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If a socks pattern matches, but not the colors are they still matching?

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  1. If a sock has the same pattern as the other, but not the same colors; are they matching?
  2. There are two forms of symmetry. You can draw a circle on one-half of the paper, and a circle on another half, and that is symmetry, one that everyone can understand. Although, if you were to try and draw a circle on one-half of the paper and a triangle on the other half would it still be considered symmetrical? At first glance, no, but because there is a balance in size and amount it is symmetrical. Art lesson for the day, apply this logic to socks. :^)
  3. I love socks.

    That is all.
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  4. That's a lot of effort to explain socks in that way lol
  5. I voted no. According to what I learned in kindergarten, they don't.
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  6. F k garden. Complimentary colors yo
  7. Match as in identical? No.
    Match as in they work well? Maybe.

    But since this a no/maybe result, and not a no/yes. And that it being identical is the most common use for the word? I'm voting no.
  8. Heretic
  10. All hail, and long live the mismatch sock cult
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  11. No but they are very comfy :)
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  12. This.

    I don't have the time to find a matching pair in the pool of socks. Pretty confident that most of my socks misses its original other half as well. :'D

    //checks the socks I'm wearing now

    Surprisingly I'm wearing a pair that actually came together at the moment of purchase.

    And if you have once walked around for a full day with a different shoe at each feet you honestly don't care much for socks anymore. :'D
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  13. Savages! Foo! What will be next acceptable? Cannibalism? Plaid shorts? (Oh wait, too late on that one.)

    ::staggers, seeing the decline of civilization::

    Voted. However (harrumphy), socks match where I'm standing, if they are same color, same pattern, same fabric consistency, and same level of color (i.e. attention paid to laundry fade). Then, and only then, may they walk among the feet of humankind declaring themselves a matching pair.
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  14. I'm a massive stickler for colors. Sorry, but I think ya gotta go buy a new pair.

    Although I did accidentally wear socks of the same color, but a different pattern, yesterday. What hypocrisy is this?
  15. Even though I am someone who doen't care if socks match, (As my one pink and one orange socks can show).

    If they ain't identical, they aren't matching. Matching pairs of socks are bought together and stuff.

    But who cares, it's your feet.
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  16. Socks are great. They keep your feet warm, and can look stylish and match your outfit if you want them to. I like loud socks. Lime green mixed with bright orange, or purple stripes with pink polka-dots, that kind of thing. : ) the brighter the better.
  17. I didn't vote... because I don't care if the pattern or the color match, what's important is the fabric and the cut of the sock. If those match all is right in the world.
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  18. Awesome! Almost as sock-finicky as me.
  19. If you only buy monoblack socks then everything matches.

    life tip
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  20. Yes. They actually sell pairs of socks with same patterns but different colors, and I find it fascinating. Mostly, though, by my definition, they match if they were sold together as a pair.

    This is truth.
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