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  1. I have a bunch of ideas! You don't have to like them all, just one!

    Neon, Nightclubs, and Nekos:
    This one is a Cyberpunk RP. It will deal with the Moral and Religious issues of Genetic Engineering in humans. We would play as a group of Doctors, and Clergy members who go around hunting corrupt Biotech executives who wish to exploit the wishes of the people to become "Nekos" or "kitsunes" The Religious end is: Are they "In Imago Dei?" Yes, there will be Priests with Machine guns. Yes, there will be Furries, and yes, there will be Japan, Shanghai, NYC, anywhere you guys want to go. There's also Magic, so priests do get to say "Thou shalt not permit a witch to live."

    Valkyria Chronicles: Foreign Legion
    You've heard the story of Welkin and Alicia, now, this is the story of the severely underfunded Gallian Foreign Legion. Consisting of soldiers from: Emurica, Napaj, and Canadia. it would be about a group of Misfits in the Gallian Military, just trying to get by on what little resources they have.

    This is your standard Fate/ RP. Seven mages, seven servants, fighting over the Holy Grail. You guys know this.

    The return of an RP I tried earlier. It's a Fate/ and Soul Eater Crossover. There's a hole in the Multiverse, Kirei and Medusa meet, there's fighting, and then the characters from Fate and Soul Eater team up to defeat this great evil. Yeah.

    Beta Draconis
    This is a Space RP where everyone is trapped on one of twelve starships on their way to a planet in the head of the Constellation Draconis. There's something wrong on every ship. Whether it's sickness, a computer virus, or the Teraforming device going off. Everyone has issues, but you're only three years.
  2. Several more ideas:

    Security Breach:
    With the popularity of FNaF, this is an RP where we play as security Guards in a museum. It wil be a comedy/horror RP, and there will be six guards: three newbies paired with three pros, and they all patrol the different areas of the museum. Two groups with a third in a Security booth. Then there will be "The Curator" who is a G-man type character who the guards see, and leaves cryptic notes for the guards.

    Welcome to the Project:
    A Roleplay that takes place during the Project Alicization Arc where It is a team of workers controlling the game. Half American, half Japanese, and each run by a Manager. (The GMs, so me and someone else.) Half the game will be run between running the game and real life, and being in the game.

    System Error:
    An RP about a town in the US being run by a machine after the Apocalypse.
  3. Final idea:

    Rise of Tesera:
    A roleplay based off of a story I wrote with Lore. Maps, lore to the lore, Paladins, and Demons. We would play as members of a Demon Hunting society during the events of the story.
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  4. Final ideas, I swear! I found my notebook with all my ideas and, these are the last two!

    13 Days:

    An RP where we would play FBI agents trying to stop a cult from summoning a demon iPad ending the world in 13 days. Also, there would be smaller investigations each day, and I could even extend it to longer if wanted.

    The Crash:

    Another Cyberpunk RP, but based on the idea of the Internet being down for 50 years, and new More powerful tech coming along, and nations changing.

    A Fate/Yu-gi-oh/Pokemon/something else crossover! (I only know about Fate and Pokemon. So, yeah.)

    BUT Wait! There's more! If you like an RP Idea, and tell me about it, I will make you Co-GM!
  6. *digs through notebook*

    Hmm... A Greek Epic.
    One based on Agents hunting down people with powers...
    A bunch of Crusaders mysteriously ending up in Medieavla Japan...
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