A Question to GOP voters.


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Who seems to be your person so far in the race?

And I am not asking "who could beat the Dem's Candidate".

I just want to know who you like best so far, or maybe your top three. Answer how you like.

Also, what are the biggest two issues that you want addressed as soon as your guy gets into office?

If you read this and you are left leaning I will ask this (if you even care to answer);

If you couldn't (for whatever reason) vote for anyone else who isn't a Republican, who could you vote for?

As for myself..

I think Rand Paul is my favorite so far. He is sharp, believes government needs to get out of peoples lives, and just leave people along.

I like Ted Cruz, because he is pretty similar. Abolish the IRS? Yes please.

Ben Carson is great too. He is kind and calm, and seems to make very reasonable decisions. Sure, he is brand new to politics, but I still think he is far better on the issues than most of the GOP candidates.


This isn't a debate, so if you want to debate something, make another thread for it.

Please stay related to the post, and troll elsewhere. I'm just going to start reporting trolling. : /

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