A really yummy fall snack

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  1. So I was at the store yesterday and my grocery store just happened to have a gluten free gala. Well I eat gluten free so of course I got excited about that. And they had these things caramelized pumpkin seeds there. And omg. They were amazing.

    So I bought all the necessary ingredients (pumpkin seeds) and came straight home and made them.

    So all you need is pumpkin seeds. brown sugar and a little bit of oil.

    Pour a teaspoon of oil in a medium fry pan. Then a cup of pumpkin seeds. And two tablespoons of brown sugar. And fry on medium high heat until it's all caramelized. Which takes about... 20-30 seconds. And then cool.


    seriously it took me about 5 minutes to make the whole batch and these things are absolutely one of the best snacks I've ever had.

    DO IT
  2. I'll try it out some time :) Also, I'm gluten-free and it's so cool that there's someone else on here who is! Can I ask why you're gluten-free?
  3. I have Celiac Disease. I've been gluten free for 2... no three years now. (It's been a struggle because I hate to cook) One of my rp partners is also gluten free. Seems there's a small population of us here


    I should make a group for gluten free Iwakians. We can all rant and share recipes and generally bond.
  4. Sounds delicious
  5. A group would be awesome! I recently lost my recipe books in an accident so I'd definitely enjoy being able to talk about gluten-free cooking and books and things like that.