A rally for Communism Month!

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  1. Kehvarl: AFTER I finish pirating! Arrrrr -08:47 Aug 15

    Kehvarl: As a concerned member of the Bourgeois, I will lend my vote and leadership to help bring the masses to a new regime of peace and love. -08:47 Aug 15
    Kehvarl: Not at all. I'm just pointing out that Communism Month must come from the Proletariat. -08:46 Aug 15
    Malkuthe: Shouldn't we demand, not ask? :D -08:46 Aug 15
    Isabellas: Wonder if can get enough people to ask for it if it will happen.. -08:46 Aug 15
    Malkuthe: Kehv: Are you implying a rebellion? :3. -08:46 Aug 15
    Kehvarl: Comrad Bella, you must not leave that decision to the opressors! Communist month must rise up from the commons! -08:45 Aug 15
    Isabellas: Or maybe a month where we all pretend to be in World War II Germany? -08:45 Aug 15
    Malkuthe: I call Kim Jong Il! -08:45 Aug 15
    Malkuthe: Communism month? -08:45 Aug 15
    Malkuthe: hi Kehv -08:45 Aug 15
    Kehvarl: Hello Bean. -08:44 Aug 15
    Isabellas: Will there ever be a communism month? -08:44 Aug 15
    Kehvarl: Errr... Aye! Avast! -08:44 Aug 15
    Kehvarl: Good morning Stephanie ^^ -08:44 Aug 15
    Elyd: You're certainly getting into Pirate Month. -08:44 Aug 15

    Come on comrades! Let us fight to make The month of October RED OCTOBER!
    Khevy's inspiring speech will lead us to victory! Who is with us!?

  2. I love you Bella, so very much. The reference to Red October made me lul so hard I almost choked. However, if we have a communist month we'll have to have a libratairan month, a utilitarian month, a fashiest appreciation week, a toeist tour and parade, I think I'd agree with Kehv in saying that "we much not leave this up to the oppressor's" that is to say we can do it without having their 'permission'. After all we are strong, we do not need the help of those silly capitalist pigs.
  3. FINALLY someone got the reference to Red October! Was going for that all along!
  4. I figured, although I hope there are no nuclear subs going AWOL in the ocean at this time... Unless they are in your pants xD.
  5. Why would Isabellas put a sandwich in their pants?
  6. [color=93399cc]Because you would have fun. ^.^[/color]