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  1. A Reason Why Life is Important
    Live, for the people who didn't get a life.
    Live, for the people who didn't get the chance to say no.
    Love, for the people who have not been loved.
    Love, for the people who love you.
    Believe, in the people around you.
    Believe, that something else could have happened.
    Remember, you are not wrong because you made a mistake.
    Remember, malice leaves no room for happiness.
    Know, nobody is always right.
    Know, you are as strong as you will let yourself be.
    Understand, not everything is your fault and sometimes some things are.
    Understand, that today will soon be over and become yesterday.
    Hope, for better luck.
    Hope, for those less fortunate than you.
    Stand, because you fell down and it's time to get back up.
    Stand, because someone out there believes in you.
    Make a better today so when today becomes yesterday it becomes a fond memory.
    Make to achieve.

    Live for today
    Love for joy
    Believe for resolve
    Remember for learning
    Know for wisdom
    Understand for power
    Hope for Serenity
    Stand for strength
    Make for the stars

    Give up, Never.
    A Reason Why Life is Important

    Understand that is not a poem, this a philosophy, mine. Life has thrown some tough issues at me recently, there is nothing that can be done to change that which has transpired. I understand that there is nothing that I can do to change anything that has happened, but I have come to the slow realisation that I can change what will happen. This is a collection of the thoughts that I have needed to remind myself why to look past the bad things that have happened.

    It is hard, in fact really hard.

    I would like to thank a very special person in my life who has been there for me, whom even though they have been busy has taken the time to talk, to understand, to know and to help me through everything that has happened. This person knows who they are and I cannot thank them enough.

    I will say this, I am not out the other side. Sadness clouds over the horizons of my mind like a thick grey cloud so stubborn that even the gust of my confidence cannot blow it away entirely. When people ask questions like 'how are you?' and you really don't want to talk about it; if you don't want to lie you will say 'I'm not okay.' This is challenging because the moment you say these words the world gets worried about you and gets worked up sometimes making your situation worse than it already is.

    Support is something that should be given upon it being sought. It makes it awkward when dozens of people ask you the details of an affliction and you really don't wish to share, as if they feel it is your business. If you yell at them, it is their business. You directly tried hurting someone by taking your own anger out on them, it doesn't matter how depressed you are; communication and clarity are important parts of relationships. However, If I feel that I am not obliged to tell that person it means I make a worse situation out of something I didn't mean to happen.

    Now let's be honest. If you're upset and I'm upset and I've told people I am upset but am not directly showing it because I don't want to be a world class mope that sits there and complains twenty four seven about how shit my life is, I am unlikely to be able to handle somebody breaking out and snapping at me for no reason. So if you invoke my wrath, it is your own fault from that point forward.

    I will say this now, I do not condone malice but neither can I prevent it if an individual is trying to set fire to a shortened fuse.

    At the most part I have reached a point where I can speak about people's problems to an extent but if it's too much for me to handle I will say so. If you are thinking or even contemplating trying to commit suicide, I cannot handle that right now; the most I am likely to tell you is that you don't get a second chance at this life. You die and your body rots into the ground.

    If you are of the religious belief that the body carries on into the after life, I know enough about it to tell you that according to that theory you are not cleansed of the 'sins' or 'misgivings' in this life. Reincarnation simply means they are carried over with your soul. (I am agnostic, I neither here nor their necessarily agree or disagree with this concept. If you want to convert me to a way of thinking, life is way too short for me too care. I am just going to enjoy loving the people I love and having fun with whatever I do. I mean, heck if you're not having fun which in hindsight I am not right now - the you and/or I need to take a reality check and do something to make it fun. Now I am not stating that this is easy, only that it needs to happen and everybody has a mind, if you can't figure it out find someone to help you think about how to make life better.)

    I have done this. Life is slowly spiralling upward and I am looking forward to the future, there are lessons that I have learned and even through that it's still lingering the foul odour from the stench of a gas cloud released from below a sumo wrestler's arse cheeks.

    The reasons above are the reasons I have discovered why it is so important to live to the best that you can and make life as fulfilling as possible. None of them are rocket science, none of those actions are beyond anybody's capability and yet the world lets itself fall short. I have chosen and always will choose for that not to be the case. If life is going to throw lemons at me I'll take it and shove it right back in it's face with the power of my own force of will.

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been there for me, you are great people. Thank you.

    Disclaimer: For the purpose of this rant Religion is not something I wish to debate. If you wish to do so, please take it elsewhere.
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