A Query about RPs with Groups

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  1. Though I'm not such a newbie in the RP scene, I've never done an RP with more than one person. One[x]One RPs make up my little life here on Iwaku. However, now I'm looking to branch out, and one of my new ideas involves a decent size group to work with. My question is how to work with a group, both as a GM and a character in such an RP.

    Of all the things I want to know, the following are the most important to me:

    - How do you time posts between people? Like, one of my bigger pet peeves is being interrupted (another reason why I've avoided group rps), so what do you do if two sets of two characters are talking in the same thread? Is there some method of organization?

    - While on the topic, how does one manage a group of characters that split into smaller groups? I suppose the answer is pretty obvious, but I like hearing the advice of others.

    - GM tips? Just in general, really. :P

    - When should I, as a character, enter into conversation/action with other characters? I hate interrupting just as much as I hate being interrupted, so I'm always super shy until I'm mentioned or invited into the conversation. If I have a relevant reason to break into a conversation or fight, how do I do that...correctly?

    I guess any other tips are welcome, but I care about the 4 points above more than any general tips and tricks.
  2. If you absolutely have to talk with just one other character without being interrupted, make a collab. Collabs are basically a lot of posts into one. This way you don't break up what everyone else is doing, but instead get it wrapped up all nice in one post. Generally, group RP's focus more on, you guessed it, the group rather than one or two characters. This generally means that individual relationships are less important than in 1x1's.

    For more on collabs, check this out.

    Create multiple objectives that have to be pursued at the same time. Personally I feel of four PC's per scene is the optimum. Three often leads to exclusion, five or more to chaos and long waiting periods (unless you go hardcore plot>character interaction).


    In a group pretty much whenever. Write about your character going up to their characters and speak (or whatever action you're planning) to them. Group RP's are also collaborative efforts, not a bunch of 1x1's in one thread. Everyone exists within more or less the same time and space.
  3. Wow! @Kestrel Thank you so much for all the info! That pretty much covers everything I wanted to know. Also, I adore your profile picture. Secret of Kells is an incredible movie. <3 (Also diggin' the song quote).
  4. Glad to see it's helpful. Best of luck with your group RP'ing ventures.