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  1. Hello, my name is Deer and I was wondering if my account would get flagged for having multiple accounts if my older sister joined the site. We use the same laptop since my family can't exactly afford another one as of now and her phone isn't the best for sites like this. She plans to join under the name of -JuniperKnott- or -SagittariusKnight-
  2. As long as you tell us that your family members/people you live with are joining on the same IP address, there's nothing to worry about. It should be safe for your sister to join without any problems on either accounts. ^^
  3. Stating that your siblings in your profile is the best way to let the Admins know you're sharing connection. Just never ever use each other's accounts. The staff is well trained to spot such activities. Always log off when you're done on site since you're sharing a computer and you'll be peachy!
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  4. The two above are correct. 8D And now we know! So you're good! <3
  5. @Diana

    I hate making threads, and I have an equally quick question. Is there any way to disable the limited signature height? I don't like scrolling down to see a whole signature and I haven't seen anyone with one that's tall enough to make it an inconvenience.

  6. No. o__o Mind you, I know it's frustrating that you have to scroll, but technically these people shouldn't have these long signatures in the first place. >> The scrolling is a failsafe to preserve forum design.

    It's actually against site policy to have signatures that big. O_O But it's not a policy we strictly enforce unless we catch people putting huge images in there. (Because that can screw with loading times.)

    We COULD hard limit how many lines appear in the signatures, but we found that can get complicated when in combination of images and never counted the space accurately. Scroll bar was the best way to do it. >>
  7. Alright, that makes sense. Thank you.
  8. Thank you guys for your answers! I'll go ahead and make a signature that will have her username on it as well as putting it on our profiles that we are siblings! She'll be making her right after I change my signature with my help. >w<
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