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  1. What is your opinion on calling your friends one of the following or something similar: hun, dear, darling, etc...
    I ask since usually such things are reserved for someone you're more intimate with, but what about casually with your friends?
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  2. I don't call any casual aqaintence any of the stated.

    All those terms Are reserved for family and the closet of friends that I consider to be family anyway.

    I think it takes along time to earn my terms of endearment o.o
  3. I've been known to call some of my female friends darling from time to time. And the reverse has also been true. Honestly these terms are only romantic in certain context. And in that context nearly any term will suffice.
  4. The only one I'll occasionally use is 'dear.' Weirdly, it's because of the traditional way letters are written with the whole "Dear, so-and-so..." So, I grew up thinking that was appropriate for all people of all ages. *shrugs*

    Otherwise, I don't call anyone but my son or boyfriend by those names. I don't like friends calling me 'hun' and such, therefore I don't use them with hopes of avoiding it. x__x For some reason, I feel...demeaned? I guess...when a friend calls me darling or the equivalent of it. I think it's because I instantly think about my over affectionate mother, so I inevitably feel like I'm being treated like a child. It's hard enough not being taken seriously on account of being short and adorable. .__.; I don't need the dumb names too.

    It's a lot different hearing it from my manfriend, though. He gets the special privilege.
  5. I don't like it, because it's ALWAYS in that talk-down-to-you sarcastic way. >:[ Gibs isn't allowed to call me dear, cause that's the family "I'm being a twat" word.

    Unless it's being said by a Southern Lady. O_O they can't help it, it's in their nature. I am a southern lady and sometimes at the weirdest moments sweetie or honey will slip out with strangers on the internet.
  6. I call my close friends, dorks. And that's about it, because I don't wanna use other words.
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  7. I call my friends Hun, dear, and sweetie all the time; it's just an affectionate thing. If someone doesn't want me to call them something, all they have to do is ask me to stop
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  8. I regret buying you that webcam.

    Me and Tegan use pet names when we REALLY want to piss each other the fuck off.

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  9. The only times I use dear, darling, ect. is when I'm being sarcastic, or over the top making a fool of myself. Otherwise, friends are just called by their name.
  10. I call the iwaku staff milove. Because I'm married to all of them.


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  11. I call most everybody by a pet name, since that's just that kind of affectionate person. I do respect that some people don't like it for whatever reason, when that happens I just default to the generic and gender neutral "friend" if it bothers them that much.
  12. I call most everybody by a pet name or a nickname, since that's the kind of affectionate person I like to be. I do respect that some people don't like it for whatever reason, when that happens I just default to the generic and gender neutral "friend" if it bothers them that much.
  13. Strangers/Acquaintances: "Sir," "Ma'am" or "Friend" if I feel like a *traditional* honorific isn't appropriate for the person I'm talking to.

    Children: "Little Man or Big Guy," "Young Miss or Little Lady," or "Little Friend or Little Buddy"

    Friends: "Asshole," "Dipshit," "Idiot," "Stupid Friend"

    I call everyone a nickname, even strangers. And everyone calls me weird nicknames. It's kinda a weird thing most people do around here in rural Texas. It's not uncommon to hear someone call you "Boy" or "Guy" or "Kid" or just plain "Mister."

    The people I call affectionately get called the cutest names like, "You stupid woman," or "That idiot guy." :3
  14. Everyone is Dude to me. If I need to explain something to someone, Honey comes out. It's a bad habit. >_<
    IRL it's always sir or ma'am. ROTC habits die hard. But I get some damn fine service at restaurants.
  15. I call my friends honey or sweetie all the time. I don't think it's that big of a deal, and my husband doesn't really care.
  16. Hey. Or Hey you. I'll use sweetie when I'm being condescending and sarcastic all at once.

    yeah. I hate terms of endearment. I don't like using them or hearing them (directed to me or others), don't ask my why it bothers, because I don't know either.
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