A Rant About Hate

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  1. Before you sigh in exasperation and roll your eyes, this isn't a moan, nor is it a complaint or denunciation of society. No, I'm past that, I've not accepted the way our planet is because i think it important that we dont. We should know the devils having their way with us. Anyway... Its just a rant.

    It's rather easy to hate on our little planet right now and in some sick way us silly humans become hate addicts. Spitting venom is a drug, and like a drug it gradually builds a thirst that must be quenched. You start talking hate with your friends, its like smoking up in your mums back yard. Your hate grows, you find a group of like minded people, You start snorting coke off broken mirrors, you tell yourself you're just experimenting. Then your addiction gets out of control, you find yourself jacking up in a Mc Donalds Restroom with the wrong crowd, the most despicable and loathsome people of all; Those cowardly sots who use their "cause" as an excuse to hurt other human beings whilst feeling no remorse because they believe that their actions were somehow justified, in some cases because a man, who, one thousand years ago, said so in a book.​

    I'm sorry for the drug metaphors, but that's how I see hate at the moment. That, however is not its only attribute. Hate is a virus, an aggressively contagious pathogen, which is spread with startling ease amongst narrow minded, ignorant and scared populations. You need only to look at our society to see how susceptible we are. World leaders and mass manipulators have taken advantage of this little fact for thousands of years. Hate is a powerful political tool when wielded correctly, it is a fantastic way to lead the mob, to control us, the people. If our governments can stir up hatred towards a group or a place for whatever reason, then they have us by the balls. The prostitute media spoon feeds us biased news reports and we greedily eat up atrocity after atrocity, and feel outraged at this new evil minority, then demand that someone do something. Our countries get their wars, our leaders get our votes, and we get someone to hate.

    Hate is powerful, its a shred of our animalistic past that still clings to our humanity like an ancient parasite. We become addicted to sharing it with others. This communion creates a primal feeling, a strange, twisted kind of joy that surfaces from our tribal past. We humans are a social race and modern society has destroyed that. Our once deep social bonds have been replaced by mass solitude, but our tribal instincts will always remain hard coded, just like a birds instinct to fly. Maybe this is where our readiness to hate comes from, from an instinctual longing to be a part of something with someone, because deep down, on a biological level, we feel alone. I know there are some yawning holes in that theory and some bad grammar and spelling, but if you could see me now, you'd see a tired, shrugging Welshman

    This all sounds woefully morbid, but relax, take a deep breath and look on the bright side, because for a rare, brief moment I'm about to get fluffy...

    This ancient tribal law also applies to something far more powerful. A force that knows no boundaries and spits in the face of common sense. It is deaf, dumb, and blind, but it is also unstoppable when unleashed and set in motion. When experienced as a group, as a tribe, it transcends human language and exposes the limits of our senses. Its something quite rare, but you'll recognize it when you feel it. When your with a group of people you trust unquestionably. Ugh, yes, I'm talking about love. Unconditional love though. The unconditional part is important, very fucking important. Unconditional love is very hard to come by, but its some good stuff. Without ego, religion or bias, completely free with no catches... I dunno, I'm not religious but whoever wrote all the stuff about loving each other and treating each other with respect and equality, those people were really onto something. It is a shame that all of these supposedly godly people completely ignore the most important part of their religion and quite possibly the most important part of being a member of this planet; to love unconditionally

    All, thoughts and comments are welcome. All points of view are welcome. If you disagree with anything I've said then go ahead and say so (I Know you don't need my permission) and I promise I won't get hurt in the butt.
  2. Based on your depiction of cokeheads, I don't see why they would be your main view of hate. Of course, they are messed up little brats but I don't see how the druggies are being hated more than the drug distributors so yeah. I honestly partially like a hateful world because most of their cards are on the table instead of being hidden from me. Besides, I wouldn't allow someone else's hate to overwhelm my purity regardless. The more dominate that hate becomes, the more harder it is to be pure in this world. It kind of sounds like a game of who can keep their sanity the longest XD

    And outside of needing to vent, I don't see why a person would need to rant on a situation that can no longer be controlled. It's like trying to still put effort into halting the meteor when it has already crash landed. It's simply only a matter of time before the world is terraformed to meet the needs of the dominate affinity. That's one of my many views on the matter on the growing hate anyways.
  3. I hate everything in equal portions. Like a vaccine!

    It lets the hate wash over me, though it is a torrent of facebook comments and smites the ground below holds me firm in my resolution to give no fucks. When you understand to simply not care, or look past what everyone is screaming at and realize it's a cardboard cutout and it's just there to hide real issues, you know you made the right choice.

    But then you hate those masses for being idiots. There is no enlightenment for them. Any change is scary and harmful, they'll bite and claw at it. Not because they believe it wrong, no, because they know it is right but cannot or simply will not come to terms with it. Believe that's called "cognitive dissonance". Look it up, neat stuff.

    So remember, friends.

    Hate a little bit of everything. That way if they try to call you racist, or sexist, eve ableist! You can point out the facts and smile with a smug grin and admit..

    You hate everything!
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  4. Why do people obsess over hate so much?

    It's not new. It's not an invention of modern society. People have always hated stuff and will always hate stuff. Trying to get rid of hate is like trying to get rid of any other feeling. That is, horrifically stupid, completely impossible and questionably desirable.
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  5. But the Offspring told me that it's Cool to Hate.
  6. Did they also tell you that you are Pretty Cool for a White Guy? >.>
  7. "From the deepest desires often come the deadliest hate." - Socrates
  8. Naturally, although I couldn't find the required Pinto or homies to really make that song my own.

    Dexter Holland must be ashamed of me.
  9. “The ancient oracle said that I was the wisest of all the Greeks. It is because I alone, of all the Greeks, know that I know nothing.”

    I imagine thousands of years ago the ideas surrounding hatred were no different than the plagues we face today. The only difference is how fast we react in this day in age, through digital lens and the internet, we breed our thoughts as the rat breeds endlessly. However unlike the rat, devouring itself to multiply when no source is left, we are capable of devouring hatred and creating an expulsion of beauty in the form of art. Needless to say, to many focus on what is terrible in our world and fail to contrast those dirty parts with what is truly remarkable and beautiful in our timid times.
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