'd just rather avoid it entirely. And I'm completely comfortable if you post only once a week.

    I'd be willing to try any of those! The Bounty Hunter and the syndicate member especially! Imagine the strain in that partnership?

    But! What kind of medieval? I've been thinking of something involving a town overrun with Vampire-Killing-Extremists, and just so as it happens, you (or me!) are accused as a vampire.

    Anyway, keep the posts coming! I've got to ske-dattle to work for now, so expect a reply in a couple of hours.
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  6. Hey there~
    I was wondering what you exactly mean with "not afraid of two female characters"? Does that mean you'll double two females? 00

    Other than that, this sounds really fluffy and promising I also have enough of inactivity so, if you would like to have me, I'd go for supernatural respectively fantasy roleplay with you! Oh, one thing though, I can probably post only once every three days if that's cool with you ><

    Anyways, here my suggestions, perhaps will add some later on:
    > Ghosts related stuff, occult and the like. Would be cool if the character's are from temples or shrines. The plot is probably most of the time about possessions of humans, hunting down evil spirits, or simple helping ghosts "to find their peace". Throwing in some angels and demons sounds interesting too.
    > Witch!! Magic!! EPIC wars! I know, it's a pretty wide section there, but I am game for anything witch related stuff. Especially if it's modern fantasy. I like the kind of thing, to conceal ones power from society. Though that doesn't mean I am not up for the setting to be in a complete different, fictional world. It's even highly appreciated! Gives more freedom for creativity there.
    > "Heroes" who are, by society, recognized as "Monsters". Society fear those "Heroes" because of their super power, despite them using it for good deeds. But thing is, that those "Heroes" were not the only ones having such super power. And those, who use it wrongly made it that all of them are seen as "Monsters". Those who use it wrongly are either evil or simply can't control their power.... similar to that is my idea.

    Your thoughts?
  7. As a recently registered member, I am not very experienced with this site. However, i have between three and four years worth of roleplay experience and know my way around semi to multi para posting. Should you be interested in a roleply as I am, you can contact me and we can discuss what we can roleplay and what characters i have. Note, I am a very dedicated roleplayer, and tend to post a minimum of ten times a day, should the roleplay allow. I do prefer a more consistant rolplay to where i can reply a good 20-40 times within the day, but if it comes down to it, I will be patient and settle with a lower number of posts. As a general scope of what i picture roleplaying with you, I beleive I would best be able to settle a story of a renagade against the established cultural society (past tense/fantasy) , a school student who is in a constant struggle to hide the fact that she/he has supernatural powers as they are deemed "ileagle" (modern/fantasy) , or being an ambasedor to the earth in an effort to prevent a millenia long war with a very powerful alien race (future/fantasy). Should any of these prompts interest you, again, please feel free to contact me! ^^
  8. Thanks everyone for showing interest!
    This is just a little post to get out a few things before I really get the dice rolling. But sadly, this is the utmost maximum I'll be able to work with and so my books are now closed to further applications beyond this point.

    As far as I know, I think I have room to accept everyone here, which I will get into more detail later. (I just got home from work as I'm writing this, so I'm a little busy, and my head is killing me so I'll likely take a cat nap after this.) And I would like everyone to know that I will get back to you sometime tonight or tomorrow morning! And so far, I have been flabbergasted by all of your ideas! :D
  9. Okay... So here's a quick rundown with things...

    Like I stated before I'm pretty much willing to accept everyone in here, but for the Fandom remakes I may have to look into the original idea itself before deciding how to do this. But everyone else, expect a Private Message to popup in your inbox sometime today! I have to squeeze them between working hours, so sorry if it takes a while after this post.
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