A Rebellion. A Fantasy RP.

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Moonlit Blade

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All righty, then. Well, let's see. I've got a good part of this RP thought up, but I require some assistance!
As of now, this is what I have.

For centuries, a royal family has ruled a continent, ruling it with a firm, yet just hand. However, the royal family has always had a secret, protecting the land from a malevolent force. The current king, King Balthis, was a fairly good kind, and was just and kind. He had a court of MistKnights, which were knights capable of using Magick. However, the King soon became more reclusive, brooding even.

Then, one day, he ordered the enslavement of all the peasants. The aristocracy sent their MistBlades to kill those who opposed the order, and the aristocracy eventually came to rule over the slaves. Several rebellions rose, yet were quickly crushed by the power of the MistBlades.

This RP will take place during a rebellion that has lasted for a few years.

For those of you interested, feel free to say so, or offer any changes.

However, if any of you are willing to help, I am interested in expanding the types of Magick in this RP. All the magicks are a "-mancy" type of magick. As of now, I have Aeromancy, Allomancy, Aquamancy, Geomancy, Necromancy and Pyromancy. If anyone can come up with any other types, then feel free to list them here, as well as a description about them.
Players will be doomed peasants, oppressive knights, or turncoat knights?
Turncoat Knights or doomed peasants with newly discovered abilities. My characters will both be ex MistKnights of the King.