A prison of magic (M looking for F)

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The world lies covered in technology. Magnetic trains connect the whole world, and streets are laid bare for civilians while hover vehicles make their way through the skyscrapers of the city. However, society is divided into two sects. Those who can use magic, and those who cannot. The majority of the population cannot, and goes about their lives normally. Those who can, however, face discrimination from the majority of the populace. Whenever someone is discovered to have magical ability, they are forced to attend a "magical boarding school" of sorts. There they are taught how to control and utilize their powers, but they are also trapped in what is essentially a fancy prison. The mages are housed there, taught there, and essentially live through the majority of their childhood and adolescent years there, depending on how soon their talent manifested. Once they graduate at the age of 20 (yes, it takes longer to graduate from one of these schools than normal) they are allowed back into society at large. In addition to this, the government keeps files on all known mages, and has surveillance set up to pick out the facial profile and DNA of any known mages on file. For those with a known history of being difficult, or those who have virulent psychological profiles, agents are actually dispatched to watch them. Using magic outside of the academy for any reason is illegal, unless a state of dire emergency is declared. This is true even if the mage in question used their powers to save another human, though more often than not these mages receive a reduced sentence.

In essence, being a mage carries a stigma of being either dangerous, an outsider, and not-human. This is reinforced by the fact that nearly all people who can use magic have some physical manifestation on their bodies showing such. This ranges from unnatural hair colors, to glowing tattoos, to something as simple as cat ears. Friends and even family will shun someone for developing powers like this, provided they are 'normal'.

Setup: both characters in this role-play will be students at one of the Magical boarding schools. My character is antsy and doesn't like being cooped up, so he has a habit of finding ways to escape for a couple hours at a time. Your character has pretty much free reign as to what they are like. Preferences would be someone a bit more inclined towards the rules, and probably also hasn't been at the academy as long as mine. Whether this means they only recently found their powers, or maybe they were on the run.

Romance will be a part of this role-play, but the exact nature of that is up to my partner. It can be heavy, fade-to-black, light, or simply friendly, it is entirely up to you. I would prefer not to get into really dark territory though.
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