A rather fun time.

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  1. Shuan is seen in the shower as he hums a song he knows by heart, he grabs his shampoo as he squrits out alill bit into his hand. He put the shampoo in his hair as he massaged it in as he cleaned his hair. He finished and turned the water off and grabbed his towel, he dried his head off as he walked into his and his roomates room with mearly just a towel covering himself. " Hey did you sleep well lastnight? " Shuan asked his roomate as he sat down on his bed looking for some clothes to wear if he decided to wear any at all and go to class. Shuan just shrugged as he laied back and coverd himself up as he lost the towel and tossed it next to his bed snuggleing up warmly under his thick blanket.
  2. His roomate, Raziel is six foot two and well built. His scholarship paying for his entire college education so long as he keeps kickboxing."No i slept like shit. My father decided to call me." He says as if that explains everything and in a way....it did. The last three times his father called him he didnt sleep for about a week straight. However he never once opened up about it.
  3. Shuan sat up as he looked to Raziel adn cracked his neck. " Need to talk about it. I'm actaully not going to class today so we can sit here and do what ever. If you want. " Shuan had a thing for his roomate, Raziel probbly didn't know about it but he has seen him in the shower by accedint but he saw everything and made him get a crush on him ever since the third day he had been there.
  4. Raziel shakes his head."No i dont want to talk about it. But i was going to go get some lunch. Want me to bring somethign back for you?" He asks the smaller man with a curious look in his eyes.
  5. " Yea can you bring me back a sandwich with some chips. " He asked as he smiled his purple hue's, cuased by his contaclenses , would sparkle in the dim lightling of their room.
  6. He nods."I wont be long." True to his word twenty minutes later hes back with some pop as well and subwya for the two of them."Breakfast of champions, dig in." He says tossing a sub to you.
  7. Shuan threw his blanket off as he didn't remember he was completely naked as he grabbed his sandwich and started to eat. A few minutes later he realized he was naked and blushed intently. " S-sorry... " He said as he coverd himself up.
  8. A raised eyebrow is his response."Well that certainly makes us even Shaun." He says with a smirk. So he did know, but never said a word. I suppose being a fighter he is used to being practicly naked in the ring.
  9. Shuan blushed even more as he looked at Raziel. " R-really? " He said as he sorta smiled. the kind of smile that said that " I like you. ".
  10. Raziel smirks and flashed him a grin."How long shaun?" He asks tipping the boys head up with his index finger.
  11. " Ever since i first got here, there was just something about you that just stood out and hooked me right there. " He said as he crawled to Raziel and smiled again.
  12. Raziel leans in and kisses Shaun slowley and passionetly. His onyx eyes glittering as he wraps a posessive arm around Shauns smaller form.
  13. Shuan kisses back as he closes his eyes letting Raziel do what ever he wanted to do with him, he has submitted to him with ease. " mmmhh.. " He moaned softly as he liked what was happening at this moment.
  14. Raziel takes his time with the kiss, letting his hands explore Shauns smooth body, he isnt Ripped like Raziel but he certainly isnt in bad shape.
  15. Shuan smiles into the kiss as he looked into Raziel's eyes his purple hue's seem to gloss over as he felt the sudden urge to maon again. " Mmmmmh.. "
  16. Raziel kisses his way down Shauns neck, takeing the time to suck on the great veign. His tounge tickles Shauns nipple before he starts sucking on it.
  17. Shuan lets out a moan as he reached his neck, that being one of his sensitive spots of his body. " Ahh! " He let out a soft moan as he reached his nipple and started to suck on it.
  18. Raziel picks up shaun by his ass and stands in the middle of the room, holding the smaller up with ease. He sits down on his own bed with Shaun on his lap, his hand wrapping around Shauns member as he licks Shauns nipple.
  19. " Nnnnh. " He grunts softly as he closed his eyes tightky feeling Raziel's hand on his memebr. He moaned softly afterwards as he moaned raziel's name quitely.
  20. Raziel strokes his member slowley, his own erection growing fast in his pants.