INTEREST CHECK A Rather Touchy Subject

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  1. So, I recently re-read Katawa Shoujo. Brilliant visual novel, just remember to shut the door while the more... sensitive... material is displayed.
    And it got me thinking.
    I thought, "What if we had an RP like that?"
    But I also thought, "It seems a little insensitive towards people who actually do have those sorts of problems."
    See, Katawa Shoujo - for those not in the know - is a visual novel about a guy who lives a perfectly normal life, until he has a heart attack, and has to be sent to Yamaku Academy - an academy for students with disabilities, aimed at giving them the opportunities they would otherwise be deprived of. It's like any normal school, only with on-site medical staff, a renowned general hospital nearby, and it's quite isolated - the nearest area of civilisation is a small town at the foot of the hill the academy's on. While there, he encounters different girls in the school, and, depending on the choices you make, he forges a relationship with them. Through this, he learns more about them, about himself, and more about inner beauty. The author said something along the lines of it teaching that, despite what happens, they're just normal girls.

    Now, I know people with conditions, that I will not disclose, to respect their privacy. I know it's a subject that can be hard to talk about at times, and to make an RP based on a visual novel centring around disabilities could seem insensitive, and even outright offensive. I understand that if people think this is a bad idea, they have the right to tell me so, and allow me to think back on my actions.
    But if it does work, the opportunity for a normal, boring academy RP to transcend into something far deeper is there, ready and waiting. It would require a great deal of tact - something I may or may not have. But it could still work. Maybe.
  2. I don't think this would be a bad idea if handled correctly. I think it's important to be well-researched in the disabilities the RP character has depending on how prominent one is willing to make them. I'm actually kind of interested.

    Just a question: what kind of disabilities would this academy handle?