A pseudo incestual anthro role play...

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  1. Okay, I want to do this plot, it's one of my oldest role plays and as such is dear to me.

    It's basically a pseudo incest. A man ends up taking care of a young girl, becoming her father of sorts while he baby sits her... the mother is often away and so she spends a great deal of time with the man. He is single, has been for quite some time. Come her first true heat she ends up with him through her own devices and his own illicit love for her. They basically end up dating, even though to the world they are just 'father and daughter' and even then he is just a guardian. There will be much drama as well as pushing the boundaries for what is acceptable jail bait on Iwaku due to the nature of this play.

    I really want this to be long term and there will be a good deal of plot as the girl's life and even his isn't an easy one, sex just plays a very heavy role in the matters.

    I wish to play the female for this... please pm me if interested and I will explain all I can!