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    Hi! I'm RainbowReindeer and I'm super bored so here's my super cool 1x1 Int. Check. Please read everything before PM'ing me.

    I would like for my future partner to be willing to...

    Play other minor background charries.
    He/She shouldn't be afraid to ask about future plots and etc.
    They should also be able to move the plot forward and give me something to chew on!
    I also look for decent sized posts, good grammar and spelling. Please look over your post at least once before submitting it! I'm cool with mistakes (because I know I don't have the best grammar) but if it comes to the point where I just can't understand your posts, I'll have to drop.

    This future partner shouldn't feel forced to reply back. If I feel as though there is nothing we can change and it's time to jump off the ship, I'll tell you. Please be mature about it. I will probably be able to post daily. Also, posting speed is not really a big thing for me - but if you don't reply within 2 weeks, I'll assume our RP is dead and move on. (Note: I will not take the time to remind you unless you explicitly state that you want me to pester you!)
    Please PM me your questions. I'd prefer to keep this thread filled with bumptastical animal gifs. :)

    What I do...

    MxM & FxM (Kinda wanna do sub now ;c)
    Sexual stuff. Only 18+. I can go as little or as far as you'd like to go. Uh...but like, super dirty stuff makes my heart cringe.
    If you don't want romance, we don't need too! A good 1x1 RP can totes fly without lovey dovey stuff.

    My most recent writing sample....uh................................................................*whispers* PM me.

    WHAT I NEED...

    Two gallons of love from you. Every 12 hours.
    PM me your questions/interest/thoughts and a writing example either in your resume or in PM. If you want my writing example, I'll provide one for you.


    ★ Spy x Spy
    Longbuttplot I stole from plotsforall.tumblr.com (open)
    (Muse A works in espionage, a very elite department that for all intents and purposes, does not exist. They are the very best at what they do, but always work alone. Muse B functions within the same secret department, and although they are a few years Muse A’s junior, their skill set rivals that of Muse A. One particular mission comes across that seems to be tailor made for Muse A, with one catch. In order to infiltrate an international weapons ring run by a suspected corrupt ambassador, they cannot act alone, but rather need to assume the identity of an international weapons inspector with a wavering sense of duty - including their devoted spouse (or professional associate), Muse B. This mission will extend on for an undetermined amount of time as Muse A and Muse B work together in the foreign country to gain the trust of the ambassador and gather the concrete proof they need to confirm suspicions. It’s a never-ending whirlwind of black tie galas and the finest cocktails, rubbing shoulders with the most influential, lies and deceit, as they gather the information required to bring the underground ring crumbling down. Purely by nature, the spies are reluctant to act as a cohesive whole, but duty demands they watch the other’s back at all times and maintain the facade. As time goes on will they warm up to each other and come to appreciate their talent and skills or will they simply wait for the other to make a grave mistake and leave an opening to eliminate their strongest competition? It’s easy enough to make it look like an accident..)

    ★ Commanding Officer x Soldier
    ★ Crime Syndicate x Police
    ★ Dancer x Dancer (Muse A and Muse B attend a private school of performing arts together. They’ve been friends for several years and both have dreams of making a living out of their passion for dance. End of year performances are looming and tension is high, especially when Muse A is chosen over Muse B to perform a coveted solo. Will the friendship last or will competition drive them apart?)
    ★ Rich x Poor
    ★ Royalty x Normal person


    ★ Knight x Mage
    ★ Werewolves/Vampire/Supernatural x Hunter


    Civil War
    ★ World War Two
    ★ Ancient Korea
    ★ Victorian Era
    ★ Royalty x Normal person

    Science Fiction

    ★ Robot x Human
    ★ Creator x Invention


    ★ Anything zombie/apocalypse.
    ★ Murderer/Serial Killer x Detective (18+)
    ★ Undercover x Criminal (18+)

    Yeah, I don't have a lot of cool and well thought out ideas but it's okay. But really, just PM me and I'll be sure to interrogate the life outta you. If you don't like any of the plot bunnies up there, you can smack me with some of yours.
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    Happy New Year!​
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    Doopdoopdoop not looking for anymore​
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