A princess and her knight (f/f)

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  1. In another world there lies the continent of Agres and on it a couple of kingdoms, the two of our tale is Princess Bianca Veranca of Zevana, a rather tightly ruled kingdom, and her knight. The two have been together since she was a child after the last of her siblings left the kingdom as her parents wre far from kind to her. Over time she grew close with her knight and grew to secretly love her. Alas she has been arranged to marry an abusive prince and she is near going the edge. Will they escape? What will happen?


    My Char:
    Name:Bianca Veranca
    Age: 15
    Personality: Bianca is sweet and shy girl. She is pretty submissive for royalty, going with the flow, only occasionally standing up for herself. She is a bit of a coward when it comes to her Parents and Duncan, Her Betrothed. Often acting almost like a doll as to avoid there wrath, but something always slips and abuse by one happens. Often with Zarya coming to her rescue. She always liked, felt like a sister to her, maybe more. But she always kept that part hidden. She has a love of the arts and Literature, often the family patron of such endeavors.
    History: She was born as the youngest child in a line of the Royalty in the kingdom Zevana. And the family was rather strict and uppity. The family that could get away did and disowned the rest, though some kept in contact with Bianca to keep her going. even managed to get Zarya in her service, which she is eternally grateful to her uncle for. Though now going to marry The Prince Duncan from Cantaburraya, One of the few kingdoms with warm relations due to her family, She wonders about how how her life shall end up, and if she should end it.

    Also finally found the request area! got an IC up over here:https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/roleplays/a-princess-and-her-knight-f-f.1422/
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  2. will post cs soon! I have the perfect character x) (sorry that it's taking so long. mid afternoon gets hectic for me)
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    Name: Zarya Emeré

    Age: 17

    Personality: Zarya comes off as very strong and sometimes brash. She can be playful and flirtatious, however, and is actually a big softy. She has been training to be a knight for as long as she can remember, and keeps a vigilant eye on Bianca.

    History: She comes from a long line of tough knights and warriors. It is their duty to serve and protect, and Zarya has followed suit. Despite her age, she was asked on special request to serve Bianca. This was due to her keen senses and training, as well as her bond with the princess. She is concerned for the princess' wellbeing, and is ready to fight anyone who would harm her.
  4. sweet accepted. let me mod my intro post a little.
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  5. Awesome, thanks! It's that time of night when I'm all over the place xD Sooo... I'll check back to see what you've changed, and respond as soon as i can ^^
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