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  1. Hello! I'm chil, and I'm a teen who's interested in far too much weird stuff.

    This is the second roleplay community I've attempted to join so far. I'm fairly decent at roleplaying, and I can whip out anything from a single sentence to a few paragraphs, given the situation. I also try to write one reply per day at the least. However, mistakes might still appear from time to time because I'm not a native English speaker (also I'm really poor-sighted).

    The problem with RP communities like this and me is the fact that I'm extremely shy, even though I may not seem like it. If I think the roleplayer(s) are much more advanced/older than me or not quite into the same stuff I back out immediately. I also like sticking only to a few people (either long time or at the moment) because I think large groups are too hectic and complicated. ^^" I also prefer one-on-one roleplays a lot.

    So uh, what else... I draw and listen to a lot of music and like RPing with OCs (if they fit together). I'm also in some fandoms so I could do that too I guess.

    My main interests are fantasy, sci-fi, modern (with a side of supernatural, at least), and romance (either side or slow).

    So yeah, I hope I'll fit in here.
  2. Hi chil, I'm new here too, though I haven't been a teen in a while, I still dabble within the attitudes and realm xD (also my sense of humor is very very poor) Actually I signed up just a couple of minutes ago, so best of luck to both of us!
  3. This was late but welcome!!! .0.
    I've only been on here for about a month?? Or something

    And I've mostly done nothing because I'm so shy. cx

    But, uh
    Welcome to Iwaku!???
    Yeah I'm pretty late on that.
    Hope you make some friends. cx
  4. Thank you! I already have, to be honest. ^^
    It's okay!
  5. That's good! I never got much luck. cx'
  6. Welcome to Iwaku!
  7. Thanks! :) I love it here!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.