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  1. I'm considering to open a little workshop for animated avatars. Details about that will come later. But I have to know something before even considering to start working on it. What are the Avatar caps in terms of resolution and filesize? I know that normal members are limited to 200x200 pixels, and 200kb filesize. Donators seem to have bigger cap though. And what about community volunteers and staff members? It would be really great if someone could tell me the missing info.

    Normal: 200 x 200, 200 kb
    Donator: ?
    Community Volunteer: ?
    Staff Member: ?
  2. Assuming that by animated you mean gif files, Donator's are at "200px Width, Unlimited Filesize" while the height is uncertain.
    While there's no difference for being Staff or a CV.

    At least, that's what they said in the FAQ.
    But there's been a few cases of the FAQ being outdated and/or unclear, so I'd also wait for a Staff members confirmation.
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  3. In addition, if the avatar must be resized to fit the particular context in which it is displayed (which will occur no matter which size you use), the render will not animate. Your best bet for animated avatars is to stick with 200x200 since that is the size displayed by default on the forum threads. You'll have a frozen mini image elsewhere.

    The filesize limit indeed applies to staff and CVs who are not donors.
  4. You sure about that? My current avatar's dimensions are 251x182. Or is this again a donator thing?
  5. It may very well be. Interesting nuance. Your avatar shows in different sizes still animated, while for example mine would not.

  6. It might be part of the size (un)limitations of the donator perks, yeah. o__o I've never notice them being animated in the smaller thumbnails before, though. Just in the post avatar.
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