A relationship between good and bad

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  1. A relationship between good and bad
    [ScarletNova and Kira Hatsuke]​

    Ayano had already gotten up even before her alarm clock set for the morning had went off. She had gotten her school uniform on after taking a shower and fixing up her hair with the two small ponytails that she added with the rest of her pink hair still down. She smiled at the mirror happily, then headed out of the room after making her bed. Her mother always wanted her to make her bed and of course Ayano was the kind of person to listen. She went into the kitchen and seeing that her parents had already left for their work she quickly grabbed some toast for breakfast and made up a bento box for lunch. She placed it into her school bag, and then went to her door. She opened it and walked out, making sure to lock the door back up once she was outside.

    She turned and made her way to the sidewalk, so that she could walk to school. The school wasn’t too far away so that was what she always ended up doing. She really didn’t mind, especially on sunny nice warm days like the one that was happening at that time. If it was a rainy day all she needed to do was bring an umbrella with her. So, she made her way down the sidewalks towards her school, getting there after not too long. She turned towards the building and towards the doors in had at the entrance. Meanwhile, there were a few people taking glances at Ayano, whispering about stuff she probably wouldn’t know unless it came around as gossip to her friends. Just then, as she entered the doors a few girls came to surround her, her friends. Saying hi as she walked, but made sure she was going directly to the classroom instead of anywhere else. She made it into the classroom, and took a seat at her assigned desk with her friends crowding around her as they talked.
  2. "That's the last one..." Zero exhaled as he wiped away some of the sweat that had trickled down his forehead. Four o' clock in the morning and he finally returned home. Of course he knew that no one would really care. Both of his parents were probably to busy partying their lives away anyways. At Eight in the morning Zero's alarm was still going off, persistent clock...Zero got up letting out a groan of irritation as he walked over to his alarm clock and knocked It off the shelf causing it to land on it's head shutting up the annoying bussing sounds. With wide eye's Zero picked up the clock with the now cracked screen. Eight o two. "I'm gonna be late!" He rushed out of his room heading down to the bathroom to get the uniform he never bothered to take care of. It wasn't that he was concerned about being on time, it was that he wasn't in the mood to get chewed out by the principal...again.
    IT took Zero ten minutes to gather all of his things. Of course he was more worried about eating than he was anything else. Leaving his tie untied and the top two buttons of the formal shirt undone Zero threw on his shoes. Though by the time he was out the door he could already hear the school bell begin to ring.
    "Damn it all!" He said bursting into a sprint making it into the gates just as everyone had more than likely gotten to their classrooms. Once in the gates Zero slowed his pace. Better for him not to draw to much attention to himself. As he turned the first corner to enter the building there he was, good old mister dome head. The principal. "Late again Zero?! Why haven't I gotten you expelled yet?!" The man yelled spitting in Zero's face as he did so. "Cause you love me!" Zero said kissing the old man's giant potatoe nose. That drew the line. A few minutes later the principal had pushed Zero all the way to the same classroom Ayano was in. "Mister Shiratami, I believe you have a tardy." The principal said pushing Zero into the room until he was face to face with the teacher.
    "Hey, getting a schedule change in the middle of the semester can be a tricky thing don't you know?" Zero asked looking over his shoulder to see the principal who had stormed out of the room. This day is going to be just like all the rest, Zero thought to himself.
    "Well Mister Hiroyuki, since you're late I suppose we will have to hold off today's lesson so you can introduce yourself to the class. Now please just start by telling us your name and what your plans are for life."
    "uh..sure, I guess." Zero said taking in deep breathe.
    Zero was a well fit guy, also had the reputation of a player, which in some cases was true. His hair was a dark red color and his eyes were a piercing shade of scarlet red.
    "My name is Zero Hiroyuki. As for what my plans for the future are, I never took any time to think about it. I just go with the flow of everyday life not really worrying about what my future has in store for me. So in short I have no ambitions at all." Zero said in a lazy tone showing he really didn't care, which didn't seem to impress anyone.
    "Thank you, now there's an open seat right over there next to Ayano, that's where you'll be seated for the rest of the year." The teacher said.
    Zero glared.
    Great, the straight A highlight of the school, little miss perfection, Zero could already tell that this was going to be a long year. He adjusted his bag over his shoulder and went to go and sit next to Ayano, his first reaction was as it was every time he got into a class. He laid his head down.
  3. After everyone had settled down and were in their seats, it seemed as if it was time to start the class. With that in mind, Ayano opened up her bag and pulled out her purple pen along with her notebook. She smiled, looking at all the colorful things she had in her bag. She had always liked to buy things with different sorts of colors because she felt like it was able to make you laugh and be cheerful when you saw it. Though, as soon as she had placed her things onto the desk to be ready to take notes a sudden outburst came from the door. Ayano looked up from her desk, her smiling fading a bit. She wasn't really used to sudden surprising like the principle pulling some guy into the class and the guy looked kind of a bit...scary to Ayano.

    She listened as she heard the three in the front talking about ending up in the class. Did that mean they were going to end up with outburst like that a lot now, Ayano really hoped they didn't but if that happened she would just have to continue her studies by herself later after school. Her home was quiet most of the time anyway, perfect for working on school work. Ayano shook that out of her head, as she listened to her suddenly new classmates introduction. Zero Hiroyuki, she had heard of him before and she was pretty sure she had seen him around. He was the one that most people said was quite troublesome and a player. Though, that didn't matter to Ayano as long as he didn't go bothering her. Unfortunately, she had that thought too soon considering the teacher ended up placing him next to her. Why didn't she even realize that there was a seat open next to her, she should have known it was going to happen.

    She turned to face him when he sat down and went to smile to say hello, but before she could do much of anything his head was already down. So much for saying hello then, and instead took her pen in hand and began to write notes when the teacher again began his lesson. Time went by, with the teacher lecturing and writing down things on the chalkboard. Soon enough, after a few pages of notes that class was just about over.
  4. Zero had little to no interest in learning new things that the teachers had to spout out. Zero eventually began to snore, little did he know that every class he had scheduled was with this Ayano girl. Once the bell rang Zero was up, though before Ayano could leave the teacher would walk up to her, his face looking grim and seeming full of worry. "Ayano my girl, you are a well modeled student. I hate to trouble you but would you mind looking after the young Zero boy? He's always getting into trouble, and I fear that if he keeps this attitude and record up he won't graduate highschool at all. You don't have to respond right now but please just try and think about it.
    As Zero walked down the hall he let out a heavy sigh, he had to drop some books off at his locker, it wasn't like he was going to be using them today anyways. "Hey Yuki!" The shortened version of Zero's last name. He turned and dodged an empty soda can that had come flying his direction.
    "What do you want Kudo?" Zero asked seeming rather irritated. The man he was talking with Kudo Hibaki. A fellow classmate of his that he had fought in the past few nights and had beaten up rather badly at the warehouse.
    "You got some balls showing up to school after what you did to me Yuki."
    Zero raised a brow. This guy was a bad fighter and Zero knew that. Though the last thing he needed was to go to jail again, he wouldn't be able to afford another bail bond for at least a couple more weeks. Surely enough they were causing a scene in the hall way as people gathered to see what all the fuss was about.
  5. Ayano started to pack her things when the teacher came up to her. She listened...take care of Zero? That was what the teacher was asking her to do. She smiled, "No need for me to think about it, I'll gladly help out." She said before the teacher walked back off to him desk after giving Ayano a sincere thank you. Ayano picked up her bag and got up from her desk when a few friends of hers appeared.

    "I can't believe you have to be next to him and help him out. He's so scary." One of the girls said.

    "But he is cute, don't you think." Another one mentioned.

    "Don't say that, I heard he's a player. He'll probably just end up doing what he wants with you if you say that." The talk continued on. Ayano wasn't one to go talking about people, however, and she wasn't really fond of it.

    "You guys, it's not nice to judge him based on rumors." Ayano replied. "I'll be fine and I really don't mind helping. I just hope he'll accept it, he doesn't seem to open up into talking to a lot of people very easily." As she was saying this, the group was walking about of the classroom to go to their next class. Surely enough, they ended up passing Zero and his beat-up friend as they were talking, though the girls didn't seem to notice. Some of them could really be oblivious to things when they got into conversations. Meanwhile, they were trying to walk to get to their next class.
  6. "Fight me Zero!"
    "You sure that's a good idea? I mean think about how bad you got your ass whooped the last time." Zero said with his hands in his pockets.
    One of Kudo's friends was chuckling before taking a drink of his soda, which Kudo soon grabbed and threw. Zero easily dodged the throw but didn't notice it went and hit Ayano in the back of the head spilling soda all over her. "Fine you asked for it then." Zero said being completely oblivious to what had happened behind him. With in an instant he had Kudo laid out on the ground out cold. Letting out a heavy sigh Zero turned only to see Ayano hit by the can he had so easily avoided.
    "Oh geez..." Zero mumbled under his breathe. He couldn't help but feel a bit guilty.
  7. Ayano didn't expect anything to go happening to her as she was walking with her friends, but suddenly she felt something hit her head and then a liquid that felt very cold. She heard the can fall to the ground, as the soda dripped all of her hair and back. Normally, Ayano was a happy person but she wasn't really happy end up getting hit in the head with a can of soda. She turned around quickly, to see that Zero was staring at her and another guy was on the ground. She picked up the soda can and started to walk over to them. She was actually quite upset, but it wouldn't be good to be angry at school. Once she was over to Zero she took his hand and put the can into his hands. "Next time, put it in the trash." She said, then gave him a smile. She then turned away, and started to head into the bathroom to try and clean her self off with her friends.

    You had to say they were very shocked at what happened, and wondered what Ayano would do. It was interesting to watch a cute, small girl go facing up to that sort of guy and giving him the bottle. They would probably be too afraid and ran off. Quickly though, they followed Ayano into the bathroom to help clean her off. Luckily, Ayano was always ready for anything and she had ways to clean herself up so that no one else would really notice what happened to her.
  8. Zero took in a deep breathe and held it there for as long as he could. He could feel his body begin to tense up. He knew he was about the get the shit slapped out of him. But relief washed over him when she put the can in his hand simply telling him to throw it away. Once the girl walked away he looked to the soda can and his eye's seemed to soften. No one had ever come up to him with such a calm approach. Everyone else was either scared of him or hated him.. nothing like this had ever happened. Zero did as the girl asked and threw the can away in the trash. His mind seemed completely occupied as he avoided his next class walking out into the courtyard. He wanted to be done with school for the day. Just be done with all of it. Instead he went and layed on a bench under one of the trees at the center of the courtyard.
    Why wasn't she like the others? Why did she have to be different? Why was this bothering him so much?! The more he thought about it the angrier it seemed to make him.
  9. After Ayano was finished in the bathroom, she headed to her class again. As expected, it looked like nothing even touched her. "That's Ayano for you." One of her friends had said before they has to separate from each other since they were in a different class. Once in her class, Ayano again got ready though she made a sigh when she thought about what just happened. Why did she have to get hit by the soda? It still kind of hurt to get hit by a can, did they do it on purpose? She never really had anyone pick on her before. Yeah, there were girl's who had gotten jealous but they never acted on it because they knew it would make them look bad. Oh well, that didn't matter anyway she said she would help him out and no matter what he does she was going to accomplish what she was asked to do.

    Some of the people were surprised by Ayano's sigh and all of a sudden wanted to help her, though the class started which was a good thing because she didn't have to go telling anyone what had happened. Eventually, another class went by and it was finally time for lunch. Though, she had heard from the teacher that Zero was supposed to be in her class and he wasn't there. So, during the lunch break she decided to go find him while taking her lunch. Once she went out to the courtyard she noticed him on the bed, laying there. She walked up to him and stood there. "Do you have anything for lunch or any money to buy something?" She asked.
  10. Zero peered through his bangs. It was her again. Was she following him around or something now? Zero held in a growl from his stomach. HE had forgotten to pick up money or lunch alone for that matter.
    "No..." Zero said getting up and gathering his bag getting ready to leave before another girl with red hair lighter than his walked up to him with a soft blush in her cheeks.
    "Um...Zero..I uh, I made you lunch today." The girl said.
    Normally Zero would have attempted to sweep the girl off her feet and then flirt up a storm with her.
    "No thanks." Zero said gathering his bag and walking past both girls. The red head stood there as if she had just been shot. Motionless. "I guess the only place I can be alone is on the roof..." Zero mumbled to himself. Eventually he made it there, there was a fence blocking off the edge. Zero climbed the fence and sat along the thin lining of an edge that there was there. Being five stories off the ground sitting on an edge that was only eight inches wide was not a safe idea, though it didn't seem to be something that Zero minded doing.
  11. Ayano watched as the scene went on in front of her. Once Zero was gone, Ayano placed her hand on the red headed girl shoulder. "Don't take it personal. He seems to be in a bad mood today. I think something went on with his friends and him." She said, thinking about the moment when the guy was on the ground. She smiled to the girl, hoping that what Ayano said would possibly cheer her up a bit. "Plus, he doesn't seem to be very social to other people that he hasn't already known for a long time. Why don't you try giving that lunch to someone else. I'm sure there's plenty of people who might have forgotten as well." Once that was over and the girl did seem to cheer up a bit Ayano took a seat on the bench and began to eat her own lunch as the girl ran off to go back to the people she was used to being around.

    Geez, he really didn't have to be so mean to her... Ayano thought in her head. He really was going to be a troublesome character to deal with, but she was asked to watch out for him and she wasn't going to go back on her word. She finished up her food, then closed up her box. She stood up and started to head back to the classroom. He wasn't going to go listening to her now, he didn't seem in the mood.

    Once back, it was the start of their next class and with that the day went on. Again, for each class Ayano would take good notes and listen carefully. Finally, it was almost the end of the day and her last class was gym. She was luckily to have it at the end where she didn't have to worry about sweating the whole school day. She went to the locker rooms and began to change into the usual gym uniform with the others. When she was done, she started to head outside because that's where they were told they were going to have class considering the nice weather. She got to the class, and waited around with the others until the class would start.
  12. Zero let out a sigh. He figured he would face the other half of his classes. As usual he slept through every single one of them, in foreign language he almost pissed himself when the teacher started yelling at him in Spanish. Though through out all his other classes it was the same. Then there was gym. HE went to the locker room to get changed with out much of a hassle. Zero made his way out to the track where his class was. Everyone seemed to have their own little groups they fit into. Though Zero never took the time to make any close friends, so he walked by all of them and sat on the ground on the far end of the track waiting for the teacher to get there.
    Zero only like this class when he could run or box. Those seemed to be the only things he enjoyed, running and fighting. Zero always loved to run because he felt he was leaving all of his problems in the dust. Though he had natural athletic talent he never joined any sports even though he had gotten countless offers from all of the coaches. It would be a good vent for his anger problems but he didn't want to waste energy on that.
    One more hour Zero thought to himself. One more hour before he could leave and go do what he did best. He could hardly wait.
  13. Soon enough the rest of the class came, and Ayano noticed that Zero did actually show up this time. She took a glance over to him, he was sitting down away from everyone. just as she thought. He really did seem to like talking to anyone. Well, that was going to change because she was going to get him to talk to her. She was starting to walk over to him when the teacher came and said they were going to run and that the girl's were up first. So, she was going to have to do some running before she could talk to him. She was in the first group to go too. She went up to the line and waited for him to tell them to go. Once he did, Ayano started to run and surprisingly though she might seem like she wouldn't be good at running, she was. She was in the front of them all, and made it look easy. Which, of course, impressed a lot of people.

    "Ayano's so cute." A guy mentioned who was not too far away from where Zero was.

    "I know, and good at a lot of things. I really wish I could date her." His friend reply. "But I've never seen her accept anyone who asked her out."

    Meanwhile, Ayano was still running gracefully and made it to the finish line in first place. She stopped and took in a few breaths. The truth was she was just determined to get done and go over to talk with Zero. She wanted to help him out, not matter what he said. Suddenly, she turned and began to walk back over to him like she was going to do before.
  14. Zero didn't understand why, but listening to this guy made him angry. HE couldn't understand it and again his anger began to get the better of him. Standing up he shoved his hands into his pockets and walked up behind the guy bringing up his foot and placing it on the back of the boy's head causing him to lean forward.
    "Hey dumb ass, shut the hell up." Zero said as he continuously increased the pressure his foot was putting on the back of the boy's head.
    "Listening to fanboy idiots like you really pisses me off you know. How much do you even know about this girl? Do you know what she likes, what her favorite color or food is or anything like that? If your answer is no I would suggest you shut up now before I turn you around and kick your ass infront of the whole damn class."
    Zero had always been like this.
    It's just that he didn't know how to communicate with others the same way many did. It was like his anger controlled him, and for some reason that didn't bother him as much as it would any one else.
    Maybe he liked it?
  15. The guys were terrified with what was going on, especially Zero's target. "A-alright, okay...I'm sorry. I won't say anything again." He said, trying to get away from Zero. Ayano could suddenly hear some commotion, which she turned to see. Zero was getting into another fight and no one else could understand why. Ayano started to head over to the three guys. Two of them who were completely shocked.

    "What's going on?" She said, concerned. "Zero, don't do that. You're going to hurt him. Just let him go." Ayano's smile had left her face, this guy really was going to be a handful to take care of and she really wasn't sure if she could do it. Though, she didn't know what the reason for this sudden fight was for after all so she couldn't really say anything too much about it.

    Just then the teacher came running over and tried to stop the situation. "Hey, stop it. Don't make me get the principle" He said loudly and forcefully; he was the gym teacher after all and he could get kind of scary too.
  16. Zero's glare turned from the back of the student's head to Ayano. Then from Ayano to the gym teacher. Not breaking the gaze he pushed the student forward onto the ground before bringing back his foot. A clear challenge. Zero never liked being told what to do, whether be it a student or a teacher or hell even the president himself.
    Though there was at least good reason enough behind that.
    "Get onto the track, you're running." The teacher said. Zero kept gaze until he walked past the teacher. Zero started at the line.
    He didn't want to draw any attention to himself, so when the teacher shouted go, Zero put little to no effort in and practically jogged the whole thing. The kid that won was captain of the track team. Even though Zero knew he could have beaten him he stood by not wanting any attention. He planned to spend the rest of the class alone. With everything that had happened and all the fights he had scheduled for today he couldn't afford any more distractions.
  17. Ayano sighed, at least there wasn't anymore fighting that happened and he listened. Though, he still didn't seem too happy. She wondered what had happened. The student on the ground was helped up by his friend and taken to the nurses office to make sure he was okay. Ayano went and took a seat under a tree for shade from the sun and took out a water bottle she had saved in her bag. She took a drink and watched Zero as he ran. He really wasn't into it, probably because he was told to. He didn't seem to like being told what to do at all. She would just wait for him though and ask him about somethings when he was done. Hopefully, he would finally talk to her or else she was going to have to end up following him all the time and that would look weird. She continued to watch him though, at least there was something interesting about him that made her want to know more and she really did want to help him. After all, that reputation he had wasn't the best to have.
  18. Once Zero was done with his lap he walked over to the water fountain. Overhearing some of the girls talking he heard that the kid who he had pushed down earlier was taken to the nurses office.
    "I didn't even hit the kid that hard... if anything it was just a little tap." Zero thought to himself.
    Pulling away from the water fountain he looked down at his hands.
    Zero had never really known the true power of his own strength and what damage it did to others and all the hurt it occasionally caused them. Zero's uncle had always told him that his hands could destroy many towns like all the hands of man could, but they could also be sued to build great nations.
    "I guess some hands are only meant for destruction." Zero said softly to himself before walking back out to the track and sitting by himself at the far end.
    Zero pulled his knees to his chest and watched everyone else laugh it up with their friends and congratulate each other for a job well done when they finished running, even if they were in last.
    Zero had convinced himself that it didn't bother him to much, when in reality it did, though he had lived so long without thinking that was that it seemed to be something that came so naturally to him unlike others.
  19. Ayano watched as Zero made his way away from everyone again. She laughed a little, there was something about the way he looked that made it seem like he really didn't want to be doing that. So, she got herself up from where she was at and started to head over to him. Before he could even think about leaving, she took a seat right beside him and smiled at him. "I'm Ayano." She finally said, "We sit next to each other in the morning. I hope that fight just now wasn't too much and the one that you might have had with your friend." She wanted to be able to talk to him, hopefully he wouldn't go running away from her again like he did at lunch. She could try and stop him if she wanted, though grabbing onto him might make some strange stares come there way. She was sure of that, and she didn't want to end up causing trouble for him or the people who would stare at him. He probably didn't really like being stared at.
  20. zero had been looking at the ground, so he didn't realize until the girl came and sat next to him that the small barrier of solitude had been penetrated. What did this girl want? God she must have had a death wish if she felt the need to come and interact with him when he was in such a bad mood.
    She introduced himself, then mentioned a friend. It made him laugh. A rare occurrence. "Kudo's not my friend idiot. He's a student here that I got into a fight with a couple of days ago."
    If Kudo wasn't injured, the fight wouldn't have been as short as it was. Kudo was an amazingly skilled fighter. The last time Zero fought him he ended up walking away with more injuries then he was comfortable with. He thought of the giant bruise on his left ribs and his arm, and leg, he let out a sigh. HE figured he needed no introduction since his reputation proceeded him. And whether she had planned for this or not was unknown to Zero, but people were already beginning to stare.
    "What is the smartest girl in our school doing with the flunky?"
    "Are they going out?"
    "You think he's trying to get into her pants like he did all the other girls?"
    Normally at that one whispered comment Zero would have went directly for the guy's manhood. Zero was a virgin...at least...
    "You're drawing attention to us. You really shouldn't be sitting by me."
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