A Reminder to Self

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    The desire to want to be better is only a desire....you cannot waste your life heading into battle with half your armor on. You need to gear up, rise to the occasion, doing so with the NEED to be better. Push yourself, to your limits, exercise your humanity.

    Job or not. Do it. Get up and walk, run, squat, jump, run in circles, I don't care. Get up, get the F&%* off the computer and walk your nerdy buns around the block, keep that blood flowing. Every two hours you should stand, stretch, drink water, and every 8 hours you should stand outside for 15 minutes. Condition yourselves, these things are not hard to do and there are no excuses for not taking care of yourself. If you are not happy, and you do not do not do these things on a daily basis, you are slowly killing yourself. A simple daily walk will change a lot, emphasis on the daily part.

    If your thoughts are all cloudy with doubt and needless pressure, you must change these thoughts, you are the only one who can, they are, after all, your thoughts.

    Flow can be many things, it can be a physical hobby, a strict routine of activity, or meditation inducing craft. When your body feels good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you get shit done, accomplish things, learn faster, and connect with others much easier. It's ok to be underwhelmed by what is it to be human, but the more you look into what you can do and accomplish, the better you can express you.

    I picked up a staff and watched youtube until my eyes bled just to learn, I'm not master of the stave, but I feel good knowing how to wing it around my body.

    What do you need in life Vs. want?

    Devote yourself to something that you may extend yourself into. Embrace your desire to create something and don't pay someone to teach you, don't wait for someone to show you, do not waste your time. People of many unique walks of life have accomplished tremendous things, if you have hands and feet and legs and eyes and everything is functioning, congratulation, nature favored you and made this life that much easier for you to accomplish near impossible things.

    How do you hope to connect with others when you cannot yet connect to yourself?

    If you feel lost, search within dammit, something from within yourself is needed for you to obtain this "better self" and nothing more. No amount of pain/hate/change you inflict upon yourself will get you closer to the person that already resides within you.
    My life should be spent shaping my destiny, not plundering through fate.
    Make. Things. Happen.

    Dear Iwaku,
    What would you like to remind yourself of?
    Share with us what you say to your reflection.

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  2. Thank you for these words.
  3. I like reminding myself of my ambitions to influence and indirectly conquer the world!

    .:through kindness:.

    It's a large order and the consequences could end war off of the 0.0000000000000000000001% chance I succeed. Though of course a conflict-less world would lead to the downfall of most of everything human kind could create beyond that point.... as well as make earth a VERY boring place to live.

    Oh, and reminding myself of silly Ideas that I can make now sound at least a little bit logical, like the above, are fun for me. They keep me going in this currently pointless world, you know... and my organs.... Of course my organs help keep me going, like. a. robot.

    Love the Believe pep speech btw.