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    hello again!
    Sansa's back at it! Ugh, I just have so much free time lately and I'm really looking for some good stories. I have some plots and pairings but mostly I'm looking for something a bit more lowkey than usual. Oftentimes, I put a lot of effort into my roleplays only to discover my partner has ditched two weeks later. I'm not into that. So, I think I'm going to try taking a more relaxed route this time around and plot something casual in hopes that it'll last long enough to keep both of us satisfied. <3 That being said, I do have some rules!
    requirements / things i ask of you
    • Please be 16 years or older.
    • No females-only roleplayers. I don't want to be expected to play the male role every time. Broaden your horizons.
    • Adept or above. Advanced preferred.
    • Multiple paragraph replies. Throw me a bone pls.
    • Smut is an option for 18+ partners.
    • NO SELF-INSERTION OC'S. Please make your character interesting. (Not that you're not interesting, just...you get it, yeah?)
    • Cooperate with the plotting process. No "yeah that sounds good!" Add to it!
    • I'm ditcher-friendly, just tell me beforehand!
    • Give this post any rating if you even read this part.
    • Open to aesthetic formatting yes please?? (I can teach you how!)
    • Grasp the English language. I take grammar and typos seriously. (#EnglishMajorProblems)
    • Friendliness is very much preferred.
    expectations / things i can offer
    • Devotion! If you keep me interested, I'm not going anywhere.
    • I (usually) have no gender preference in who I play.
    • I can step in almost any canon character's shoes.
    • Multiple paragraph replies!
    • Author-level writing quality (if I'm not dead post-homework)
    • A reply every day at the most, every week at the least.
    • Plotting! My fave <3
    • Well thought-out characters.
    • I'm really good at this, so...love me?
    current cravings!

    Dragon Age
    Solas x Inquisitor!!!!!!!
    Cullen x Inquisitor or OC!!!
    Modern AU!!!

    Game of Thrones
    Sansa x Sandor!!!!!!!!!!
    Sansa x Tyrion!!!!!!!!!
    Sansa x OC!!!!!
    Modern AU!!!!!*

    * = I'll consider more pairings for this setting.

    The Last of Us
    Joel x OC!!!
    Ellie x OC!!!

    Medieval Fantasy
    Hero x Politician
    Knight x Married Queen
    Princess x Lady in Waiting
    Anything elven, really.
    Elven Wars

    thanks for reading! let me know if you're interested.
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  2. I can do most of these.. Just the multiple paragraph.. So long as you post first I can see how you do it and copy then soon able to do it myself.
  3. I could do the YouTuber idea with a twist B)

    go niners
  4. I'm listening!

  5. Make the YouTuber an OC too?
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  6. Yaaaaaaaaaaas. PM me? :)
  7. Yeah sure!

    (go niners)