A question about hot dogs

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  1. I am confused. Why is it that some hot dogs come in packages of six but hot dog buns generally come in packages of eight? WHY?
  2. Guess it's so you have to buy another pack of hot dogs to fill up the remaining two dogs.

  3. Yes. Profiting.
  4. Where are you getting hot dogs in packages of six? I always get the ones with ten.
  5. ​I DEEM THIS INSANITY. o ^o ?~
  6. If you buy 'good' hotdogs you get them in packs of 8!
  7. Man America is a crazy place!

    In england you buy hotdogs in singles, from large vending machines. They are kinda like water coolers and the hot dogs come out of taps. But you also get a free bun with every hot dog you buy, and if you pay a little extra you get some sauce too.

    The best places also provide a cup of tea and a scone for dessert on the side too.
  8. I don't eat meat, but, I WANT TO GO TO ENGLAND JUST TO SEE THAT. O ^O !

    I hear in Japan, you can buy bicycles from vending machines.
    Or something.
  9. plus they have beer in vending machines....but that hot dog thing sounds awesome XD
    why the hell do we only get crap out of our vending machines....thats not freaking fair you get fucking hotdogs and all we got is bubblegum and chips....thats it im moveing...england get ready for a diva unlike anyone you have ever seen....think absolutely fabulous but all rolled into one girl ((ok maybe im more like patsy but still does that matter))
  10. I've always wondered the same thing. I usually just end up putting mustard on the bun and eating it straight up.