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Do you watch a lot of media? Would you say it's easy for you to come up with new ideas?

  1. Yes-No

    1 vote(s)
  2. Yes-Yes

    17 vote(s)
  3. Yes-Neutral

    5 vote(s)
  4. No-No

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  5. No-Yes

    6 vote(s)
  6. No-Neutral

    2 vote(s)
  7. Neutral-No

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  8. Neutral-Yes

    8 vote(s)
  9. Neutral-Neutral

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  1. Hi! It's me again, Vi for Vivian. Now I understand "Wow you posted twice in a row that's getting a bit spammy." Yes. Yes, it is, but I swear on my Pokemon that this'll be the last one from me for the night. Now, what might the question be? HOHO-I'm actually really overdue on a Psych project because my crippling social anxiety laziness stopped me from interviewing 30 people.

    The poll has answers written in the order of the questions.

    Do you watch a lot of media?
    Yes, No, Neutral
    Would you say it's easy for you to come up with new ideas?
    Yes, No, Neutral
  2. I voted yes and neutral. I watch lots of stuff... I do get ideas but they fly away very quickly...

  3. I'd say I'm in the middle. I tend to binge shows, but I only find the motivation to do so once ever month or two. So there are times I'm watching like mad and times I'm not seeing anything at all.

    But if we're going by your overall experience? Basically average, I know enough shows I can converse with most people in geek culture. But it's not a particularly large hobby of mine, and I do sometimes create a backlist of stuff I plan to see or finish whenever the mood hits.
    Depends on a few factors, how awake am I, how distracted am I, how stressed am I, what am I making the new ideas for?

    For default I'm going to assume I'm relatively healthy and focused, and in that sense my new ideas tends to come semi-slowly if it's something I couldn't really care about, meanwhile if it's something that I'm really getting into I tend to machine gun fire new ideas sporadically.
  4. I went with yes to both.

    For media I'm including non-traditional media like YouTube stuff. I watch a fair amount of TV, some movies, but a ton of crap on YouTube. I'd also count playing video games as relevant media consumption, and I do that regularly too.

    I come up with new ideas for things alllllll the damn time. Everything from story and character ideas to new product or commercial concepts to absurd hypothetical questions to annoy people with. I doubt even a quarter of it all gets shared or recorded in some fashion before I'm off thinking of something else entirely.
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  5. If we're counting YouTube and Video Games my first neutral becomes a yes. I engage in both daily.
  6. I'm not sure how much "a lot" is but I watch a bit of something every day, be it Youtube or TV, so I said yes.

    Is the key word to your second question "new", as in, ideas that I feel are wholly original? Sometimes, for me, I know that I often start with a base of inspiration from something I really enjoyed (a game, a show, a book, etc.) and then modify it all over the place with other things. In my opinion (hopefully) the end product is something that no one would look at and guess the base inspiration from. So I said yes here. But do I personally think "This idea is 100% my own, I had no help at all, completely new"? No.
  7. I said Yes-Yes!

    i reckon i watch at least 4 movies a week, and i listen to music everyday !

    As for ideas, i come up with something new everyday - Roleplay ideas, characters, settings, diy ideas, music inspiration - My brain is constantly coming up with stuff ouo
  8. Yes. It's generally a good idea (with the exception of those in stand-up comedy) to watch some media, so you have a great pool of ideas to pull from when assembling your own. You can only build on what you know.
    Absolutely. I can invent NPC's and locations out of thin air if I have to.
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  9. I thought I already posted here, but apparently not.

    I said "neutral" for media because, I mean, I don't watch a ton of actual TV anymore, but "media" can be a lot broader than just TV... and I'd say I consume a fair amount of media in general.

    As for coming up with new ideas -- definitely yes. I'm always at a surplus of ideas. I'm pretty much constantly thinking up more ideas for stories, characters, drawings, etc than I'll ever have time to actually create -- and that's just from daydreaming, to say nothing of deliberate attempts to brainstorm an idea. o_o
  10. I don't know what neutral would be for watching media, so I voted no on that because the diversity of media I consume is rather low at the moment. However, coming up with new ideas is rarely difficult. It often happens without even trying.
  11. Neutral is to be taken as "I watch some media, just not enough to be considered a lot". Something like that. Not to much but not to little.
  12. Oh. I thought media just meant news. Don't watch any of that because as far as the world is concerned, I'd rather not know what's going on. Do youtube videos count as media? Because I have no TV.

    And yes to the second. Ideas can sometimes pop in my head at total random. Just two days ago I got an idea for an AI story, and a week ago I came up with a deadly gun design for a post-apocalyptic future story I've been working on (for the last four years. Arg!). Also joined another RP this week where I had to come up with a new character/species.

    Very creative! About the only plus to a terribly short attention span.
  13. I watch a lot and get a lot of ideas. This is great inspiration for me when I find myself in a writing slump.
  14. Watch a lot and get a lot of "new" ideas. Problem is that my "new" ideas have mostly been done by someone else and much better (probably) than what I could have done. So instead of making a derivative work I just say fuck it to it lol.
  15. Yo. Just do what you want. "Originality" doesn't even really exist. It would be impossible to make something that doesn't resemble something that's "already been done", and that's ok. You're never going to have a truly original idea (no one will), so there's no point in trying to wait for one. Just have fun with the ideas you already have. Tossing out every idea you get just because something like it already exists is just... kind of sad, really. :/
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  16. Congrats Kaga. You got it.

    "Originality" is an impossibility in creative writing. There's a conundrum with creation in that we cannot create anything beyond that which we know. The act of creating a story is to recycle what you know and regurgitate it into a structure others can recognize. What you're looking for is to be unique--not original. Star Wars is unique, but everything--from the opening title crawl, to the storyline, to the Force--is borrowed from classical High Fantasy stories, and retro Sci-Fi.

    The best way to approach it is to treat it like writing a love letter. You aren't ripping off someone else's work when you write something similar to it--you're inspired by it. It makes you feel something profound enough that you want to create your own variation on it.

    I didn't create dystopian fiction, yet I write it nonetheless. I didn't create high fantasy, yet I write it nonetheless. I didn't create elves, or dwarves, or any of the archetypes for characters that I use, or laser blaster weapons--but I use these devices nonetheless. I use them because I like them.

    The only time you're ripping someone off is if you're outright stealing their work. Like if you ran off to literally create Star Wars using all of its characters and rewriting the same scenes they all went through. Then you're doing something lazy (and, at least by the standards of the law, illegal).

    tl;dr: Don't focus on creating great stuff. Focus on creating stuff you enjoy and improve it over time. Legend of Renalta was terrible when I created it back when I was 15--blatantly inspired from Tolkien & Warcraft. Over time I've built on it and made it better. Don't beat yourself up for not being able to create stuff out of thin air--literally nobody can. If you could, you'd be a god. :ferret:
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  17. @Kagayours and @Brovo: Yeah I've heard those points before. It's just that it's like... Well if I had to make an analogy off the cuff: making a burger. I could go and buy the materials necessary to create a burger by myself, but it's not going to turn out as fast, good, or convenient as something from In-n-out. If I want to improve those aspects, I need to practice the method of making a burger and stuff an unknown amount of times (it depends on your innate talent and shizz), expending effort and cash to do so. And maybe sometimes the materials I buy to make the burger get sold out or they're shitty quality or whatever so I need to start over again. Then maybe when you finally make a decent burger and give it to someone, they say something like "oh, George made something like this in 2 minutes and with cheaper materials and it tasted better". So not trying to be called a cheap knockoff imitation you revise your recipe and other crap again.

    I mean if you find the whole process of creating a burger/literary work fun, then this isn't really an issue. But if you're like me that gets disheartened after failure after failure of attempts and just aiming for a good final product, it's an issue. Though I doubt most people on a RP site dislike the process, now that I think about it; most people come here to just have fun, not create masterpieces. And that's ok too. But sometimes it feels better to give up and just go ahead and buy the burger/literary work instead of creating an inferior product. And maybe sometimes that's ok. You might be able to learn something from that or make better use of your time in something else.

    But anyways, thanks for the encouragement, both of you.
  18. I realize this is just an analogy, but like, anyone who says this kind of thing is someone you should stop hanging out with. Lol.

    I mean... even if your goal is to "create a masterpiece", you're still going to have to deal with failure. You can't improve if you don't make mistakes and learn from them. No one is perfectly skilled at anything right just the bat. By your own logic, you might as well never attempt to create anything at all, because there will always be flaws in what you create (and someone else who can do it better) -- especially if you're not even allowing yourself to grow and learn in the first place. O~O

    I get that some people are just perfectionists like that, but... you're never going to meet your own standards if you don't allow yourself to practice and figure out how to get there. o_o
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