A Princess Made of Glass

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  1. I've been wanting to role play this story for a long time, but have never found the right person to role play the story with. They usually ditched the story or had a submissive character and barely typed anything for me to go off of. I shall be this princess that we are speaking of, the other person shall be a male of the same age or a year or two older than her (16) It is indeed a tragedy romance story, it also involves action and a bit of mystery. If you have any questions just ask.

    "A princess made of glass? Gather 'round and hear the tale I have to tell."

    Clearing his throat the old man began again.

    "Tha' sun was a shinnin' bright the day of the princess's birth. Tha' Queen of the time bein' Claire III. An' tha' King? A'raion IV. Tha' maids werst thar wid a col' bucket o'water an' rags ta go wid it. They dabbed at tha' fare skin of their Queen an' gave tha' youngin' a clean bath at tha' sound o'a healthy pregnancy soundin' throughout tha' castle walls. Tha' King came a chargin' through tha' doors hysterically. He ran ta his beloved Queen an' caressed 'is wife wid a gentle hand, a warm kiss on tha' cheek, an' a soft look in 'is blue eyes. Tha' King asked 'How's tha' baby? Is it healthy?'
    'is Queen smiled at 'is worrin' but corrected 'im wid a tired voice. 'She's a very healthy baby.'
    When tha' King heard 'er speak he was rendered speechless an' sat in awe as tha' doctor handed tha' little girl ta 'er mother."

    The old man coughed and took a long drink of water to quench his throat.

    "Tha' little princess was named Clara an' she was tha' cutest round-nosed-rosie-cheeked-red-haired girl you'd ever see. Takin' after her father with blue eyes an' 'er mother with 'er vibrant hair, she was indeed the fare-est of maidens in the whole kingdom. Tha' night o' 'er 3rd birthday tha' evil witch came 'round an' cast a spell on our pretty little princess. An' it goes like this.

    You live in beauty
    For you are fare
    So soon you shall live in despair
    With a flick of the wrist
    A swing of my stick
    The touch of a wand
    And you'll be sick
    Glass you shall be
    And be you it shall
    To shine your beauty
    For all eternity
    Through rays of sun
    It shall be done

    An' after that, tha' little princess was cursed. Ta slowly turn to glass & remain in beauty forever."

    Ok, so I could've done better with the old man tellin' the story, but he's tellin' the story after a few decades so it's to be expected. What he told was only the begining so if you're interested in the rp let me know :)
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