A Proper Lady, A Viking Princess.

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  1. Idea one:

    Violet Trist is a girl of sixteen, and she's being prepared to be a princess.
    Her kingdom is in trouble, and to save it, her parents are marrying her off to a distant prince
    that she's never met.
    But Violet likes playing games with the boys, and dressing in pants.

    Now she's being forced to become proper, polite, and charming.
    She's in love with her best friend, but she's no longer allowed to spend time with him
    as they did before.
    She's meant to fall in love with the new prince of the land.

    I need someone to play her best friend, and if you like, the prince.

    Idea two:

    A Viking Princess has grown up in the harsh, cold climate in a town far away.
    She's been brought up as a boy- fighting and making swords.
    Her mother is trying to get her married, but she doesn't know how to be a proper woman.

    When an evil stranger comes to town, she's taken captive,
    but will someone need to save her,
    or can she save herself?

    I'll need someone to play the evil man, and maybe a love interest.

    I'll add more to this later.

    Cs is just basic information.
  2. I'd be interested in the first one! Perhaps run a mix of the Viking aspect? Late Nordic tradition when places like Sweden were turning to true monarchies.
  3. Sounds good :D
  4. Well huzzah! How shall we do this then?
  5. Well, I suppose we should both put our CS up!
  6. Alright, may I ask that you do first?