INTEREST CHECK A refreshing concept. (In my opinion)

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  1. The world is a cruel and difficult cesspool of chaos and misunderstandings. Surma knew this all too well as she watched her people one by one hunted down like some sort of rabid animal. The kingdoms of elves and men have made their disposition toward her kind clear. Whether it stemed from bigotry or the sins of moons past mattered not in her eyes. The sound of war drums beating echoed throughout the realm. For soon it will be blood not the rain which makes the grass grow. Under her will and doctrines the once scattered orc tribes had united under a single banner.

    An unintended side effect of the crusade harbored against them. Cultures opposed had become united for a single purpose...survival. And though the others races were ignorant of the coming storm. In the shadows of stone they waited and plotted their second coming. Evolution had taken hold; a once savage race was forced to adapt to the coming times. For thousands of years this change has been dawning; its progress slow but it managed to pick up speed due to the war. No clemency will be shown; just as they spared no infant or woman. So shall their hammers return like kind.

    Despite the bad blood between them; there remained but a flaccid thread of hope. A hope that peace could somehow be conceived. However it seemed unlikely that such a thing would transpire. Seeing how most races thought of her kind as lowly beast with all brawn and no intellect. "Lesser" beings...that was the title they so carelessly anointed the orcs with. Despite all this hate and blood one final effort would be made to prevent the war machines. If she should fail then war and death was all but inevitable. It wasn't a question of if, rather when in her eyes.

    And so a small group was sent out into the world to sway the minds of the people. But little did they know what lied in store...

    Summary for those too lazy to read (lol)

    The basic idea is war is brewing. A few still wish to avoid the bloodshed. And so they send a group out into the world in an attempt to sway the minds of kings and queens. However there are those which fear the orcs (Later explained why) and are attempting to ruin any such chance. So the group finds themselves in a web of conspiracy, assassinations and war. Being that they can't win everyone over (Obviously) the players will have to choose who if any should they strive to sway. While trying to survive the elements and various evils which make up this dark fantasy world.

    And no you don't have to play an orc. It could be another race which sympathizes for them. And throws his or her lot in with them.

    I'll let you use your own preferred template for a profile. I hate imposing my own on others.

    Also if you fail to post without just cause; in order to keep the train rolling you may be skipped at first, and then your character will be played as an NPC. Don't fret it's just so we can make an exit for them. And if later on you wish to rejoin you can.
  2. This is a concept that I think has a lot of potential.
    Likelier than not, I would join this, if you got the concept in motion.
  3. It definitely sounds interesting and something I would like to play. You said that you can play other characters who are 'sympathizers', but who would they be? The premise makes it sound like everyone just thinks they're low and stupid or terrifying and brutal. Who would play the royalty who are jerks and the assassins or whatnot? I think those would be really fun, evil roles to play.
    It's definitely a refreshing concept, but I think it would take some careful planning and maneuvering to make it work in the long term.
  4. A few things I'd like to point out.

    As the story progresses the other roles will become available. I see no point in picking someone to play a king or assassin who may not appear for a while.

    Lastly, not everyone is against the orcs. Think about it; in our own history when white slaved the Africans. There were whites who helped them escaped and fought for their liberty. Grant it it wasn't the bulk of folks but a small percentage. so obviously there will be some who disagree with the genocide of their race.
  5. -Character portrait.-


    -General Info.-

    Name: Surma Gra Burick.
    Race: Orc.
    Vocation: Ambassador.
    Religion: Diankitek (Nirvana of conception and death.)
    Sex: Female.
    Sexuality: Heterosexual.
    Martial status: Single.
    Family: None, All died during the crusades.
    Age: 27
    Height: 6' 3"
    Weight: 184lbs
    Eye color: Yellow.
    Iris shape: Feral. (Snake)
    Hair color: Black.
    Style: Long.
    Skin tone: Light Green.
    Complexion: Radiant/Youthful.
    Scars: None.
    Markings: None.
    Piercings: None.
    Deformities: None.
    Build: Defined.
    Hobbies: Meditation, training, drinking socially, Poetry, Reading, Painting.
    Artistic skills: Poetry and painting.

    Favorite Orc Poem.

    "Long ago, seed of stone.
    Brothers fought, to usurp the throne.
    Hills run red, children lie dead.
    Cries of man, hearts--of dread.

    Hammers fall, hope is gone.
    Children rise, facing dawn.
    Hate conceived, becomes unfurled.
    Few stand, to face the world.

    Blacken night; frigid dew.
    Morning drums; men shall rue.
    Ash we came; Ash we go.
    Cycle of death; all will know.

    From the bane; of butchered kings.
    The one shall stand, of hope sing.
    Of a day, when evil fades.
    Freeing all, from venomous--shade."


    Weapon Slot 1
    Weapon: Golem's claw.
    Type: Claw.
    Range: Close.
    Speed: Fast.
    Material: Enforced Adamite.
    Magical Properties: None.

    Weapon slot 2
    Weapon: Orc Shadow weaver Boots.
    Type: Blunt.
    Speed: Fast.
    Material: Enforced Elder Basilisk scales.
    Magical Properties: Each Kicks makes the weight of an object double. Effect stacks. But fades in twenty seconds. (One turn in summary.)

    Armor Set.

    Head: None.

    Chest: Royal Witch Doctor Leather Armor.
    Effects: None.
    Material: Abomination Yaun ti hide.
    Type: Light.

    Leggings: Royal Witch Doctor Leather Armor.
    Effects: None.
    Material: Abomination Yaun ti hide.
    Type: Light.

    Arm: Royal Witch Doctor Leather Armor.
    Effects: None.
    Material: Abomination Yaun ti hide.
    Type: Light.

    Boots:Orc Shadow weaver Boots.
    Effects: See second weapon slot for details..
    Material: Reinforced Elder Basilisk scales.
    Type: Light.

    Rings & Amulets: None.

    -Class info.-

    Class: Witch Doctor.
    Subclass: Monk.

    Armor proficiencies: Light.

    Weapon proficiencies: Blunt, martial and unarmed.

    Passive abilities:

    Inner savage: Orcs have a natural heightened state. Tapping into their ancient bloodline For increased endurance, strength and speed. Nearing that of a Demon.

    Toughness: Orcs skin and bones are far stronger and tougher then that of most races. Making it harder to pierce their skin or shatter bones.

    Alchemy: As a Witch doctor you are a specialist when it comes to creating potions and poisons.

    Ancestral walk: Once Per Day an Orc can call out to the ethereal plane. Becoming a phantom; allowing them to pass through walls or phase through attacks. In this mode they are unable to harm anyone or directly interact with any object. The effects last for two minutes.

    Martial artist: A Monk excels at unarmed combat.

    Bull strength: A Monk has beast of burden strength. Capable of lifting twice it's body weight.

    Cat's grace: A Monk has increased speed and agility. Capable of great balance and good acrobatic displays.

    Spells and skills:

    Undead Sloverian: A witch Doctor can raise dead animals and beast to serve them. A max of four servants.

    Phantasmal killer: A powerful spell which allows the Witch doctor to call upon a phantom. Invisible to most but capable of harming any target.

    Hallucinatory environment: A witch doctor can conjure illusions to confuse their target.

    Acid spray: A witch doctor can spray a cone of acid. Capable of dissolving most armors and flesh.

    Skin of wood: Increases the endurance and def of the caster. Can also be used on others.

    Equilibrium: The witch doctor can offer up their blood to heal the wounds of others.

    Glyph of thorns: The witch doctor can cast a trap, if triggered; will cause venomous thorns to sprout from the earth. Snaring and infecting all those within reach. (20 ft radius.)

    (My Character Sheet Format. You may use it if you'd like. But as stated earlier you may use any style you wish.)
  6. I will defiantly be joining once you create the signups and ooc!
  7. I am new to this concept. Where do I do all that? Pardon my ignorance.
  8. It'll probably get you a couple more people joining!
  9. i will join as well...will take a few to make a character..prolly on monday...but it will be done