A Princess and her Knight

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  1. (@Ekene breaking pms and stuff >W> *coughs*)

    Arianna woke up slowly a bit late in the day.The bed felt a bit light so she pats the other side feeling that her knight has left for his morning duties. Her beloved knight have her the best night of her life. She fixes her hair covering herself with her sheets then looked over at the nightstand seeing a white rose and a note stating. "Good morning princess~ " she giggled softly smelling the rose.
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    "Come on you slow moving slugs!!" He yelled at the new knights in training as they ran around the field. Being the head of these set of men it workers him would they be ready for anything. "5 more miles, just 5 more." they ran slow even when it was just the chains and boots of armor. He thought about running where the lady's are this time of day to get them moving a little faster.
    "Let's go men to the garden."
    "Yes sir!!!" They all yelled together.
  3. Arianna got up out of her bed walking over to the bathroom taking a nice long shower relaxing a bit. After she was done she got dressed walking over to the dining hall to make herself something to eat. One of the butlers walked over to the table with a tray full of food for her. "Thank you" the butler bowed then walked away as she started to eat.
  4. *Four hours later*
    They did there training until no one could move.
    "Do you feel that? That a third of the pain you weaklings you slugs will feel fights a baby dragon." He stood on top of one of benches as all who walked by looked and laugh.
    "You see that sad just sad. Okay men that is all for today but tomorrow were going to be here all day."
    He dismissed themand with to his place of stay. He washed off and sat on his lonely bed. "I wonder how the princess Is doing. Marlin please lend me your gift."

    He picked up a hand mirror and taped it twice. "Oh princess." His refraction showed in her drinking cup.
  5. It was time for Arianna to do her routine studies. Arianna sighed walking over to the garden sitting on the bench in the gazebo. She starts doing her studies humming softly. She flipped through the pages of her book sighing softly. She jumped hearing Sir John's voice looking around from him "Where are you?"
  6. He tapped her on the shoulder a small circle formed near her. He waved smiling with his hair wrapped up because it never acts right after a bath. "I am here. Where are you?" He said playfully seeing that she Is in the garden.
  7. Ari smiled softly taking a sip of her cup. "Took a bath without me huh.." she giggles softly putting her hand on his. "Who's magic are you using?"
  8. "You could've joined me my lady but you winter up so late."
    He saw part of the book straining to see it he poked his head out for a moment. "Oh my magic and so your studies huh. Gonna get smart?" He laugh a little
  9. "Hmph... You are the one who kept me up all night" Ari mumbled looking away blushing deeply closing her book. "It's about kingdoms"
  10. "Hehe I apologize for that." He pulled her through to his side of the world and mirror gently. "My lady but I do think you might have enjoyed it." He smiled.

    "Hmmm oh how I wonder."
  11. Ari blinked looking around the room then at John taking the towel off his head
  12. "Noooooooook" he look at her in shock as if she just killed his dog. He quickly took it back and wrap his hair again.
    "It's not good to see me like this." He kiss her on the cheek. "Even if I did still you away from your studies. "
  13. "Hmm why not?" Ari laughed softy looking at him then kisses his lips gently rubbing his leg "how were the new Knights?"
  14. "It seems that only the lady's can motivate them to do anything. Ist horrible my love but they are trying." trying to sound confident in them. He look at her playing. He pulled her face to his.
    "I think I like your face." He nibbled on her lower lip.
  15. "You like my face" Ari smiled softly taking the towel off his head tossing it away from him.
  16. "God, nooo no no no not anymore." He pulled the cover over them both.
    "How would like it if I just pulled off your clothes. I'll doing it you know. Just because your the princess doesn't give you free pass missy." He playfully pushed her on her back as he slipped off of under to finish getting dress.
    "You you princess. "
  17. Ari laughed watching him then snuggled into the blankets "I wouldn't mind if I was sleeping with you again" she laughed peeking out the blanket.
  18. "Oh you sneaky princess. " he pulled the cover off of her. "I your Knight can not allow you to stay in a place like this." He cough "unless you want then I couldn't stop you." He sat next to her kissing on her neck.
  19. "You want me to go back to the castle? Maybe you can get a room in the castle." Ari kisses his lips gently snuggling close to him.
  20. "I shall put in a request then in love. the king will say Yes I know it. I am third in command in his army's. And second in rank among his royal knights." He stood up and looked at his mirror.
    He thought for a second and then had an idea.
    "Where would the be a mirror other then your room where no one is at this time of night?"
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