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    A Realm of Uncertainty is a Medieval Fantasy based group role play. Take on the role of nearly anything; from commoners to nobles, hunters to magi. You choose your destiny in a world of magic and myth, love and betrayal, power and greed. Forge alliances and battle the creatures of dark magic to save your kingdom.

    The world features a custom map, multiple kingdoms, races, classes, and magic system. Check it out!

    Click here for the OOC thread!
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  2. Still looking for more.

    Also DISCLAIMER: Mature content is possible. Any sexual scene must be taken to PM and not in the IC thread. Adult and teen members may not engage in these scenes, this includes private messages (site rules)!
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  3. Plenty of room for more. Just visit the OOC link above. Feel free to ask any questions that you may have there!
  4. Good -insert time of day here- everyone! I wanted to tell everyone that, in order to make this game feel more like another chapter in your life, I am allowing our players (and that means you too, reader, if you wished to join us!) the ability to help shape our world! Can you give an 'open source' tag to an RP? Who knows but I'm doing it anyway! So, stop on by and check us out. If you like it, drop us a line or write up your character!
  5. Still looking for new members! Try not to get intimidated by the OP. Look at the potential that this game has, of which it has a lot, and dont get caught up on the information we are giving. We are making a big world with a lot of info and we want it perfect. Tabletop gamers will find more of a home here because the level of detail our world is going in to rivals that of a world built by Paizo or Wizards of the Coast. So come on, join us in a Realm of Uncertainty~
  6. Fantastic news! We aim to start the Prelude to our fantastical world of fantasy this weekend! Additionally, we have made quite a bit of progress developing the clans and houses of the world, including the pirates and other hostile groups! Stop on by and see if our work takes your fancy!
  7. Still accepting.
  8. Now with more cake!

  9. We are looking at starting the next chapter in our story starting this week!
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