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Thousands of years ago, a war broke out between the under-worlders and the surface dwellers. The battle lasted for a thousand years, taking the lives of many. The Elves called a meeting to try and find a solution to end the war each of the races; Humans, Fairies, Dwarves and Elves sent a representative to Manasa, The Elven Capital of Srul. The representatives finally came to the conclusion that the only solution was to seal the Demon Imperial Army’s leader into the deepest level of Hell, and sealing the rest of the DIA throughout the rest of the levels depending on their strength. The key used to seal demons was a four coloured spherical jewel; Green for the Elves, Pink for the Fairies, Brown for the Dwarves, and Red for the Humans.

Splitting the jewel into four pieces, each piece was given to the ruler of each race after the sealing was completed. 3000 years have passed since the sealing. The races have now joined together sharing the knowledge they have gained over the many years that they were separated by hate and war. Many nations prospered from this alliance, while others suffered, not having access to the new technology keeping them in the Dark Ages.

History is repeating itself, Kings will fall, governments will crumple and nothing will be the same. Will you rise up with the ones who dwell beneath the surface, will you fight to save world order and the ones you love, or watch the chaos unfold and intervene when it suits your interest?

Mode of transportation (dark age socities and golden age socities):
I'll join this as soon as I'm done making my character for "The Walking Dead".
I'm interested in joining too. And you forgot personality on the character form.
Name: Voli Shyr
Age: 1000
Race: Elf
Side: Surface Dwellers
Appearance: :
5’11’’/160 lb mostly muscle/ when not on trips for business, Wolf usually wears
a pair of light blue jeans with a small tear in the right knee, a white tank
top underneath a blue weight vest that weighs a hundred lbs, which is covered
by a black button down short sleeve shirt. He wears a pair of black open toed
sandals. Wolf also wears a hundred lb weights on each arm that are disguised as
wrist bands. Voli keeps his asphalt hair at shoulder length. His eyes are the colour of light liquid silver, and he keeps his skin
the colour of a pure white pearl. When on business trips,
usually representing the Elves in racial meetings, Voli wears a black suit over
top of a white dress shirt and a silver tie that brings out the colour of his eyes and a pair of black dress shoes.

Personality: Voli
is the type of person to protect his friends and the people who can’t protect
themselves. This is the reason why he signed up to be a Ranger after his coming
of age ceremony. While he was growing up, his mother taught him how to play the
flute, and he soon acquired a taste for soft music.

Weapon(s): Dual swords and handguns, sniper rifle. Bow for long range in countires in the dark ages

Mode of transportation (dark age socities and golden age socities): Motorcycle and horse

Power: User of the four elements and summoner up to level 4

Voli is the prince of the Elven kingdom, thus taught by the best in every department new and old. He learned how to play the flute when he was young, and received both tattoos on his 1000th birthday, being one of the few people who could harness the power of two tattoos from ancient beasts the bird and the dragon. Voli was taught how to use every weapon and ride every type of transportation, but prefers to use swords, rifles and handguns, and motorcycles. Just before his 1000th birthday, while Voli was out patrolling the kingdom, when his squad encountered a demon on incredable strength. The squad engaged the monster, but Voli was the only one to survive and afterwards has valued his own life more than ever before. Five months after his birthday, the captial of the Elven kingdom was attacked by demons that had surfaced from the cave that lead to a deep underground world. Being sent away from the castle with out saying goodbye to his parents or siblings, Voli has made it his mission seek the truth about the jewel and find the pieces before the world is consumed by chaos and the under-worlders command the world.

Misc: Has two tattoos. A tattoo of wings on his back, and dragon claws on his chest. These allow him to increase both speed and strenght when activated. It was his grand-father that fought and helped seal away the under-worlders in the war three thousand years ago.