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  1. This RP is Closed for the time being. Watch for any possible updates in the future. Thanks for all who got involved it was fun! Perhaps a reboot will be in order in the future.
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  2. Puff the Magic Dragon
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  3. @God
    I'm excited for this!(My boyfriend might want to join as well. Ill see what he thinks) Ill definitely be played to characters; one magic, one not, as an attempt to keep things even.

    I have a few questions regarding the Sylvan.

    I am looking to create a Woodsman Sylvan and I just have a few questions as to their attributes.

    Are they a magical species or no?

    When it comes to taming an animal (and it's just one animal correct?) are they regular animals or are they allowed to have some slight alterations to they say larger than they normally would be/ more intelligent and so on.

    Sorry if these are stupid questions
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  4. Interested to see where this goes.
  5. All questions are good questions and are very welcomed! I'm working with my friend Zaith on further details but the suggestions and input of others will help with the shaping of things. I don't want to impose too many restrictions as I enjoy the idea of freedom, but naturally there has to be some clarification.

    To answer though, not all Sylvan are innately magical, though they are more prone to be born with it. When they are though, it tends to lean towards more nature oriented spells or effects. For example, a Sylvan with Psionic abilities may be more adept to influencing the minds of beasts over that of humans. In addition to that, while you're bound to a pet, you're knowledgeable to the general health and state of mind of your companion, so if they're injured in a fight, you may feel the similar mental or emotional distress that they feel. There would most likely be a bump in their intelligence too due to the bond, but within reason.

    As far as animals, I'd say one per person. That is, one that is loyal to you and fights alongside you. You'd still perhaps have the ability to somehow communicate with other animals to say, get information. Maybe you encounter a hawk and through the bonds of nature they tell you they've seen a group of men pass through an hour ago. I like the idea as long as it's not abused.
  6. @God

    Thank you! That was very helpful x) Ill set to work creating that character than.

    For my other character I want it to be non magical.

    I want to just give you a brief overview of what I was thinking before I go any further; I just want to make sure it follows the lines you have set.

    So. Vague idea of it was going to be an assassin/rogue character who had a twin sister in his youth who was born gifted. He ascribes to the idea that magic is an evil taint upon the world and should be exterminated and eventually brought it upon himself to "end her suffering" and killed her himself.
    This ultimately fueled his fire and the path that he now walks; feeling that he has been entrusted with the noble task of helping to extinguish the scourge that is magic and all it entails.

    Sorry, that's vague and lacking in substance, but is that something I could work in?

    Thank you for answering all my silly questions :)
  7. You're very welcome. I think that's a great character idea and work just fine. Not sure where you'll be placing him but he would very much fit in with Gashton rather well, seeing as the King will eventually go about trying to hunt down anyone suspected of magic use in his kingdom. Maybe the King eventually employs him to assist. That's just a suggestion, the path is of course up to you so have fun with it either way.

    Also currently working on a "Strength System" of sorts to help balance a characters most game-changing abilities and features. "Strengths" are guides to help flesh out characters and their abilities which will help shape the world. I'll edit this into the original post sometime tonight.

    Edit: Also I'll probably work on a general map.
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  8. I'm definitely interested in this one, but I do have a question: Are there any kingdoms that have/support/is a clan centered tribal society? I'd like to make a female warrior, but I was unsure of which kingdom to put her in.

    For the character, I was thinking of having a spear oriented warrior with a background in hand-to-hand fighting, grappling, and swordplay. She has reluctantly been sent on a mission to seek information on magic as a magical child has recently come into their power. As such, she has no idea about magic and what it can do, and doesn't find herself very curious about it. If anything, she is more annoyed that this mission has distracted the elder/council from her hunting trips with the others, as such, she is not an official adult in their eyes. She struggles with becoming an adult in the eyes of her culture yet being recognized as an adult by the outside world. Not only that, but trying to find the information or person she needs, dealing with her own lack of sexual feelings for other people (she will be demisexual, so while gender or looks won't matter to her, the personal relationship MUST be strong), amongst other things. This is a pretty general idea that I have though...sorry about that.
  9. Excellent question. Let me ponder on that and see what Zaith thinks and I'll get back to you on it. We'll find them a home one way or another!

    I still need to update the main post with more information regarding classes and magic. For those reading the post but aren't sure if you want to join don't be shy. Please ask any questions you have and provide suggestions too. I'm open to including another race for example, but I don't want players spread too thin unless we have a larger turn out. I'm in no rush to get it started as I still have more information to iron out and I'd like to see the roles of kingdom leadership filled first as well. This is the time of planning amongst us all.

    Edit: All ages are welcome as long as they meet posting requirements, etc.
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  10. Hi @Aeronfarron, thanks for your interest and questions. Tribal societies most certainly have a place in the world, and it was our thought that they indeed be clan-based. As for a kingdom your character might call home, I’d suggest any kingdom that leans anti-magic (based on what you've given in your character description).

    There will likely be some clans that are experienced with magic, and some (like yours) to which it is foreign. We’re currently discussing ideas for a map, and it looks like in addition to kingdoms there might exist regions of “no man’s land” in between and beyond borders (the Kingdoms aren’t by themselves on a large island). Perhaps your character might call one of these regions home. Wasteland, dense forest, and mires are possible environments for no man’s land – anywhere a Kingdom might have trouble establishing power. We’ll try to include detail in the map when it comes to geography and political borders.

    Finally, we invite you to suggest possible relations your character’s clan has with the surrounding Kingdom. Examples: A clan who trades animal hides for protection, or a clan that is occasionally harassed by royal patrols and is semi-nomadic.

    As always, feel free to ask any questions this might bring up, and I hope this helps.
  11. I'm quite interested in this roleplay. However, I don't think I'll be able to make the post a day/every other day. I have a busy life, which will remain so for at least another 3,5 years. I can post up, say, 3-4 times a week at most. If that's not a problem, I would very much like to add a character to this story.

    Hope to hear from you soon.
  12. Absolutely! Real life always comes first. What I have written is more or less a guideline. That is, post when you can and let others know if you're going to be absent. The only other point I want to mention is that certain positions (i.e. playing a King) I'd prefer a person have a lot of availability, just because they're a prominent position and will require making important decisions and interacting with an array of characters. As they say, with great power comes great responsibility.

    As always let us know if you have any other questions or suggestions.
  13. Thank you for getting back to me. I appreciate the suggestions and am currently outlining the tribe. From what I have so far, I went the semi-nomadic route.

    The clan has a migration twice a year. The first of their calendar year is on the day of the Spring Equinox. It is at this point that the begin the migration to a forested field. The hunters and warriors of the tribe act both as an escort as well as the primary meat source. Once they get to their sacred grounds, they celebrate the Summer Solstice and live primarily on berries, deer, hares, and a few crops and breed the next stock of Desert Horses. Desert Horses are a special breed of horse bred by this specific tribe for the purposes of living and surviving in the deserts.

    On the mark of the Autumnal Equinox, they migrate back into the deserts where they spend the Winter Solstice. During this time, they are a fully nomadic tribe, and use the resources they gathered during the Summer months to last them until the next migration. The hunters and warriors group together then assign various additional jobs. Some become foragers, others gather herbs, while some (like my character) mind the herd of Desert Horses they bred during the Summer Months. Once the Spring Equinox returns, they start all over again. The forested plain is somewhat difficult to find and are kept a secret outside of the tribe.
    The best time to trade with this tribe is during the travel months. They allow free trade with any kingdom, thought it is up to individuals to bargain for the best prices. From herbs to spices to various furs and animal meats, different familial lines within the clan specialize in different trade arts. While profits and materials are shared, those whom are best suited are given priority to the best materials so as to benefit the clan during sales. My character's family is known for their strong and warm coats made of bear fur. She, along with her brother, hunts the bears in a carefully aggressive manner, one that her family spent years perfecting. She, as an individual, is known for her skill with a spear, as she can use the spear to strike clean killing blows then use the cuts as guides for skinning.

    Their weapons are usually made with incredibly sharpened and beautifully worked stone. However, those that have proven themselves with a certain weapon may earn a metal version made with a special metal that is found deep in the deserts they travel. This metal is a deep obsidian color with swirling glimmers of silver and blue once worked. These weapons, are as effective in battle as they are beautiful, and would be one of the reasons few would voluntarily attack them. Few materials have been able to withstand a blow from the metal, but the metal is rare and dense, and must be worked while in the freezing cold of desert nights in the winter. Only one family in the clan can work the metal, and they refuse to sell the secrets to the outside world or non-clan members.

    Outside of this, the clan is pretty free but will stand united against an enemy. While they have disagreements with a few other clans, they will not hesitate to stand with their sisters and brothers should a kingdom declare war on them. An attack against one clan...is an attack against all of them.
  14. It all sounds great @Aeronfarron. One of our main objectives is to create an interesting and detailed framework of a world, but a framework nonetheless. You can likely expect more lore in the near future, but we also like the idea of site users helping to flesh out (with a reasonable level of freedom) the scaffolding we set up.
  15. Thank you. Now that I can start writing...I have one last question: what do you guys think of physical...abnormalities (like a female with a penis or the opposite)? This would serve a purpose though as, this serves as a marker and precedent that there was magic in the tribe at one point. It also serves as a history record for her people, since the change would manifest to make her a viable breeding option when there was a shortage due to a lack of males during the generation before hers.

    In the tribe, age or previous relationships don't mean much. If your wife or husband dies, and you are still able to have children, you are expected to contribute children. Even if that means your new mate is your daughter's best friend or vice versa. Tribe health comes before personal preferences in times of need: most viable is mated with most viable, and sometimes, that means a receiving male is mated with an accomplished hunter male or a female with a good birthing record is mated with an available, accomplished giving female. Barring a Great Sickness, though, this is rare, as even these alternative body types could mate with the opposite gender, matching (fertile male with giving female, and use a birthing mother to have kids) or otherwise (female with a receiving male using a donor to have kids). Mind you, this isn't a form of freedom or open-mindedness for them. There are still traditional gender roles, and women are expected to have kids and raise them while men are expected to provide for the tribe and give kids. Of course, the alternatively gifted are given some leeway if their case is strong enough to fill the opposite role. This means that should a giving female decide to hunt or craft, she is recognized as a male within the tribe. The same goes for a male that has a gift in raising kids or is an excellent farmer, he'd be seen as a female within the tribe. Being a male or female doesn't affect tribal property or claims, but they do affect the Rites of Adulthood and breeding options and, possibly, the views of the other kingdoms.

    (The Great Sickness is a sickness that comes from the tribe spending the winter months in the snowy forests. We know it as pneumonia.)

    What do you think?
  16. This sounds like a great idea and I would love to contribute a character (or two, one magi and one not, perhaps) to this storyline. I have a question about the mythology/era/location that the countries are inspired by - that is, are there any, and if so, what are they?

    Are the countries large enough and far enough apart that they would have separate ethnicities with the accompanying drastic changes in culture (that would make most sense because of their varied opinion on magic)? That question could probably be answered with a map, though, so don't worry about that one.

    A lot of fantasy that you see is inspired by the Tolkien-originated Nordic/European-esque mythology with dragons, trolls, et cetera. Is it the same here? I look forward to this one!
  17. Excellent! A character it is! I will start off with just the one for now, but perhaps I can add another at a later date once I get into the swing of this RP. As far as character sheets are concerned, can I just use my own or should I use the one posted above?

    Mine is a bit less detailed. Name, age, race, gender, physical description (I prefer a good description over pictures but a picture can still be added), clothing and armor, weapons and other gear, skills and abilities, mental description, goals, habits, fears, likes and dislikes, and a (brief) history to finish up.

    As far as place of residence is concerned, I think Ormont would be just fine. I like neutral. As far as history is concerned, what kind of country should I be thinking of or can I make it up as I go? I ask because while I do prefer the idea of having my character living in the capital, I don't like him being born there and want to think of a village or smaller town or something.

    Is there any chance of a description of the countries?
  18. @Felicantus - Having more than one or two characters is just fine, whatever you think you can handle (in fact having them in different kingdoms would be beneficial too). If you're fine with using the sheet provided that would be best, if there's something not listed that you want to add you're free to do that as well. I know it may be difficult to write some character history as we're still working on some basic lore of the world/kingdoms. The nice thing about character history is you can keep it brief and just reveal more as time goes on.

    We're working on a map that will include smaller cities and villages (amongst other things such as political borders, points of interest, etc). We're also fleshing out more details about each kingdom. A rather large factor for why the kingdoms have the alliances they do (and why characters may find themselves at a certain location) is going to be based on how they feel about magic. Of course I'd like to see magic users residing in an Anti-magic kingdom too, as odd as it may seem. Let me know if I missed anything or if my rambling didn't help at all hehe.

    (Don't worry Aeron and Ashana, Zaith is going to respond to your questions!)
  19. @Aeronfarron physical abnormalities like you describe, if I understand, would be exceptionally rare I think. Something along the lines of hermaphroditic persons?

    Otherwise, a whole spectrum of gender-queerness exists, for sure. Your clan sort of reminds me of two-spirited persons of native North America. It’s very possible that a biological male be given a female designation in a society based on its concepts of gender roles.

    Additionally, the idea you have with the clan’s policies on breeding I think could fit adequately into a medieval world with kingdoms at odds with each other. Procreation was historically an extremely important issue in parts of the world where amassing defensive forces to keep societies safe from invasion or assimilation.

    More details on kingdoms and a map to help you visualize on the way :) And thanks for checking!
  20. @Ashana Thanks for your questions and interest. The world is set in a quasi-European, middle-ages setting. There are elements (currently, subject to expansion) which are drawn from Arthurian legend as well more general mythology from the British Isles. We are currently discussion how religion might work and influence in the Kingdoms and what Earthly sources we might draw on for that. But definitely, for these five Kingdoms, mostly European.

    Your question about Kingdom sizes and relative positions should be largely be answered by the map we will be putting out shortly. To give you a basic idea of culture though, there is a notable variance in cultures, but we're not thinking something drastic. The map in which this roleplay will begin is only a small part of a larger world, so many cultural aspects are shared between Kingdoms.

    In short, there will be cultural variety, but nothing like, say, something Norse and something Egyptian.

    For the fantasy aspect, there are indeed similarities to the Tolkien-inspired Nordic/European mythos. You can use this confidently as a foundation for your character creation in the meantime. Some original material is in development as well. We hope to get a bit of this content out soon.